My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 882

Vol 5 Chapter 882: Lost All My Face

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Chapter 882

Xia Jianfeng This sword is extremely fast, and over 90% of the spectators did not see clearly that he pulled the sword! His strength is not inferior to Xiao Qing beheaded by Lin Chen!

Breath suddenly rose, under seven changes, Zhendejiu's breath skyrocketed, pulled out Long Yao like a crescent moon, and the sword shadow turned like a mirror!

Dang ~! Bai Hong Jianguang bounced back to Xia Jianfeng with the flipping of the shadow of the sword, stunning all the sword emperors present!

Boom! When Xia Jianfeng crossed his sword to fend off his sword light, the airflow blades around the cracking suddenly started, the moonlight flashed, and the speed moon cut across, almost to the extreme!

Hey~! A shadow was shattered like a phantom, shattered by the Moon of Speed.

Xia Jianfeng retreated safely, and his top-level purple physique'Ghost Shadow Three Flashes' could explode at very high speed in a short distance.

Tear ~!

Zhen Dejiu walked the dark steps, the battle turned to the stars, the dark robbery was twisted and twisted, and immediately behind Xia Jianfeng, there was another knife!

clang! Swords intersect, sparks sparkle, swords and knives fight together like lightning, countless audiences are both surprised and stunned!

Zhende Jiu actually confronted Xia Jianfeng? The gap between the rankings of the two sides is nearly 9,000!

"The overwhelming pure power of more than 20 million dragon powers is blessed on the sword technique, which is a bit interesting. It is worthy of being able to kill the seven heroes of the dark pavilion, but it is too far worse than my Xuanyang sword body, dead!"

Xia Jianfeng's eyebrows are fierce, and his body is full of nine-fold Xuanyang sword qi, one by one, he is overbearing, and when he is above the sword, his arms are swaying, and the sword light is slantingly against.

No, it's not over yet! Xia Jianfeng's two swordsmanship, a long swing on the left sleeve, a sword in his sleeve, and a rounded split, forced Zhendejiu to resist with the "Shoujing Mirror" parry, was it a double swordsmanship?

Xuanyang Sword Body + Double Sword Stunts, instantly suppressing Zhen Dejiu!

"Hao Qiang, Xia Jianfenggui is the descendant of the Sword Saints of the Sipin family. There have never been many people who can force his true strength!"

"His talent for swordsmanship is superb, with two swords superimposed, and the power of swordsmanship multiplied. He is far more than just the strength of rankings!"

"It's already very strong to be able to hit Xia Jianfeng at this point, and Zhende has been defeated for a long time!"

Xia Jianfeng's steps are close to life, and his swordsmanship is like waves, and a piece of alien crystal in the body is shining, constantly blessing his swordsmanship!

Xia Jianfeng uses at least four top-level purple swordsmanships, including four distinct kendo styles, perfectly compatible, and can easily face any opponent. This battle is almost one-sided!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. The strength of Xia Jianfeng was better than Xiao Qing, who did not wear the'Xuan Mo Qi Sha', but Xiao Qing was good at assassination because he was caught in a frontal battle because he snatched the ancient holy heritage. Specialization is different.

But there is no doubt that Xia Jianfeng and Xiao Qing must belong to the same level of combat power, the successor of the Sipin forces!


Xia Jianfeng's double swords suddenly picked up, smashing the'mirror mirror', picking up the dragon sword of Zhendejiu.

Almost a moment of decisive victory and defeat, the deputy cabinet leader Mo Jingchen suddenly froze!

"Sword wind, retreat!"

Xia Jianfeng was stagnant, he unconditionally trusted Mo Jingchen, and he wanted to forcibly take back the swordsmanship and show his way out!

Sigh~! Jian Qi's after rhyme cuts Zhendejiu's clothes, but he rushed up without a second look and clenched his fists!

Boom~! The airflow reversed and collapsed, and the sound of cracking came. Zhende Jiuwei who lost the knife did not decline but increased, and the whole body was flowing with blue and glorious colors. The pure power of Xuan Ao was flowing and condensing in the arm, punching out with a punch!

"The Ultimate Moment, Seven Strengths in One!"

The punch of this punch, like the seven barbarian dragons soaring, actually pulled the airflow with strange powers, so that Xia Jianfeng's body was suddenly beaten up with a punch!

He can only fight with the sword in front of him, urge the defensive combat skills to expand the sword light barrier, and force it to be hard!

Bang~! Kaka Kaka! The power of this fist skyrocketed to an extremely abnormal state. Pure strength and strength penetrated the defensive combat skills, and penetrated through the body with a "twist", "through" and "kill", making him defensive and the defensive treasures burst!

Poof~! Xia Jianfeng vomited blood and dropped dozens of attributed light balls, but a sudden burst of wind broke the wind, making him creepy!

He was too familiar with the tearing sound of the cutting airflow! It's his must-have stunt Peerless Flying Sword, which belongs to Ji Jue Tian Ji Ji Wu Tian!

[The host avatar fully triggers the passive talent and attacks. Launch 6 charge runes and 5 penetration runes!

"Dai Tianyan Sword!"

Ignoring how the other party would never be able to fly the sword, Xia Jianfeng sacrificed the strongest sword, the half-orange-level Dari Tianyan sword, and the two swords in his hand burst into the mighty orange light and blaze!

"Crush me!"

Two swords cut horizontally, behind the wheel and directly in front, two extremely blazing blaze light blades, with a bang, cut through ten thousand hot waves, the two streamer residual images were intercepted by the horizontal sky, the two handles were rotating at extremely fast speed Flying knife!

With a bang, 25% of the penetrating power was twisted to make the sword light burst, the double swords were shocked with dim light, the flying knife was cut open, Xia Jianfeng was shocked and in danger, and the heart was shocked-"Good power, the angel of competition 'S Ultimate Shadow Flying Sword is still strong, but you can never have a third sword..."


At the moment when the sword flashed and the two flying knives were cut open, a knife flash emerged from the top of his head and cut towards Xia Jianfeng!

On the occasion of a sudden attack, he unconsciously pushed the body to avoid a little. Daoman chopped off his right shoulder and right arm, the fragments of the Yang system in the body fell, and the blood was scattered! Instinctive retreat!


Xia Jianfeng is unbelievable, absolutely flying sword! He actually learned the perfect shadow flying knife, three-connected!

Sigh~! A piece of blue jade is broken. This is one of Xia Jianfeng's life-saving symbols. The sword jade made by Juggernaut can only predict a dangerous and let the body make a fine-tuned response.

Bang ~! Zhende Jiu's aggressive attack, Xia Jianfeng was cold and sweaty, and he just shouted!

"I surrender!"

Tear ~! The referee of the Five Tribulation Warlords immediately dispatched, and the horizontal air stopped Zhen Dejiu. He was very calm and received the Xia Jianfeng's solar system crystal fragments and attribute light balls.

[Obtained 40 million merit points, 7900 merit points, 190,000 fire energy points, 780,000 talent points...]

[Open five amethyst treasure chests and get: 20 rune evolution stones, 10 million talent points, 40,000 enhancement points...]

Actually defeated?

All the audience were stunned. The former Jinde, who had fallen into the disadvantages before, was defeated in a few strokes?

After that, after the genuine sword saint, it is the inherited son of the Sipin family. The strength of the foundation is not inferior to that of many top class disciples of the Sipin sect. Was it defeated by the black horse club to the leapfrog?

This scene has made many geniuses in Jue Tian Pavilion look shocked!

How did he learn Ji Wutian's shadow flying sword? I also practiced to the point of Unlimited Shadows Three!

What is even more terrifying is that his Ultra Shadow Three Company is better than Ji Wutians by a few grades, and each knife has reached the level of half orange!

The Peerless Shadows appeared three times in a row, even taking advantage of sneak attacks, Xia Jianfeng was defeated! Even without the prompt of Mo Jingchen, Mo Jingchen will be killed directly!

"Give me back my crystal fragments!"

Xia Jianfeng drank coldly, and Zhendejiu asked without mentioning the knife"The wind is too strong, what do you say? Say it again?"

"If you don't agree, you will be served. If you have the ability, you can grab it."

Zhende glanced at him for a long time and immediately stepped down.


Xia Jianfeng almost vomited blood, even if the mother lost to the martial arts competition, he also lost an arm and lost an amorphous fragment, which was lost to the grandma's family!

"According to the rules, he did not violate the regulations."

The elder said something salty.

At this time, Lin Chen was angry and shouted from the stage of the "Dark Horse Club"!

"Grass! Zhendejiu, what did you do, you lost all my face!"


What's going on?

Did he lose your face because he won it?