My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 873

Vol 5 Chapter 873: Well Deserved

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Chapter 873

The inferior dragon fruit is the size of lychee, the fruit is bright and colorful, and contains strong vitality.

Long Qingguo is not a general treasure of heaven and earth. It contains the breath of dragon and has the miracle effect of raw bones. It is a wonderful product for the treatment of injuries and also has a good effect on sages.

But it has another magical effect!

Each Qiyunling planted a large amount of silver holy yuan coins and a large amount of medicinal materials, all with unique specialties.

The Qingyao tree is Qingyao jade dew, which cleanses spiritual impurities and removes the negative effects of the spirit, so that the spirit is more pure, and combat or cultivation can be more efficiently condensed.

Long Qingshu, a specialty of Long Qingguo. In addition to the miracle effect of boneless raw meat, its second effect is that it can permanently enhance the strength of the meat shell to make it infinitely loosen the bottleneck, no resistance, and can be taken forever. It is a sacred object in the minds of countless body warriors!

And Long Qingguo's energy is mild, even three-year-old children can take it. This is the real superb spirit in the world, and it is comparable to many top medicines!

"If I enter the peak period, my Long Qingshu will have more efficiency in producing Long Qingguo! It is enough to support me to cultivate to the Holy Realm and even to benefit the people around me!"

Lin Chen took out two Long Qingguo and swallowed it down. The five-color mysterious light flowed all over the body, and the warm currents merged into the limbs and corpses. The flesh and blood were perfectly nourished. This energy does not even require Lin Chen to actively refine it, which is gentle and condensing Refining, automatically integrated into the body of the flesh shell!

"This is, Long Qingguo?"

The old woman who was secretly observed was shocked!

This child even holds the extremely rare Long Qingguo. She is almost certain that there must be a huge force behind him to support him!

"The Dark Horse Club, this force has never heard of it before. It is the unknown that is terrible. It can cultivate so many geniuses on the list of geniuses. Perhaps it is a hidden sects. At least it is also a fourth-grade heritage. No, maybe it is a fifth-grade! In addition, he is very likely to hold the inheritance of the ancient sage, and he must be friends with him!"

Sister Su Lan and Leng Yueqi have also entered the state of cultivation. They have harvested abundantly in the Cangyue Trial, and each of the Silver Saint Yuan coins is close to one hundred thousand.

Leng Yueqi also received a piece of Tianshuang Amorphous Crystal. After refining, the cultivation base will usher in soaring.

The next day, Lin Chen held the lady's delicate jade hand and smiled harmlessly.

"Sister Yueqi, close your eyes and meditate Lin Chen's most handsome one thousand times in your heart, and then your mind will be successfully cultivated."

The palace master and the old lady in grey shirt couldn't help but twitch her lips. What is the cultivation method...

Leng Yueqi smiled, then closed her eyes and meditation in her heart as Lin Chen said.

[Consume 1.03 billion points of intermediate-level exercises and spirits, and begin to merge memory with the goal.

Boom~! Massive cultivation memories poured into Leng Yueqi's mind. She hardly needs to cultivate, just absorb these cultivation memories, she realized the straight line hurricane of her half-orange-level mindwork "Peerless Ice Soul"!

Lin Chen began to continue to count his loot.

"System, give me all the alchemy fingerprints I hold at this stage!"

[Consumption of 64 million heavenly values, fusion of three volumes of purple-level intermediate alchemy handprints, four volumes of purple-level advanced alchemy handprints, two volumes of purple-level top-grade alchemy handprints... the fusion is completed, and the host obtains: Mizuki dual-series purple-level top-grade alchemy handprints "Vientiane Four Clear Seals".

[Consumed 220 million points of intermediate-level exercises and spirits, and began to integrate "Vientiane Four Clear Seals" to practice memory...]

Next, with the passage of time, Lin Chen almost did not waste every minute and every second. He kept pouring the two Tianyun Holy Water into the Tianyi Holy Water, and the stored Tianyi Holy Water had already consumed more than half.

However, he poured all the avatars of silver holy yuan in exchange for the Tianyi holy water, and he released all the avatars in his Taoyuan planting sac with him to refine the silver holy yuan, which made Lin Chen's essence of combat spirits skyrocket! Breaking through the new round of trillion-dollar quintessence of fighting spirit!

Lin Chen's body integrates memory of cultivation, avatars absorb silver holy yuan coins, the division of labor is clear, and the speed of cultivation is surging!

The third day; Lin Chen took out a sword score.

This is the half-orange sword skill "Sword Fury Sky" he acquired from the battle of the pseudo-god!

With Lin Chen's current background, if you control the half-orange combat skills, you will exert the power of infinite proximity or equivalent to the orange-level combat skills!

This is the case of "Mirror Moon" by "Mirror Moon"!

[Consume 590 million points of intermediate-level exercises and spirits, and begin to merge the practice memory of "Sword Fury"...]

On the sixth day, Lin Chen officially stepped into the ninth-level post-war emperor cultivation practice!

On the seventh day, Lin Chen took a total of 23 Long Qing Guo, with 8 remaining. The flesh shell strength broke through 23 million dragon powers!

In addition, Lin Chen refined all the green jasper dew, and the spiritual power attribute value increased by 40.5 million points!

This scene stunned the palace owner and the elder of the Holy Land!

What is the speed of cultivation?

Even if the cultivation resources are sufficient, there must be a process!

The higher the value of the elemental attributes absorbed by Lin Chen's "Creation Nine Tribulation", the stronger the power of the mind and magic means the higher the efficiency of absorbing the aura, not to mention the five avatars to practice together!

However, next, the situation that made the palace owner and the old man in the gray shirt almost fell mad at the spot was staged!

Boom~! The violently vibrating Soul of Light stormed into the space channel, wandering like a thread, but every ray of Soul contains the power of frozen mountains!

"Complete mind?"

Master Gong murmured, Qian Yan stared at Leng Yueqi, revealing incredible shock!

She knows very well what this vision represents. Leng Yueqi's "Peerless Soul" mentality has been cultivated to perfection!

However, in the history of Bingxin Palace, there is no true biography that can be in the battle of the imperial realm!

Even the founding ancestor of Bingxin Palace, which ranked 10001 in the genius list, did not have this qualification! She still achieved her mentality after entering the Holy Land!

Now, this mentality has been practiced to completion by a disciple of Warlord Realm?

how can that be!

It's just a matter of course!

Although Leng Yueqi's Nine Absolute Cold Vessel physique is known to have the potential to surpass the founding ancestors, how many years did she enter Bingxin Palace?

Being able to practice the entry of "Peerless Soul" is already a tremendous talent, which also allows the palace master to consume nearly one hundred gold holy yuan coins on the way of Leng Yueqi's cultivation of mind!

"No! Yue Qi's Nine Absolute Cold Vessels are powerful, but they have not yet fully entered the peak period of the blood veins. Her previous performance is strong but not against the sky. The only difference is him!"

The old lady in the grey shirt and the palace owner almost coincided, and suddenly turned her head, staring at Lin Chen who was closing her eyes and practicing on the other side of the ice breath picture!

He didn't panic, as if there was no accident at all, he continued to concentrate on practicing.

Lin Chen didn't pay attention to it, which was all in his expectations.

"It's really possible for a war emperor realm to practice half-orange-level mentality to perfection in a few days."

The palace master and the old lady in the grey shirt set off a stormy wave in their hearts. This is not just a few days to practice a mental method to the beginning, but it is complete!

The difficulty of the cultivation of the half-orange-level mental method, the palace owner experienced it personally, she also realized the completeness of the mental method only three thousand years ago!

These results can be achieved in just a few days, perhaps only the legendary true **** can do it!

The palace master and the old lady in grey shirt marveled at the heart.

"True is the deity of the gods, well deserved!"