My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 871

Vol 5 Chapter 871: Four Way Tournament

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Chapter 871

In addition to named disciples, Bingxin Palace has a gold list.

The Jinbang is made by a holy power. It takes very special information and will directly take the most intuitive influence of people.

The titles of all the geniuses in the genius list do not come from people, but depend on the first impression of the strong man holding the gold list, as long as the impression of the genius by more than a thousand strong people is highly unified and recognized Get the title!

Like BingtongLan Ruoxue, BihaiyichiShui Tiansuo, Xingchen JijianJi Qingming.

The above titles are taken from the first impression of a large number of strong holders of the gold list of the talent! And the impression that shakes the soul cannot be faked, which guarantees the absolute fairness of the title.

The title of Lin Chen is: the gods go down!

Only these four words can represent the mood of the whole Bingxin Palace at this moment!

One emperor and four sages fell into the downwind or four sacred realms. This is not what the gods are all about?

"What's the strength of this boy!"

"Scary evil, this must be a world shocking evil, I Bingxin Palace must protect him with all my strength, this is our only chance to rise!"

The three elders in Bingxin Palace were shocked and ecstatic, they were right!

Lin Chen is really a terrifying demon. If the criminals of the Holy Prison died in his hands, the elders of the Holy Land will no longer have any doubts!

Palace Master Qian's eyes flowed with complex blue waves and whispered-"This son will certainly disturb the odd and even the territories of the thirty-sixth domain. The balance formed by those top devils may be broken."

"Relax, if you suffer, come to the second round!"

Lin Chen's domineering laughter, like the overlord in charge of the laughter, the fanatic warfare is beyond words!

Boom~! Along with the laughter echoed, it was the Bihai Jingtao who locked the Four Saints, and the massive Jingtao appeared again. Lin Chen launched the second "Bihai Chaosheng"!

Si Sheng's brows tremble, his mouth twitch!

Damn, is this kid still there?

Such a perverted trick, he can still launch twice?

The most important thing is to look at his breath as if he did not pay any price at all!

"Quick withdrawal, I can't take him today!"

"Go back and save your strength, please move the ancestor, damn, how could this kid be so strong!"

"Ben Sheng didn't believe that he could hide for a lifetime, let's go!"

The eyes of the Four Saints meet, and with the wisdom and wisdom of the saints, they suddenly understand that it is almost impossible to take Lin Chen away with the current situation!

Bingxin Palace was beside them. The four of them were wounded, and this child showed such evil-like strength against the sky. Bingxin Palace will surely die for him. In this case, they can't take Lin Chen away!

They originally thought that the Four Saints gathered together, and the Three Saints delayed the Bingxin Palace, but one Saint could easily win Lin Chen.

But I didn't expect that this kid was reversed. No one expected that a warlord like an ant could have such great power!

The Four Saints launched the defense of the Holy Power and forcibly took over the "Bihai Chaosheng".

Lin Chen saw that they had no intention of war, stepped on the dark steps, and rushed towards the Four Saints!

Countless people were dumbfounded!

Faced with four holy realms, a war emperor dared to rush over?

Lin Chen's initiative to attack, further confirmed the conjecture in the hearts of the Four Saints, there is a hole card!

Lin Chen's eyes suddenly stared, looking directly at the Four Saints.

[Consumed 138 million junior talent points, have displayed purple order talents and stolen omens on four targets, and stolen gains: 100 million points of intermediate water energy, 20 gold holy yuan coins, 300 million points of intermediate skill, 100 million points Fire the intermediate fire energy,

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

The moment Lin Chen launched his talent success, the Four Saints tore the space, escaped into the endless void, and immediately fled!

Everyone stared staringly at the suddenly empty sky, and the sun shining on the back of the silver-robed boy looked so brilliant and gleaming, like a fairy mortal descendant, and don't have a lot of brilliant power. It really makes people wonder: Hao Yi A man of God who fights alone with the Four Saints.

In the eyes of countless people, Lin, who looks like a god, looks handsome and proud, but he feels a panic in his heart, and he is relieved!

"Damn, I finally ran away. If they insisted on playing, I wouldn't have the second sky erosion storm!"

When Lin Chen just launched the second round of nirvana, at least half of it was bluff.

He has no second Tianyin ice erosion storm, and he can no longer play a slow rune with 3 billion intermediate rune energy.

Bihai Chaosheng alone can't stop the Four Saints' offensive. Just now, even if one of the other four people still has a little offensive desire, he will expose his details!

However, the phenomenon that he did not need to pay any price for launching the nirvana, caused the Four Saints to cast a taboo against him, and Lin Chen took the initiative to kill the past, making the Four Saints think he was relying on it, and then looked at the situation in the game. It is difficult to take Lin Chen's results, come quickly, and retreat quickly!

Most of the Holy Land are old monsters. When they want to do something that has a very small chance of success and will pay a huge price, most of them will choose to retreat.

Although Lin Chen still has a thunder-like crystal fragment that can decompose special attribute values, but it is less than a last resort, he will never use it.

Lin Chen said nothing, release the Dragon Emperor, and collect the attribute light ball scattered in the void.

In the end, the cultivation reached more than 400 million points at the mid-peak of the 9th layer, the value of heavenly path, and the point of talent!

Although there are many rune energy gains, because the strongest level 6 slow rune ever launched, only 600 million points remain.

The fire, dark, thunder, water, and four intermediate element attribute values skyrocketed by 150 million points. The water system and fire system also gained an additional 100 million points!

Intermediate qi and blood energy has skyrocketed by more than 100 billion points, but the pure power has not yet broken through, and obviously has fallen into a huge bottleneck.

This is the attribute light sphere that falls without any side effects and hurts the Holy Land. It is so perverted!

The growth of the element attribute value is comparable to Lin Chen refining four top alien crystal fragments!

To put it bluntly; after this battle, Lin Chen more than doubled its combat power!

"This growth rate is terrifying, if one day I can destroy a saint with the power of the imperial realm, the harvest of the attribute light ball, how terrifying..."

Lin Chen's heart is fantasizing, but he can only think about it. If there is no need to kill, he doesn't even have the qualification to stand in front of the Holy Land!

Battle emperor and saint, the level of life can be described as the difference between clouds and mud!

"Friend Lin Chen, are you okay?"

The master of the palace stepped into the air, looking at the teenager with a pair of beautiful eyes that were slightly more complicated.

"Hey, anyway, a handsome person has a hard life."

Lin Chen smiled, and sister Su Lan asked with some worry.

"Squad leader, this is not the way to go. There may be more forces to deal with you. The Quartet meeting is now. Will the squad leader simply participate in the meeting?"

"The Quartet Conference is jointly organized by the high-end sect of Qiyu. If you participate in the conference, those holy places will probably not dare to trouble you for the time being."

If he is another strong man, he may not dare to move Lin Chen, because there is a black horse club behind him.

But Sister Su Lan is a person who knows Lin Chen's details. The "Black Horse Club" is completely fabricated by Lin Chen. The strong man who really meets the holy realm must have Lin Chen in person. Even if he goes against the sky, he will still be the emperor. Not a saint!