My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 875

Vol 5 Chapter 875: The Person Is Very Handsome

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Chapter 875

Space passage.

Leng Yueqi opened her eyes, she said in surprise-"The mentality of the perfection can actually make me control the Tianshuang Amorphous Fragment within a few days!"

The old lady in the grey shirt controls the movement of the ice scroll, and the palace master Zhan Yan smiles: "With your nine tremendous cold veins itself, it has a great advantage, and it can be added with the help of the peculiar ice soul. This is just a matter of course."

During the chat, the palace master aimed at Lin Chen.

At this time, Lin Chen, with his whole body exposed, Wan Jian made his sword, and his sword rushed to the sky. Suddenly suspended a handle above the head to open up the world's sharp sword shadow!

"He is practicing a peerless sword skill, at least half-orange level, purple-level exercises are not as powerful..."

The master of the palace exclaimed with a roar, and at this time, the space channel reached the end!

"Going out, we have arrived at Wanri Square."

The voice of the old lady in the grey shirt came to everyone's mind, except that Lin Chen was still in a state of cultivation, but the sword power brewing above his head became sharper and stronger.


The space channel leads to the end, and the ice scroll scrolls across the sky, raising the ice shower, attracting the attention of many powerful people outside the square, and some saints sitting in the meeting place.

"Oh? The people at Bingxin Palace are only here now, much slower than in the past."

"That's the Bingxin Palace! Gee, the palace is so beautiful!"

"A lot of beautiful women, I really envy the male disciples of Bingxin Palace."

Many powerful visitors to the conference witnessed the arrival of the crowd and were amazed.

Suddenly, the vision appeared!

Sigh~~! Boom~!

Sword howling sky, turbulence. A dragon-like sword chanted out of the sheath and shook Wanri Square!

Thousands of feet above the void, a sword of optimism stands upside down, releasing the magnificent sword, invincible, and pointed by the sword, as if it can be overwhelming, it will definitely destroy all things, and shock the countless powerful!

Most swordsmen's swords are automatic without wind, trembling and trembling, and go to the Qingtian sword shadow to worship!

" this a sword?"

"A good and overbearing sword, the sword has the potential to blaze the ground, and it is sharp, so it must be at least half the orange-level sword skill, and it must be completed to be able to arouse!"

"Who is it? Disciples of Bingxin Palace, can anyone practice half-orange sword skills until they are not successful?"

Countless stunned eyes stared at the sky.

Even the Jiansheng who sat in the meeting place couldnt help but open the sharp pupils, his eyes penetrated through the void, looking into the distance, and Ruth was surprised.

"Perfection, born Kendo Wizards, only condensed sword potential that can only be achieved by practicing sword skills!"

Everyone found that the shocking worldly Qingtian Sword Shadow was slowly incorporated into the body of a young silver robe standing against the wind.

His face is as bright as jade, his eyes are deep and vast, the stars are as bright as the stars, and his body is introverted. If he is brewing a peerless sword, it will not be out of the sheath.

"Who is this child? It is actually that he succeeded in practicing half-orange-level sword skills, so he is young!"

"Can it be the star pole sword Ji Qingming of that ice heart palace? He is the only young swordsman in the contemporary era."

"Fart, Ji Qingming's genius list ranks more than 99,000. He Dehe can cultivate a half-orange sword skill to perfection!"

"I have seen Ji Qingming, who is not as handsome as him."

Everyone discussed, even Dai Hua's eyes narrowed-"A little skill, he can complete the half-orange sword skill cultivation..."

Suddenly, even Dai Hua discovered the anomaly of the second woman in front of her!

Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin couldn't help but tremble their bodies, their eyes twirled with complex and splendid colors, with happiness, excitement, admiration, and tenderness like water, and they were hidden in the love of the heart...


Lian Daihua frowned.

When the cold landed, Bingxin Palace and his party arrived at the square street, and everyone suddenly found that five shadows appeared like ghosts beside the silver robe!

These five people all make the women in the field dazzle!

They may be gentle, elegant, jade-faced scholars, extremely beautiful, and come slowly to raise their bows.

Or long-haired shawls, dangling swords around the waist, melodious suspense, and glamour of the evil spirits.

Or cold and serious, tall and slender, Yu Xuanang, armed with war guns. Some indifference is like a sword, and the murderousness naturally revealed between the eyebrows appears to be overbearing.

Almost everyone's heart flashed the same idea!

The dragon and the phoenix among people, the arrogant son of heaven.

Of the five people standing behind the silver robe, none of them are mortals, most likely genius list genius!

But everyone did not have a specific impression. Their subconscious distress recalled, which genius list came from?

At this time, a beautiful shadow came rushing, the fragrant wind lightly rolled, and actually flew into Lin Chen's arms!

"Squad leader! Hee hee, you're finally here!"

Yue Linlin hugged Lin Chen's waist, rubbed Lin Chen's chest like a kitten, her cheeks reddened, and the quirky Dai eyebrows raised a cunning look.

I also marveled that even the people of Dai Hua couldn't help but petrify on the spot!

what's going on?

That'generously cunning' Yue Linlin, who was madly pursued by countless geniuses, rushed to a man?

Many young men Tianjiao even ignited the flame of jealousy in their eyes, envy jealousy and hate!

If you don't see it with your own eyes, it is estimated that few people will believe it! There are no fewer than ten male geniuses in the genius list she refuses!

In terms of appearance, Yue Linlin is top-notch, but not the best.

But her temperament and character are the lovers in many men's hearts. Her heart seems to be always full of vitality, ancient spirits, and she can always find happy things. Looking at her like a pistachio, this is a complex and intertwined Holy World. It is a very rare person.

Lin Chen smiled and rubbed her green silk smiled and said-"Xiao Nizi, have grown a lot."

Well, it's grown a lot. According to the monitor of the class leader, all aspects have grown up.

"Cut, if you don't come again, I will be abducted by someone else!"

Yue Linlin made a grimace to him, and was about to embrace Lin Chen's neck, and suddenly felt a touch of coldness.

"Yes! Teacher Leng Yueqi!"

Yue Linlin saw Leng Yueqi, guilty conscience, and quickly let go of someone.

"Squad leader, you can count. We saw you on the genius list a few days ago."

Liu Liner smiled, Lin Chen pretended to sigh forty-five degrees-"No way, a handsome person, wherever he goes will be the focus. I have tried low-key, but I never thought that low-key is also a mistake. If its a sin to look handsome, then someone in Lin Lin is guiltless."

"Oh, you really hug Yingyingyanyan group."

At this time, even Dai Hua came, the tone was rather yin and yang.

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow; the person who came was not good.

No, my Lin is the one who came, and that person should be very handsome.

Lin Chen teased,

"In the tens of thousands of flowers, the leaves are not sticky, the people in the rivers and lakes are called arsonists, and the people in the road are called skin broken legs. No matter the wind and rain are waiting for you in the clubhouse, the **** dragon. Take medicine if you are sick."