My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 872

Vol 5 Chapter 872: Long Qingguo

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Chapter 872

In particular, Lin Chen also offended the Dark Pavilion. Imagine: being stared at by a holy realm killer, that kind of taste... I am afraid that together with the powerful people in the holy realm, you must always be vigilant, let alone Lin Chen.

Moreover, the failure of the Four Saints came back mainly because of the high order of the Dark Cabinet, who violated the sectary regulations, and the top powers went to the Dark Cabinet headquarters for accountability, so some powerful holy places could not withdraw.

But seeing the powerhouse of the Dark Pavilion next time, maybe its more than just four saints!

Attending the Quartet Conference, at least the Dark Pavilion will not move Lin Chen. If you do it at the Quartet Conference, it will provoke all the jointly-held denominations.

"The Quartet Conference is indeed going to attend. Maybe you will meet people from Class 66 there."

Leng Yueqi smiled like flowers, her sweet lips evoked a sweet arc, seeming to remember the past of this naughty student in front of her.

"Oh? Everyone will go to the Quartet Conference? Interesting, how can I be absent!"

Lin Chen's fighting spirit was high, the palace master shook his head and smiled, and he lifted his hand slightly, and came up with a list of lists.

"Participating in the Quartet Conference with your strength will inevitably make you some achievements. This is the top 100 prizes, each of which is a boutique."

The palace owner handed the list to Lin Chen, and he opened it with curiosity. The top 100 prizes were the eighth-order sacred mine, half-orange-order exercises, purple-order top alchemy handprint, and even the quasi-eighth-order elixir.

However, when Lin Chen saw the name of a volume of exercises in the 47th place, he was suddenly stunned!

"The secret method of the Shura family, "Nine Huang Changes of Shura", a complete cultivation method from one to eight changes, missing the ninth?"

Lin Chen stunned, did the Quartet Conference have the eighth chapter of Shura Jiuhuang's change?

"It seems that this grand event is necessary to participate. It happens that my strength is not enough to confront the Holy Realm positively, and I can fight for one day of cultivation time!"

The power of Shuras Jiuhuang change, Lin Chen knows the roots and roots, after the five changes, the increase of each change is extremely terrifying. The increase of the seventh change is almost comparable to the power of two-thirds of the sum of the previous six changes!

If you get the eighth change, this mysterious Lin Chen will not be eliminated even if it is used in the Holy Realm, on the contrary it will still become a powerful hole card!

"Now that it's decided, it's not too late, we set off immediately."

The palace owner waved his hand, and an old lady from the Holy Land appeared with a beautiful image.

The beautiful woman has long hair like a waterfall, quiet and elegant, Lin Chen has seen this woman, she is one of the envoys who recruited herself on behalf of Bingxin Palace!

"Mr. Lin Chen, don't come unharmed."

The beauty nodded, Lin Chen nodded and smiled: "I understand the reason, thank you for taking Sister Yueqi to and from Bingxin Palace to treat the wound. This kindness, I will not forget Lin."

It is said that the old lady and the palace master were so happy that they could make a good relationship with Lin Chen.

Leng Yueqi, who was abolished by the false **** family in the past, was severely injured. Lin Chen returned to the sky and was unable to restore Leng Yueqi's life.

It was this woman who took her and sister Su Lan to have Leng Yueqi today. No matter how, this is a kindness. With gratitude and revenge, Lin Chen never delayed.

"There is a meeting gift for you, sister."

Lin Chen handed a quaint scroll to the lady, and everyone stared at it and exclaimed-"Blood Demon Doppelganger?"

This thing is Xiao Qing's famed stunt, only his own blood can be used to condense a doppelganger, which is a life-saving method and is famous.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen's shot was so valuable, which attracted the old lady of the Holy Realm to look at him again.

Lin Chen has a phantom rune, this thing is tasteless, it is better to follow the favor.

"Little friend, we Bingxin Palace did not misunderstand you."

The old woman sighed that she had some support for the opinion of another Taishang elder in suppressing and plundering Lin Chen.

"If you sigh, let's talk about it."

When the palace master flicked his sleeves, he opened the space channel and brought Sister Su Lan, Leng Yueqi, Lin Chen and others into the channel.

When the palace master left, the figures of the two elders slowly descended into the void, and countless disciples of Bingxin Palace relentedly withdrew their gazes. What they saw today will surely become an unforgettable day for them!


In the space channel, Shenglihua formed a scroll of ice painting, and everyone stood on the scroll, the palace master said patiently.

"The Quartet Conference is held at the junction of Xuanyu and Qiyu. It will take some time to move forward this time. Our departure is too late, and it will take about half a month to continue our journey."

Lin Chen wondered: "Half a month, why is it so long?"

Seeing Lin Chen's doubts, the old lady and the palace master were surprised. The old lady in the holy realm horrified and said: "Doesn't Lin Chen know this? This is because we are in the more bordered area of the singularity. If it is further away, I am afraid that Depart a few months early."

This answer made Lin Chen feel a little dazed. How many months ahead of time to attend a conference? How big is this strange domain!

"Mr. Lin Chen, dont be surprised. The thirty-six territories of the Holy Realm are extremely wide, and the space is extremely solid. It is very difficult to open long-distance space passages. Most of the space passages are only short-distance. It takes only seventy years to fly around the cracked sky to sleep around the strange domain. This is just a circle, not an exploration. The Sanctuary is known to have thirty-six domains, and most of them are wider than the odd domain. Those unknown areas There are too many..."

Hearing the old lady explain, Lin Chen was shocked!

The Holy Realm rips through the void and travels far faster than he did at this time using the "Infinite Dark Step" at full speed several times.

But even so, why do you have to fly without sleep for seventy years to make a circle around the strange domain?

If the thirty-six domains turn around, wouldn't it take thousands of years? Moreover, the saints can't tear the sky flying endlessly for thousands of years...

Those mortals in the Holy Realm may not even be able to cross a domain...

Lin Chen secretly uttered, it is worthy of the birth of countless eras of human civilization, it is no wonder that it can spawn a genius list of 100,000 geniuses, and a higher level of evil list.

"Since there is still some time to arrive, then I will practice first."

Lin Chen sat down and launched a stolen sign to the old woman in the Holy Land and the palace master.

[Consuming 79 million primary talent points, stealing target attribute values: 100 million rune energy, 300,000 strengthening points.

Lin Chen almost laughed out loud.

"As long as the object is stolen ten miles away, the stolen omen can be activated, which is too cool, ha ha ha! I can steal the other party's attribute value without touching the target. Although it can only be used once, it can already be used from the saint. A lot of attribute values have been scrapped!"

At present, the Quartet Conference has extremely high specifications, and there must be a saint sitting in the town. The more saints, the more stolen Lin will be!

Opening the Taoyuan planting capsule, the Qingyao tree has grown over 120 meters. With the help of Tianyi Shengshui, it has shortened the growth time by at least thousands of times!

The Longqing tree grows to 65 meters and has lush foliage. It has begun to enter the growth period, and it has produced silver and silver holy yuan coins. It is roughly estimated that there are at least 50,000 pieces!

Then, Lin Chen saw the top of the main branch of Long Qingshu, and actually produced ten colorful fruits, couldn't help but be ecstatic!

"This is, Long Qingguo!"