My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 877

Vol 5 Chapter 877: Do You Know How Stressed I Am?

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Chapter 877 Do you know how stressful I am?



Almost at the same time, when the registration of Black Horse Club sounded, Jue Tiange and Lin Chen and their colleagues looked at each other!

At this moment when the atmosphere was solemn, the special channel of the registration hall stepped into the three drunk little brothers, hooked their shoulders, and grinned.

"Hey, that wine is really delicious. A while ago, a little beautiful girl ran over to ask if I had seen the most handsome man, handed me a mirror, and said that the person in the mirror is the most handsome. Grass! I was so angry that I painted a portrait of our monitor on the mirror!"

"Ying Liang, your kid just wouldn't get drunk like this if he ate a peanut!"

The three brothers walked into the registration hall, and the drunken three suddenly froze! Eyes staring straight at the silver robe boy in front of the counter!

Lin Chen looked back at Gu Pan that drunken three people, also stunned in the same place! It was Ying Liang, Bai Junhao and Gu Chenfeng!

"I depend, is it the monitor?"


"My grass, I drank too much and had hallucinations?"

When the three of them exclaimed in unison, there was a sneering sound, and the sound of the wind breaking like a knife was torn, and the people in the Peerless Pavilion first attacked Lin Chen!

"Hey, people in the dark horse club, let me take a look!"

"The Pavilion Lord has commanded that Lin Chen may have to give him a big gift when he meets this!"

The wrist fluttered, the red flames circulated, and the power was fierce, converging on Lin Li's head across Lin Chen's head. A whip leg is like an axe, and the wind blade is full of fighting spirit.

There is also a fierce spiral boxing style, hitting Lin Chen's abdomen away! The three afterimages are fast and swift, and the genius of the Peerless Pavilion has three people to lay siege to Lin Chen in one face!

Someone Lin was not surprised, his face did not change color. At this moment, many strong people in the registration venue did not stop, it seems that everyone wants to see Lin Chen's means and depth!

Bang~! The thunderous thunder on the ground burst into shock!

Looking closer, all three people's attacks were taken!

However, it was not Lin Chen who blocked it. Instead, Ying Liang, Bai Junhao and Gu Chenfeng shot!

They blocked each other on the side of Lin Chen, fought against each other's whip legs, fist prints, hand knives, Bai Junhao's arm dragon scales emerged, should be surrounded by sword spirit, Gu Chenfeng's head was covered with blood and murderous intent like a knife !

"Dare to move the squad leader (brother), first pass us!"

The three of them unanimously revealed a 66-class standard "respect for the elderly and love the young" smile!

"Oh? A little skill..."

The three geniuses of Jue Tian Pavilion were a little surprised, and they were about to shoot again, and a cold drink came.


It was the deputy patriarch, Mo Jingchen spoke!

His face was as sharp as a knife, his breath was cold, and his face was cold, and he walked slowly to Lin Chen. The three geniuses of Jue Tian Pavilion withdrew, and they faced each other with their eyes close to each other.

Someone Lin looked serious, and everyone thought he suddenly jumped out when he valued his opponent.

"Well, I'm still handsome."

Everyone is down!

"Lin Chen, your life is the patriarch's life. He has confirmed your life and belongs to the Peer Pavilion's patriarch. The martial arts conference, life and death are destined for life, I hope you can stick to the last round, otherwise it will be boring. "

Mo Jingchen's high attitude made Lin Chen ask curiously.

"Does your pavilion's patriarch like men? What kind of appointments have you made? I haven't seen me after seeing Lin Mou? It seems that your pavilion's patriarch is jealous of my handsome Lin! Or did he have a leg with that Ji Wutian, and after Ji Wutian was beheaded by me, his patriarch Lord couldn't find a chrysanthemum suitable for him?"


Many people laughed out loud on the spot.

"Your country man's cheesy mouth is very hard, it seems to have to smash it first!"

The light and spirited girl beside Mo Jingchen's face was cold and frosted, and was stopped by the former.

"This is the meeting place, and we still have to respect the rules here. Lin Chen, see you in Wusai!"

"Don't see Wu Sai, the rules of our club are life and death are bearish, if you don't agree, you can do it. If you want to do it, we will accompany you in the end! Fight only ask time and place, don't talk to me about those that are not, if you don't agree, I am now Just hit your suit!"

Lin Chen raised a brow, domineering side leakage. The five avatars behind him and the Dragon Emperor who were incarnations immediately surrounded the people in Peugeot!

Gu Chenfeng and Bai Junhao and Ying Liang were startled. How long did it take, how could there be so many other generals around the squad leader! From the sense of oppression, it is not inferior to the people of Jue Tiange!

"Grass! It's actually you!"

"Where is Xiaoxiao, dare to move me to the deputy pavilion of the Heavenly Pavilion to find death?"

Another group of figures emerged from the venue, including other geniuses from Jue Tian Pavilion including Lian Dai Hua!

The atmosphere is swiftly striking!

All forces and strongmen in the registration venue hold their breath almost simultaneously!

Dark Horse Club and Jue Tian Ge!

On one side, it was a mysterious force that was born into the sky, suspected of destroying 30 genius list geniuses, beheading the seven geniuses of the Dark Pavilion, and suddenly killing 7 genius list geniuses!

On the one hand, it is a legendary force composed entirely of the second generation ancestors of the third and fourth grade denominations. Although they are listed in the second grade denominations, they have the top resources, the best teachers, and the most priority rights. The best genius in the 70,000 genius list!

Undoubtedly, both sides are the first in the odd domain and the mysterious domain, and the most legendary sect actually encountered at this juncture!

Who is better?

Almost everyone is looking forward to it! Even those holy powers are no exception!

The more intense the collision between geniuses, the more exciting! Because only competition will give birth to more top geniuses and an infinite future!

"Oh, the Yangtze River will push back the waves. Little guys, the venue will not allow you to fight, if there are any problems, wait until the Wusai is solved."

Suddenly the old man's laughter echoed in the venue, but the air contained a unique magical power, suppressing everyone's momentum, and contained a kind of purity that teaches the world.

"It is the predecessor of the great saint sage...a powerful tool."

The geniuses in the Peerless Pavilion secretly startled, Lin Chen disapproved.

"Since all seniors have spoken, then I will sell the face of seniors."

Mo Jingchen clenched his fists, and when he was leaving, he sent a secret voice to Lin Chen.

"Ms. Yan Qianyun was born noble, and she is right in the door of our pavilion. It is not a person like you who can get your hands dirty. Dont think that if you kill a dark pavilion, there is no one in the eyes. The world is very big. You are just a frog. If you dare to cross the border, There will be more than one dark pavilion when they come to you!"

Hearing the other person's voice, Lin Chen was stunned!

what's going on? Yan Qianyun?

Did she come to Holy World?

Well, it turned out that this is the genius of the mathematician who gave me a mess!

Lin Chen shouted at Mo Jingchen suddenly.

"Is it my fault that the sister of the **** patriarch who likes me likes me? I'm so annoying! Damn, Lao Tzu bears the handsomeness that should not be at this age. Do you know how much pressure I have? Really annoying! "


The corners of the crowd in the venue were slamming...