My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 883

Vol 5 Chapter 883: Team Martial Arts

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Chapter 883

A lot of audience faces are dumbfounded!

what's going on? The black horse club is still arguing? This Ye Lin is not happy yet!

This true virtue has been unexpected for a long time, accumulated strength, counterattacked by several moves, and won wonderful brilliance. Even many of the elders of the older generation can't pick out any flaws, he is not satisfied yet?

"Grass! To deal with this kind of garbage, why do you have to fight for two hundred rounds? You are called Zhendejiu, but I didn't let you really fight for so long! Did you throw half-orange combat skills to you, and you still need 200 more rounds? Just because the combat skills were given to you, the director's writing desk is still shaking. Can your kid be a little bit good!"

Many audiences whizzed wildly, is this still human language?

What kind of fairy is the director of the Black Horse Club, padding the table corner with half-orange combat skills?

The geniuses such as Juetian Pavilion were flushed with anger, and Xia Jianfeng, who was lying up and carried out for treatment, was even spitting out old blood!

It's too **** bullying!

What is garbage? Xia Jianfeng is already at the upper middle level of Jue Tian Pavilion. If he is rubbish, what are the others?

Zhendejiu took a fist seriously and sipped: "Yes, I will fight for ten rounds next time!"

"Fart, next time you only have two rounds. If you can't kill them in two rounds, I will cut you!"

The audience: "... crazy, definitely crazy!"

Mo Jingchen's green muscles were exposed, and he refrained from attacking. The winner was the king and the loser was the invader. As long as you lose, what you say is a reason!

The fierce heated discussion detonated the audience. With this battle, the dark horse club officially certified itself!

Most of the geniuses who had previously entered the ancient temple fell into Lin Chen's hands. Almost no one wanted to believe that this young man once thought that he had picked up the leak!

In addition, the last level of the ancient temple, when the survivors were transported away, all the dark pavilions ambushed by the ambush were killed.

The only survivors are Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing! Almost no one publicized the record of the "Black Horse Club" challenged more than 30 talents at that time!

But now, in the Dark Horse Club, a young man can only beat the descendants of the sword princes of the Sipin family in hundreds of rounds. Who dares to question?

The referee announced-"In the first round of the solo martial arts match, Zhendejiu won against Xia Jianfeng, Zhendejiu won! Black Horse Club earned points: 20 points."

To be fair, Xia Jianfeng is not weak, but still strong.

Lin Chens avatar was the last chance to find a chance to open the "Ultimate Time" supercharged rune, which increased the power of the three consecutive shots of the Umbra Flying Sword by 10 times, plus the strengthening of the mind and the combat skill itself, the bonus was near The perfect trigger of the 4 times superimposed "Strike" talent is close to 17 times, just before destroying many of Xia Jianfeng's details!

Jue Ying Flying Knife is by no means the strongest of the fourth type, it should be said; the true power of Jue Ying Flying Knife is that the four bursts are the strongest!

The advantage of this stunt is that the instantaneous four-style flying knife, one knife after another, makes the opponent undefeated, and the last knife is all burned out!

"Hey, I have to have time to get more flying knives. If I let all of my avatars use four bursts, that's my strongest attack."

Lin Chen's heart was dark and he opened the system decomposition function.

[The host decomposes the shards of the alien crystals of the Yang system and obtains a special attribute value: 9 million points for the true flame of Jiuyang. Element attribute value: 45 million intermediate fire energy,

[Consume 9 million points of the special attribute Jiuyang Zhenyan, 100 million sky value, make the blue level advanced nirvana...]

[Consuming 3255 strengthening points, strengthening the shadowless flying knife +11 success, power increase: 30%.

[Consumption of 5510 reinforcement points, failure of reinforcement...]

Lin Chen has exhausted the 210,000 strengthening points he has at hand, and has just strengthened the Jumei Flying Sword to +13, and his power has skyrocketed!

After this battle, Jue Tian Pavilion has officially listed the Dark Horse Club as the number one enemy. All the opponents they expected to defeat have been cancelled. Lin Chen and his party are the only ones in the eyes!

Mo Jingchen got up and left, and heard the voice from across the air: "Hopefully we will still meet in the next game. It is best for me to treat you."

Lin Chen teased: "Relax, I will let you lose rhythm."

At this time, a sound transmission Lin Chen covering the fluctuations of Xuan Ao space.

"Friend Lin Chen, the old man's name is Tian Cangzi. I wonder if I can buy a batch of Long Qing Guo from your office in private?"

Lin Chen was stunned. When he turned around, three figures appeared on Xitai.

It is the three highest referees of Wu Sai!

"Oh? It turns out to be seniors."

Lin Chen was surprised, and the three elders laughed: "You don't need to be surprised, this is just our doppelganger. We are very sincere this time, and we only want to buy a batch of Long Qingguo, despite the price."

Everyone was surprised that Lin Chen had attracted even the three saints!

"Then we have to have a good chat, ha ha ha! Jun Hao, you go to the competition first."

Lin Chen's smirk with a profiteer's face made the three old men groan.

Damn, how do you feel this child is older than them...

In the back room talks, Lin Chen negotiated with the three elders with "Zhen De Pi" and "Zhen De Xiu".

Lin Chen still has 155 Longqing fruits on hand, and the Longqing tree is still in the growth period, and the speed of growing the Longqing fruit at the peak can reach hundreds of even more in January!

After the negotiation, Lin Chen promised that the old man would be willing to sell 140 dragon fruit, but with many conditions attached, the old man was killed!

Condition 1: Zhen Depi is allowed to obtain half of the referee's range of activities. He can enter the field of competition in all major areas, but must be followed by the referee throughout the process.

This condition left the three elders inexplicable, but Lin Chen promised not to do anything that violated the rules, and the dark horse club completely abstained from the rules. The referee followed him, and the three elders allowed him to pass.

This condition is to better allow Lin Chen to collect attribute light balls! The competition is approaching, the genius competition will inevitably drop the attribute value, perhaps because of Lin Chenxiu's promotion, the quality will not be very high, but the accumulation of stones can become a mountain!

Condition 2: The elders must arrange for Lin Chen to meet all the holy scenes hosting the conference.

The purpose is very simple, he wants to'steal' a pleasure!

After agreeing to the above conditions, when Lin Chen sold 140 Long Qingguo, he made a fortune, earning 200 gold Shengyuan coins, 7 kinds of 8th-order ore, 6 kinds of 8th-order medicinal herbs!

[Consume 180 million talent points, use talents and thieves omens on three targets that have been viewed, and the host gains: 30 million spiritual power, 150 million talent points, and 100 million wind energy.

Lin Mou, who launched the harbinger of the thief to the three elders, was secret!

Damn, if this is a place where Holy Land gathers, he must not steal Shuangfeitian?

The only pity is that the upgraded stolen omens will consume a huge amount of talent points every time it is launched. In addition to the Holy Realm, even the Five Tribulation Warlords may not be worth his stealing attribute values.

Lin Chen returned, next, the team martial arts match!

Team martial arts can combine multiple forces in the same group, the number is unlimited, but if you lose, you will be eliminated!

For example, a team that plays in the second round can join the teams that have advanced to the second round of the second round, but cannot join the eliminated teams.

Secondly, the more joint forces, the stronger the opponents matched the draw. In short: if you unite forces, the opponent you draw must also be a joint team.

So this time, not only the Dark Horse Club, but also the 66 classes who arrived in the Holy World!

Class 66, the Holy Realm strikes again! !

"Let's go to sweep the genius list in the Holy Realm Genius!!"

Lin Chen's heroic spirit led the 66 people in the eager to try, and all entered the team martial arts venue!