My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 874

Vol 5 Chapter 874: Allied Alliance Directly To Lin Chen

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Chapter 874

Dark Pavilion Valley of Life and Death.

Today, there is silence in the valley, and the atmosphere is extremely depressed, even one disciple is not there.

In the main hall in the center of the valley, a group of people with a breath like sun and moon gathered!

All of them are holy realm strongmen, and more than ten?

"The question is very simple. Let's work together to deal with the Linchen kid! After the success, the ancient Sheng's method of cultivating the alien crystal, everyone shares equally and forms an alliance, how?"

At the head of the hall, an old man shrouded in darkness spoke.

"Dark Pavilion Lord, how can you be sure that there is no powerful force behind him? You can cultivate seven genius list geniuses, at least four ranks!"

"If you involve me in the vortex of destruction, what are you talking about?"

"What's more, the kid has just repulsed your dark pavilion and the other two saints. Why can you ensure that we can succeed!"

Several holy realms questioned, and the dark pavilion lord chuckled.

"Are you so willing to kill your own genius by that boy? If all of you present join forces, unless you are from the Fifth Sect, you will not be able to suppress us."

"Besides, the secret technique of cultivating alien crystals! Don't you want it? How much is the value of an inferior alien crystal, do you have no idea? If you can get this secret technique, you will never worry about cultivation resources in the future, you are holy Over the millions and millions of years, why have you seen this opportunity in history?"

The patriarch's voice was full of confusion, and all the holy realm hesitated.

Cultivation of abnormal crystals, this temptation is too fatal!

Indeed, as the cabinet chief said, this is an unprecedented opportunity! Even if they are sanctified, this is also an unfathomable opportunity for peerlessness!

If they obtain the secret technique of nurturing alien crystals, they will be promoted to the fourth grade sect and cultivated as a breakthrough.

"At this time, the 27th generation of my ancestors in the Dark Pavilion will go out in person, and the old man will take the shot. The kid must be foolproof."

The main subject is amazing, and many moods of the Holy Land fluctuate greatly!

"Twenty-seventh generation ancestor, is that old monster still not dead..."

"If he shoots, the situation will be different..."

Qun Sheng fell into meditation.

The patriarch laughed again.

"If my dark pavilion violates the regulations at that time, if everyone attacks, then my dark pavilion will be difficult to parry even as a fourth-rank sect. If there is a strong man behind that boy, it will be handed over to my dark patriarch ancestor. Its okay to join hands, right?"

The pavilion master took turns thinking of the group of saints. In the end, without considering the quarter of an hour, all the saints were determined to join the camp of the dark pavilion!

Because, ancient holy heritage, temptation is too strong!

Brush ~!

A shadow appeared, and the killer knelt on one knee.

"Informed the Lord of the Pavilion, undercover information, that Lin Chen had been taken to the venue of the Quartet by the Palace Master of Bingxin Palace."

The patriarch waved his hand, and the killer retreated.

"The Quartet Conference, huh, just let you live a little longer..."

A big storm is approaching Lin Chen!

Headed by the Dark Pavilion, there are more than five third-rank denominations that have locked Lin Chen! If this spreads out, it will be enough to shake all the forces of the strange domain!

More than ten holy realms target a war emperor, and this is the only one in the history of the 36th domain of the holy world!


Lin Chen and his party set off on the 14th day.

The Quartet Conference, the venue is located in Wanri Square.

The square is a flat Pingchuan, covering an area of 100,000 miles, with attic on both sides lined with one another, this place is one of the border areas of the strange land and the mysterious land.

There are people from all over the world, and there are many people in the square. This conference is jointly organized by six four-grade denominations and twenty three-grade denominations on both Xuanyu and Qiyu.

Up to now, more than 100,000 Tianjiao registration conferences have been held. The specifications of the conferences are extremely high. If there are no large-scale referrals, you need to go through a lot of evaluations before you can register.

The streets of Wanri; the two beautiful women, one bi and one red, one motion at a time.

"Lin'er, Lin'er, look, that puppy is so strange, why its head grows on its stomach."

"And the crow, hey, how green is its buttocks!"

The girl in red is twittering, the girl in green is covering her mouth and laughing, the two beautiful people are attracting the attention of many people, and some of them are recognized as geniuses!

"Miss Lin Lin, I haven't seen you for a long time, and Ben Shao missed it so much."

A fascinating flower was handed to the two beautiful women, and a fat man in a yellow robe with his body covered in horizontal flesh smiled and walked towards the second woman.

The woman in red frowned a little, and there was a faint fluorescence flowing in her palm. Lady Biyi immediately grabbed her catkins and gestured with her eyes.

The former rolled his eyes and then whispered to the fat man in the yellow robe-"Lian Daihua, are you bothered? The girl said that she is not interested in you, is it boring to ask?"

The name immediately drew countless surprises and shocks from the streets!

"Lian Daihua? Was it the Lian Daihua in the Peerless Pavilion? Really fake!"

"Hiss, I was fortunate enough to meet myself today! It is said that he is the son of the Fortune Chamber of Commerce of the wealth!"

When everyone lost their voices, the fat man in the yellow robe calmed down, with a sincere tone-"Lin Lin girl, if you are my woman, you will be the young lady of the Chamber of Commerce in the future, what is there, every moonlight It is 30,000 silver holy yuan, even if you want to be the master of Qianmei Palace, I will fully support you!"

Lian Daihua's conditions made countless people take a breath!

30,000 silver holy yuan a month? Damn, it seems like money is a stone!

Most of the monthly confessions of the true disciples of the Lian San Pin sect are 500 silver holy yuan coins. These 30,000 yuan a month have been turned dozens of times in an instant, which is 360,000 silver holy yuan coins a year!

The latter sentence of "full support to be a master of the palace" is more than enough to make countless women dumbfounded. They can't wait to pounce, and it is themselves who are eager to be conditioned.

Even Dai Hua's mouth raised a trace of self-confidence, he did not like to rely on strength to speak, he is this person, his favorite serving people with money!

He has played with too many women, but he first fell in love with the Qianmei Palace's'extraordinary and cunning' Yue Linlin at first glance, with a quaint spirit, full of youth and purity, and played with him Those ordinary women are not of an order of magnitude!

At this moment, Yue Linlin's lips slightly raised, and a soft, water-like smile bloomed.


Many people sigh in their hearts, after all, no one can refuse this price......

Lian Daihua proudly lifted his chest, already in the scene and touch of the fantasy beauty.

"Fat fat man, you don't have the right to touch your sister Lin Lin. If it weren't for you, there was a Chamber of Four Products behind you, and you and Liner would have poisoned you and let you go to Huang Quan!"

Yue Linlin's laughter was chilling!

"Not qualified? Just kidding! If I'm not qualified, then others will be even less qualified! Huh! Every woman, shameless!"

Lian Daihua's face gradually twisted, sullenly sneered.

Yue Linlin smiled.

"Because our squad leader has arrived in the Holy Realm, there is no man in the Holy Realm, and he can be compared with him!"

Everyone was shocked!

Which fairy squad leader is this, dare to say that there is no man in the Holy Realm to compare with it?