My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 878

Vol 5 Chapter 878: I Am A Strong Enemy

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Chapter 878: I'm a Strong Enemy~

Xuanyu, Ziqing Pavilion.

A handsome and upright young man behaves gracefully, and talks and laughs reveals the absolute confidence that Zhizhu is holding.

"Qian Yun, don't you really think about it. If I appear on the list of evil spirits in the future, I will definitely allow you to be the first in the genius list!"

The young man persuaded that the beautiful women on the opposite side were dressed in purple and black dresses, and the figure was stunning, the delicate mountains were like a unique landscape, like the stars under the dark night, and the empty valley.

Her blue silk is like snow, peach blossoms are blue, her eyebrows are like the distant mountains of March Feixia, and the halo tooth cherry lips. The purple and black dress embellished with Xinghua adds a mysterious color to her quiet and elegant beauty.

At this time, the beautiful woman leaned her hands on her cheeks, the breeze fluttered her hair and danced, her eyes were fascinated, staring into the distance, not paying attention to the former.

The young man seemed extremely patient and not anxious. He smiled slightly: "If you don't like it, I can explore many ancient archaeological relics and battlefields for you, and uncover the secrets of the mathematicians."

She hadn't paid attention to it, the youth still said-"Qianyun, I can help you break through the holy realm and reach the peak."

The beautiful lady is beautiful, and the gentle and elegant expression of the young man slowly puts it away and said calmly.

"My eyeliner communicates that there is a guy named Lin Chen who has arrived at the Sifang Conference."

Brush ~! The beautiful woman turned her head, her beautiful eyes sparkled with splendid beauty, her style was so beautiful, she was full of beauty!

Seeing that the beauty was so fluctuated by the name, the snow-dwelling youths around the city were extremely angry!

But he restrained his anger and stood up to organize his clothes.

"Qian Yun, one day you will understand my intentions. As for the Lin Chen you mentioned, I will bring his head to see you."

Everyone's beautiful eyes condensed, and finally he opened his mouth, and his lips opened softly-"Chen Feng, you will regret it."

"Repent? Are you threatening me? For this man, do you dare to threaten me?"

The young man smiled angrily, and she shook her head gently, staring into the distance, and her beautiful eyes were flowing.

"No one who has offended him has a good ending. He has always been like this. From that small wilderness to Lingzhou and Kyushu, he has exceeded all expectations. He has the challenge to challenge God! No one Being able to overwhelm him, even you, is nothing in front of him."

"Joke!" Chen Feng flicked his sleeves. "I have created a second-rank sect of Chen Feng, and it only took ten years to reach the 70,000 list of geniuses. In today's Holy World, besides the list of demon, there are several people who can compare with me! Why did he fight me!"

"It's up to you, only to target the list of evildoers, with short-sightedness, pretentiousness, and arrogance. If he is, it is by no means a stop."

Yan Qianyun smiled, and his style was gorgeous. Stupid Chen Feng!


"Who is it, is it my fault to look too handsome!"

Someone in Lin'filled his indignation with anger', which is seriously called injustice. Exposing all the people in Jue Tiange together in a rage, everyone was so angry that they were all green and left in exasperation.

Yue Linlin laughed madly beside him, and Ying Liang exclaimed: "The squad leader really is a model for my generation. I have seen shameless people, and I have never seen such a shameless one like the squad leader!"

When Lin Chen hadn't had time to narrate with the three of Bai Junhao, a woman sounded from behind him with a crisp and graceful voice and a cold grumble.

"Yeah, I don't know who the handsome guy was when he pushed the girl in the corner and touched it, and left.

The purple hair is like a waterfall, and the pretty beauty stands beside Lin Chen, staring at Lin Chen with a little bit of resentment.

"Huh? Ziyun, why are you here too! I've grown up after such a long absence. Brother Laichen... Mother, who pinches my old waist...!"


Restaurant, everyone gathered.

Leng Yueqi, Sister Su Lan, Yue Linlin, Liu Lin'er, Han Ziyun, Bai Junhao, Ying Liang, Gu Chenfeng, almost everyone who went to the Holy Realm came to the majority!

"Squad leader, you are too boring, why didn't you call us when you created a sect!"

"Yes, brother, our class 66 has arrived in the Holy Realm, it must be a glory and a glory! We will also join the dark horse club!"

Bai Junhao and Ying Liang shouted to Lin Chen not enough meaning!

"Squad leader, squad leader, I want to join the club too!"

Yue Linlin's eyes were shining, and he looked like a squad leader took me to make trouble.

"No, you cannot join the Dark Horse Club!"

Talking about this matter, Lin Chen instead looked solemn.

The sectarian rules of the Holy Realm Lin Chen knew that if he robbed the disciples of other forces unconditionally, he would have to pay a great price.

Especially like everyone now, even if there is no ranking, almost all of them have the power of the genius list. They joined the Black Horse Club, which means that Lin Chen wants to take away the young power of the sect behind them, that basically wants to offend all!

The sect has exhausted a lot of resources to cultivate a true biography, but it has been dug up by other forces, and it can't stand anyone.

Secondly, if he himself breaks into the Holy Realm today, he will surely provoke many strong enemies. If everyone joins the Dark Horse Club, it will become the target, and the harm will be greater than the benefits.

He is alone, and fighting back, anyway, he is his own avatar, he is the most convenient to act alone.

There were no outsiders on the scene, and Lin Chen didn't hide it, he gave it all away.

When everyone knew that the Black Horse Club was all the avatars of their squad leader, they couldnt help but twitch their lips...

This is too fierce! The genius in the massacre genius list of the famous 36th domain before the relationship was actually a record of the squad leader himself!

"My mother, brother, I am convinced that Bai Junhao is..."

"I didn't expect the squad leader to be so big when he came to the Holy Realm."

"I think this confusing card is playing well! Anyway, no one knows the dark horse club, the way is mysterious, but it can deter many young people."

Everyone, I said one word and discussed with excitement. Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi smiled at each other, and everyone remained the same, as if Lin Chen was always full of vitality as long as he was around.


On the other side; from the last day of the registration deadline, Yunchuan docked at Wanri Square.

A woman wearing a veil doesn't show her true face, just look at the exquisite and delicate figure to see the leopard. This woman must be a person who has fallen into the country, talking about her behavior and even walking the lotus. Elegance.

The lady went to the special entry channel and smiled politely.

"Jianbao Sanpin SectTiangang Baibaomen recommended, disciple Shangguan Bihan, sign up: Jianbao project."

As soon as this statement came out, many seniors were shocked!

Was it that Tiangang Baibaomen claimed to have received the strongest Jianbao genius since its founding, Shangguan Bihan?

The senior who was responsible for recording the registration couldn't help but slap in his heart.

"Good guy, even this little demon is here. It is said that at her young age, she can even see through her lost holy objects. There are countless old treasure appraisers of Zhenxuan Xuanyu. It seems that this time the champion has been booked in advance... "

After signing up, the beautiful lady Lianbu moved away slightly, her beautiful eyes stared in a certain direction, Dai Mei's eyebrows bent, and she smiled.

"This time I am a strong enemy, son of Chen Chen who is a **** under heaven~"

At this Quartet meeting, the situation gathered together. Before the Dark Horse Club was born, it entered the Quartet Conference for registration. Afterwards, the Peerless Pavilion pointed directly at the Dark Horse Club and detonated everyone's attention!

Attention has been drawn to the opening of the Quartet Conference!