My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 881

Vol 5 Chapter 881: Zhen Dejiu Vs Xia Jianfeng

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Chapter 881: Zhen Dejiu VS Xia Jianfeng

Some strong men's breath rioted, and the action of desire threw up to grab Lin Chen's piles of over two million silver holy yuan coins. Finally, they were shocked by the breath of holy realm standing on the platform!

Someone Lin was lying in the pile of money and asked inexorably.

"Jun Hao, Ying Liang, you said in your heart, following a squad leader who is so poor, are you embarrassed if you are not a department? I am really nothing but handsome."

Bai Junhao and others rolled on the spot with a smile!

Squad leader, it's too dangling! The whole world owes you a little gold man!

Feeling more and more eye-catching from all around, Jue Tian Pavilion and others looked pale, green and red for a while, disgraceful!

Especially even Dai Hua, almost **** broke out! What a shame!

Who just giggled and arrogantly ridiculed others for having no money? Are you ridiculing people who can't even support their own women?

That's just two strains of good luck! It is as strong as the fourth grade sect!

Not to mention raising one, even if its a group, its okay to raise a hundred!

Although the geniuses of Jue Tian Pavilion come from the third and fourth rank forces, they are only one of the forces, not the whole force!

Few sectarian forces exist to spare all resources for individual people!

Qi Yun Ling Zhi is related to the life force of the entire force and the source of cultivation resources, and it is related to the development and continuation of the overall force. Cultivation resources of even one percent!

But the resources they enjoy may seem to a lot of outsiders, but in front of someone holding two strains of Lin Yunzhi, that is a fart!

Who is the frog at the bottom of the well? Who is the real poor?

Despise yourself! This is the real self-disgrace!

They were so pretentious when they put on the show, but now they are so embarrassed, embarrassed, and wish to hurry up and leave!

Just staying on the stage already has enough courage! More and more hot sights were cast around, and they were carved on the faces of geniuses such as Juetian Pavilion like a knife, and all the faces of the previous life were lost!

"Eh, all the rich people in Jue Tian Pavilion, what's going on, why are you starting to pack up!"

"Don't, so much delicious food is wasted! Are you humiliating me, a poor man who can't eat enough? Hmm? Is it! Can't afford to play!"

Lin Chen's "soul torture" asked the geniuses in Tiange Pavilion to gritt their teeth and blush, and his face, who the **** is this?

"You must endure your own shame."

At this time; Mo Jingchen, the deputy pavilion of Jue Tian Pavilion, said indifferently, he was one of the few people in Jue Tian Pavilion who did not humiliate Lin Chen with Lian Daihua and others.

"Now that I have shot, I must afford it. I have never been there, and the goal is the peak, but it is by no means invincible. Don't forget our purpose here."

In a word, the deputy patriarch nodded his heads of geniuses and trained them to be convinced, and there was no such arrogance as before, which surprised many people secretly.

It is worthy of being the deputy pavilion of Jue Tian Pavilion. This kind of demeanor and indifference, many genius list geniuses are unmatched!

At this time, the three holy state judges on the stage trembling and sat back to their positions, their mouths dry and their eyes excited.

"Found it, Long Qingguo!"

"We finally found Long Qingguo, and the stubborn illness in our body can be cured!"

"This kid has Long Qingshu, and energy can produce Long Qingguo. You have to find him to trade..."

Long Qingguo is too important for them. They searched Xuanyu and Qiyu, but they didn't find too much, but Lin Chen had a Longqing tree on hand!

"Lin Chen, your life is still the leader of the cabinet. This question will not change. You do have many resources. But the real strong man is always the strength to speak. Let your people come to power. The people of our two sides are real. Gun fight!"

Mo Jingchen's line of sight was sharp and he shot Lin Chen directly.

Seeing the other party's showdown, Lin, the'Emperor', simply stopped, leaning on the back of his head with both hands, leaning against Long Qingshu, and cynically whistled.

"Zhendejiu, go up and play with them."

Zhendejiu was wearing a black coat, his facial features were handsome, his face was pale, his breath was extremely cold, and he had a knife around his waist.

Zhen Dejiu stood up, his cold face scratched a smile, very rare, such as the darkness covering the clouds and the sun suddenly shining a touch of sunlight, he gave Lin Chen a fist: "Yes!"

Tear ~! The figure flashed quickly, stepped away from the dark step, came to power, stood against the wind, and stood by the knife.

Mo Jingchen raised his eyes, and Xia Jianfeng, who was a three-foot green front, nodded seriously, and swept away like a sword light straight to the stage!

Everyone is in an uproar!

Sword Emperor Sword Emperor!

Lin Chen put away all the silver sacred yuan coins and the two luck plants, and on the way to the conference, his sacred water had consumed three quarters, but in exchange for the Qingyao tree and the "peak period". Long Qingshu in the growth period.

At its peak, the Qiyun Lingzhi can mass produce more than one million silver holy coins every month. This does not include the medicinal materials and Lingzhi specialties produced. If these are counted, the value is difficult to estimate!

Not to mention that there is also a dragon tree that is going to be extinct. Lin Chens wealth is enough to rival the top three ranks and even the fourth rank!

"Squad leader, this is too enjoyable!" Bai Junhao

Yue Linlin waved a little pink fist excitedly-"Haha, let those stinky people who look down on us know how powerful our squad leader is, and pretend to be prettier, cut!"


Slender fingers lightly touched Lin Chen's forehead, Han Ziyun smiled, for so many years, he didn't seem to change.

In fact, Lin Chen had distributed everyone's massive cultivation resources long before the start of the conference, especially Qingyao jade dew was 20 bottles per person and 15 Longqing fruit per person.

When I knew that Lin Chen had two luck plants, the shock of Class 66 was the same as everyone in the venue.

As for the tree? Lin Chen has long been out! He has been watched by the dark cabinet. Lin Chen predicts that he is coveted by more than one dark cabinet. In this case, why not disturb the situation and make the situation even more chaotic!

Either not mad, make a fortune in a low-key muffled voice. But now that it's on the table, go crazy! To mess things up beyond the enemy's expectations, this is the only possibility to live without relying on others!

This Quartet meeting is when Lin Chen accumulated his strength!

Looking at the battlefield again, the sword is on the rise, and the atmosphere is on the verge!

Many spectators began to hold their breath and stare at the battle.

From a ranking point of view, 94,171 Zhendejiu and 86,441 Xia Jianfeng are not at the same level!

Cultivation is the top; one side is the late nineth layer, one side is a warlord, and the cultivation of the genius list is a gap, with a decisive advantage!

Even if more people are optimistic about Xia Jianfeng, this battle is still full of expectations, because the people in the Black Horse Club are full of mystery!

The referee of the five robbery battle emperor Xiuwei ordered!

"In the first round of the solo martial arts match, Xia Jianfeng in the Peerless Pavilion, against; the Black Horse Club, Zhen Dejiu! Start!"

Brush ~! Boom~!

The sword light flashed vertically, and Xia Jianfeng had his sword!

His swordsmanship is highly refined, without any fancy, and his sword is drawn like a white light, and it pierces Zhen Dejiu for a long time!