My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 879

Vol 5 Chapter 879: Frog At The Bottom Of The Well?

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Chapter 879

The night before the opening, Lin was in deep thought.

"It is a bit difficult to rely on the alchemy handprint alone. This time the Quartet Conference adopts a point system. If you want to buy Shura Jiuhuang Change, you have to get two firsts to be possible..."

Lin Chen glanced at the essence of the exercises. He only had 700 million intermediate-level exercises at the moment. He learned "Sword Fury" and the two purple top-level top-grade alchemy handprints, and helped Leng Yueqi cultivate the mind, consumption huge.

"It's too lacking in power and skill... There is still an eighth-order caster in hand, but you don't have the power and skill to learn. You can only try your best to try it out. It's a big deal to get the first place by single and group martial arts. That's it!"

Lin Chen took out the Cloud Dome Pill Saint Alchemy Handbook and activated the system.

[Consume 700 million intermediate-level exercises and spirits, and begin to merge the cultivation memory of Dan Shengzhao...]

Massive memory flooded in, Lin Chen merged with all the avatars to cultivate memory, and it instantly disappeared.

With 700 million points of intermediate-level exercises, he learned the 5% refining medicinal handbook of Dan Sheng, and Lin Chen couldn't help but marvel at the difficulty of this eighth-level pharmacist! It's so perverted!

At the same time, this alchemy hand seems to have opened a new door for him in the process of refining medicine. Lin Chen's refining skills are advancing by leaps and bounds!

The next day, the Quartet Conference opened!

This conference gathered 1580 genius list geniuses, most of them from Xuanyu and Qiyu. More than 2,000 geniuses participated in single or group martial arts competitions. The specifications are extremely high!

In the morning; with a lot of vocals, Lin Chen and his team arrived at the first round of the solo martial arts venue.

In the single-play martial arts match, the draw is duel and the individual wins the promotion system.

Unlike the team martial arts competition, in the solo martial arts competition, each disciple participating in the sect is independent in the single martial arts competition. The winner advances and the loser quits. If the same door encounter draws only one person in the same door can be promoted.

The team martial arts is a collective battle. This collective battle can be combined with multiple forces and sects, which is more intense and exciting, but once the team match is lost, the participating sects or forces will be eliminated, and the risks and rewards will be doubled. increase.

This time, there were tens of thousands of top Tianjiao participating in the solo martial arts competition. There were thousands of solo martial arts gatherings in the morning, and some of the geniuses in the genius list were encountered in the preliminary round, which is dazzling!

But the world seems to be full of drama, and in the first round there will be an extraordinary battle! Almost attracted the attention of millions of spectators!

Dark Horse ClubZhendejiu against JuetiangeXia Jianfeng!

The two forces that were tit-for-tat from the outset encountered in the first round?

Numerous people are eagerly anticipating, because most people possess the cultivation of Yuanzun Realm and Warlord Realm, and they can see through hundreds of miles and thousands of miles at a glance. You can watch the game easily even if you are far away without any pressure.

Sitting on the high platform, there are three figures of the Holy Realm, the highest referee of this single martial arts match.

The first T-shirt old man whispered.

"I said that Gaoyang old ghost, it's not good to have an inside story. You arranged it deliberately. The Dark Horse Club is facing the Heavenly Pavilion."

The third white-haired old man didn't change his face and smiled for granted"Don't you want to hurry up to see their duel? I believe everyone sees their confrontation earlier. Isn't the old man called to obey public opinion?"

"Okay, you slick guy, who can tell you."

The old man in the middle couldn't laugh or cry.

The old man in green shirt narrowed his eyes"It seems that this dark horse club is a little troublesome. Three dark hall saints came to stare at him. It's a big deal... This little guy is going to pierce the sky... "

The other two elders showed a little dignity. This time, they are going to preside over the meeting seriously. In case of any accidents, it is the faces of all the forces of the General Assembly that are lost!

However, no one did not expect the confrontation between these two new forces.

Countless spectators looked up and marveled, gazing at the spectator's stage in Jue Tian Ge.

The auditoriums on both sides of the East, the VIP seats on this stage, the Jue Tian Pavilion was extremely grand, and the VIP seats on the stage; even Dai Hua placed a ten-thousand-year-old green wooden table, dragon liver and phoenix, seven-tier top spirit wine, and I dont know yet. I thought his family had a happy event.

Even the seats are made of quasi-eighth-order sacred beast's purple sable hair, worth a pair of thousands of silver sage yuan coins, which shines and shines in the morning when the sun is shining, and it is extremely high. , To equip each of the dozen or so geniuses present at Jue Tiange!

What is a wealthy enemy? What is wealthy!

"I'm a Buddha. The chair money alone is worth more than ten thousand silver holy yuan coins, what a special money!"

"Grass, people are more dead than popular..."

"It is worthy of being the son of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce..."

The vastness of Jue Tian Pavilion naturally gave tremendous pressure to the "Black Horse Club" standing next to it. Those geniuses who talked and laughed unconsciously showed their unrebellious intentions, as if they were mocking them as a group of brutal .

The women and Bai Junhao and others had long arrived at the VIP seat to wait and saw the Jue Tian Pavilion's appearance and heard their contemptuous words in their mouths, and could not help frowning.

Lin Chen had just arrived at the VIP table at this time because of cultivation, and stretched a little lazily.

On the stage of Jue Tian Pavilion, even Dai Hua tasted a seventh-order top spirit wine and sneered lightly.

"So people, don't be a frog at the bottom of the well, you should come out and see how big the world is, and don't make a country gangster who can't even be raised by her own woman, like a 25,800,000."

"Oh, Brother Dai Hua, you are too honest. How can you say that, people just don't have money for us, how can they be poor? Maybe they can provide 1,000 silver holy yuan per month, but they can still give it to their families. What a decent treasure does the girl buy~"

The two beautiful and beautiful Pekingese women chuckled with yin and yang.

Hearing the conversation of Jue Tiange, many people subconsciously looked at the stage of the'Dark Horse Club'.

On the other side of the stage, Ying Liang pointed in the direction of Jue Tian Pavilion, and asked Lin Chen with a humble smile-"Squad leader, someone has moved, how do we accept the move?"

"What tricks to take, we are poor, how can we pick up, I have no money."

Lin Chen said, "How much do they jump, how much do they have, how will I make them miserable later..."

Then, Lin Chen lay back, when his back was about to fall to the ground. With a brush, a huge and long branch suddenly grew behind him, extending from the void.

The green and green branches are tens of meters long, and the branches and leaves are covered with silver canary silver holy yuan coins, and countless people in the audience gasped!

This scene surprised even geniuses such as Dai Hua and Jue Tian Ge, and an incredible shock appeared immediately!

Can't be wrong! Lingzhi produces holy yuan coins, only one kind of spiritual plant can do it!

Good luck!

This... this **** is actually a lucky plant?

He Lin Chen actually carried a luck plant with him? That is the lifeblood of the entire second rank sect!

His mother, he dare to take a luck and plant outside to sway? crazy? It's really crazy!

and many more!

Doesn't this mean that he still has that priceless city, Qiyun planting capsules?

And this is only part of the branch of Qi Yun Ling Zhi! The complete body must have grown to its peak!

Think carefully! All the viewers were stagnant at this moment!