My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 876

Vol 5 Chapter 876: Dark Horse Club Sign Up

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Chapter 876, Dark Horse ClubRegistration!

"I bother."

Dai Hua snorted in disdain.

Touching the chin with five fingers wearing five senior ringers sneered and said sternly-"like you, you are not qualified to know Ben Shao's identity. I'm giving you a piece of advice, a man who can't afford even his own woman, Not even waste. Now take the money and get rid of it, dont shame your face!"

After he finished speaking, he mobilized Na Jie towards Lin Chen to throw away thousands of silver holy yuan coins, with a look of wealth.

Yincancan's holy Yuan coins rolled down, making others look dazzled.

In just one sentence, Leng Yueqi, Sister Su Lan, Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin looked cold and murderous!

Lin Chen raised his hand to stop all the women and at the same time swept away, flicked away his silver holy yuan coin, and smiled gracefully: "A good coin spreader, I can't think of anyone in the world who can spread coins like this. It seems Are you rich?"

"The president of Wanpin Association of Sipin Chamber of Commerce, even Wanjin is my dad, and I will climb to Lao Tzu if you know me!"

When Lian Daihua was arrogant, the old woman in grey shirt stood next to Lin Chen, releasing a ray of Shengwei to warn him-"Lian Xiao, want to make trouble? Really think I'm bullying at Bingxin Palace?"

"Holy Realm...Hum! I won't care about you for the time being, a waste that only knows to hide behind others, I want to concoct you, like pinching a pig!"

Shuang Sheng glanced behind Lin Chen, and even Dai Hua flew away, sneering.

"If you dare to attend the meeting and meet the people of Jue Tian Pavilion, you will be brutally abused! If you get acquainted, you will quickly get out, and every snake will want to win glory with the real dragon and take humiliation."

"Hey, you forgot to bring your coins."

Lin Chen snapped his head, rolled up the silver Shengyuan coins and threw them back to Lian Daihua. The latter put away and dismissed.

Lin Chen asked the second daughter: "He is rich?"

Yue Linlin is helpless-"I am a young kid, indeed rich and not weak, but also joined Xuanyu's Peerless Pavilion, a sect composed entirely of young geniuses."

"If the squad leader finds him annoying, Lin Lin and I will take care of him after the conference."

Liu Liner smiled softly, but there was a deep murder in her smile!

Her title is "Thousands of Poisonous Beauty", killing people in a life of chatting and laughing, and the ruthless means is disturbing.

She is an opponent that most geniuses do not want to face. Her attack is easy to block, and her gas is difficult to prevent. Unless she is a crusher, she will not know when she was poisoned, and her death is unknown!

Perhaps only the few people and the teenager in front of her could make her smile.

"Hey, they are all grown up. Anyone who can't figure out the squad leader can say that he did him for me."

Lin Chen pretended to sneer, causing Liu Liner's cheeks to flush.

"Relax, this kind of mercy, can't help but your squad leader me."

Lin Chen smiled, what about the sons of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce, the basic condition for the formation of the Sipin forces is that the two strains have good luck, and does someone in Lin have it?

He will scatter money, but someone Lin will pretend to force.


In a loft, more than a dozen handsome men and women gathered together, went to the table to discuss, toasted and drank.

"The champion of this conference, we must be won, let the strangers like Qiyu take a look at our profound domain."

"I don't know if Lin Chen will come. If you dare to kill us, the dogs are not timid!"

"This shrinking turtle is stared at by the dark cabinet. How dare you show your head, now I'm afraid it's not hiding in the corner."

"Let's first look at the intelligence brought back by Lian Daihua, and see if there are a few opponents that are worthy of us."

As soon as the words fell, even Dai Hua stepped into the attic room with a fat face.

A young boy in white leaned against the screen, his hands on the back of his head, and whistled at Lian Daihua.

"Come here, Dai Hua, what's over there...what are you doing, your eyes are glaring like a preserved egg, your boy is on fire, send it to the pavilion master, and the master!"

"Damn, I met a woman who dared to touch Laozi!"

Everyone was curious to ask, and even Dai Hua explained in full, and after the genius heard it, he was very interested.

Interestingly, this is the one who doesn't have long eyes should offend them!

"You are really stupid, not even asking your name."

"He will definitely compete, and then we will torment him in turn, ha ha ha! You can rest assured, Dai Hua, we will help you out with this tone, and we did this kid!"

"Dare to provoke us to death, and find death! If you meet him in Wu Sai, Lao Tzu abolishes him!"


A giant giant ship docked in the void outside the Wanri Square, and a group of sturdy men walking down the road!

The first young eyebrow is fierce, full of vitality, such as walking out of the millions of blood from the wild.

"Junhao, this martial arts game is well played, you already have the strength of the genius list, so use this Quartet to make a name for yourself!"

The strong men on the leading ship laughed with great pride. Although the boy in white was serious, he was already excited!

"According to Big Brother's character, since he has come to the Holy Realm, there is no reason to miss this event!"

This young man, just like Bai Junhao, who joined the sect of sect "Bailongmen"!

To the southwest of the meeting place, a young man in red with glamour and glamour looks around and looks around. It is strange that he does not look at beautiful women, only men, and only stares at the chrysanthemum area...

The young man had an empty sleeve and one arm.

"I knew that your pervert would come to many men."

A ridiculous voice rang from behind the young man, the young man in red turned around, his eyes met, grinned, and both sides reached out and fisted.

"Mother, Ying Liang, your boy hasn't seen you in two years, and she has become more handsome!"

"I like Chenfeng, you tell this kind of truth, ha ha ha!"

The two put their shoulders together and laughed at each other.

"I heard that the squad leader has arrived in the Holy Realm, and he will kill the Dark Pavilion Master as soon as he comes! Cao, it's so happy, we can't lose him this time!"

"Of course, let's go, drink together, and sign up after drinking, ha ha! This time, the Quartet Martial Arts competition will take a genius ranking first!"


Sign up for the venue; there are crowds of people, but there are special passages on the side.

If there is a denomination recommendation, you can enter the special channel directly without queuing.

A woman with purple hair is slender and feminine, and her eyes are full of autumn water.

"Shengdan Pavilion Han Ziyun, sign up for the refining competition."

The lady just finished signing up, and there were a few rebellious or cynical voices beside the special passage.

"Deputy Pavilion Leader Mo Jingchen, sign up for the competition. Members: Yun Zhentian, Xia Jianfeng, Luo inorganic, Longyang, Xiao Qianyu, sign up for single martial arts competition, team martial arts competition, medicine refining, casting tool, Arithmetic, tone, and treasure appraisal projects."

Zi Fa Jia's eyes were dignified and her heart was amazed-"It's actually a person from the Peerless Pavilion, the shocking second-class sect known as the genius of the genius list..."

The appearance of Jue Tian Pavilion caused a burst of surprise and attention.

Then, farther away, there was a playful chuckle that made everyone in the registration venue quiet for a moment!

"Lin Chen, deputy director of the Black Horse Club, sign up for the competition, members: Zhen De Chang, Zhen De Jiu, Zhen De Ying, Zhen De Shuai, Zhen De Xiu, Zhen De Pi, participate in solo martial arts, team martial arts, refining Medicines, casting tools, fortune-tellers, temperament, treasure appraisal projects."

Hearing this familiar voice and tone, Zifa Beauty's body stiffened, her beautiful eyes exuded a complex splendor and a little incredible!