My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 880

Vol 5 Chapter 880: Howling Lin Mou

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Chapter 880

Although the aquamarine branches blocked Lin Chen's dazzling sunlight, it brought a silver glare to the eyes of blinder dogs. It was a light that was completely condensed by the white money's money!

The green stems continue to grow, and Lin Chen released a part of the body of the Qingyao tree from the Taoyuan capsule.

All the geniuses in Jue Tian Pavilion are either dull or dumbfounded!

One person holds luck luck plant? is it possible!

Lin Chen, bathed in the light of countless silver holy yuan coins, said with frustration-"Hey, it's so poor, I'm so poor that I'm going to eat soil. I really don't like this boring life at all."

After all, he took out his'homemade toothbrush', squeezed some'toothpaste' on the branches of Qingyao tree, and started to brush his teeth in front of countless people?

"No, he seems to be Qingling chalcedony cream!"

"What? He brushed his teeth with such wonders! Are he crazy!"

The sharp-eyed strong man suddenly found out that his "toothpaste" turned out to be the top-grade top-grade "Qingling chalcedony paste" of the seventh order! There are strong wood energy, as well as Guben Peiyuan, the amazing effect of bone regeneration!

Such a precious creature in the world was even used by him to brush his teeth!

Many strong men have scalp numbness! Nima, what a cruel thing!

[Obtained 120,000 wood energy and 100,000 wood energy...]

Qingling chalcedony ointment was not wasted, it was absorbed by Lin Chen.

Then, Lin Chen threw up the'clean water' accumulated in the branches and leaves, and spit out water.

[Obtained 150,000 energy points, 20,000 mental energy points, 140,000 energy points...]

Some Zhanhuang viewers were stunned. What he used to rinse his mouth was the legendary "Qingyao Yulu"?

are you crazy! Are you **** too much money to spend!

Many of the older generation of strong people with mental illness and stubbornness were almost vomiting blood by Lin!

At this time, a part of the crimson branch stems from his back. If the trunk of the trunk is pulsating, the red leaves are lush and vigorous, and the branches and leaves are dazzling and colorful, and they are full of colorful'fruits' and Qingyao trees. The branches are green and red, leaning on each other, it is really gorgeous, and the countless powerful people are shocked!

The geniuses in Jue Tian Ge were dumbfounded, and even Dai Hua was even a ghost expression! !

The second strain?

He actually has a second luck plant? What the **** are the eighteen generations of ancestors!

What is the concept of a fortune-telling plant?

The resources it produces are enough to feed hundreds of thousands or even millions of Tianjiao disciples, it can be established as a sect, and the value of a holy land can skyrocket several times!

Even a saint may not be able to have a luck plant!

The young man in the Warlord Realm of the "Dark Horse Club" actually holds two strains?

Most of the four ranks of sects that are as strong as saints, most of them only hold two luck plants! !

This world is crazy?

The top referees of the three Sacred Realms above the stand directly stood up, eyes extremely dignified, staring at the crimson tree trunk irrespective of any manners, and opened their mouths as if they found the treasure!

"Dragon...Long Qingshu...? The old man did not read it wrong, as if it was the Long Qingshu we were looking for!"

"It's crazy...what is the origin of this dark horse club!"

The Tiger Body of the Three Sacred Realm Judges is mad! Shock **** 250 times!

They searched for Long Qingshu for hundreds of thousands of years, and under the luck they planted the soon-to-be extinct Long Qingshu, even in the hands of a young man?

"This kid actually has two luck plants, is it the ancient sacred heritage?"

Hidden in the dark pavilion sacred land hidden in the dark!

They are as strong as their dark pavilion, and they only hold two luck plants. At this time, Guang Linchen carried two of them alone?

"Hey, the morning of the rednecks is so simple and boring. I dont look like a rich family. Every time I see people eating big fish and meat, my rednecks are always so envious, longing, and troubled by the rednecks, who can Understand?"

After talking, Lin Chen grabbed a few Long Qingguo and stuffed it in his mouth.

Someone Lin chewed a bit of grief and indignation"Like me, it is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work part in this life. I can only live by eating small wild fruits. ."

[The host gains 1.2 billion intermediate qi and blood energy, 1.4 billion qi and blood energy, 1 billion qi and blood energy...]

Long Qingguo's energy continued to refine into Lin Chen's body. Lin Chen grieved and chewed 6 Long Qingguo with his face, while crying and mourning his face.

"I'm so hungry! Wow, why don't you have enough food, why should you be so hungry, really like my poor people can't have such a dare-only condition!"


Many well-educated older generations of five robbery war emperors, all of them were distorted by Lin Mou gas!

Do you **** eat Long Qingguo? Still want to eat?

crazy! Fuck this kid crazy!

Countless strong people are almost crazy, he is not crazy, we must be crazy!


In this scene, some people have already drawn swords from individual audiences!

Too **** annoying! Isnt he still a human being?

The big brother next to him quickly hugged his cousin of the sword emperor and hurriedly said.

"Brother, hold back! Must hold back! Although I also want to cut him, but you can't beat him!"

The genius of Juetian Pavilion stared blankly at someone who was stuffing Long Qingguo one by one, and Mu Ne looked at the delicious food in front of his house, and suddenly felt no fragrance at all!

Yue Linlin squeezed her hand to cover her mouth, and laughed at what she had learned all her life...

Ying Liang, who has been professionally trained, has trembling to tremble, Bai Junhao tears in the corner of his eyes, his facial muscles are about to cramp...


At this time, because someone Lin continued to release the trunks of'Qingyao Tree' and'Dragon Tree' colliding together, the silver holy silver coins under the shaking and shaking!


A "storm rain" composed of silver holy yuan coins poured into someone under the tree, a "silver storm" landed, and countless silver mountains piled up, almost millions of silver holy yuan coins around Lin Chen .

Someone Lin self-violently renounced lay in the silver coins piled up in the Coin Mountain and gave a sobbing sound.

"Why! Why can't I even eat enough! Seeing the big fish and meat of the rich people in Jue Tiange, I admit that I'm envious, I'm sour! The bitter bitterness is so hard, it's really hard !"

Lin was emotional, lying in the coin sea where huge amounts of silver holy yuan coins piled up, and began to scream while crying!

"Fathers and fellow folks, brothers and sisters, you really can't understand the worries of poor people like me. I can't even support my own woman. I'm useless! I'm poor! Heaven, I have already I have been under the pressure of handsomeness that I should not have at this age. Why are you! Why do you want me to be a poor man? I live so tired, if life can come again, I only hope that I can eat A full meal. Wow!"


Every genius in Jue Tian Pavilion turned into **** yellow face...

Millions of viewers in the audience fell into deathly silence! In the venue, we heard the cry of a teenager "howling" lying in the heap of money!

After half a ring, I did not know which man squeezed a sentence from the teeth.