My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 884

Vol 5 Chapter 884: Too Good To Fight Is Also A Kind Of Loneliness

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Chapter 884

Lin Chen left the scene, and the three saints in the hidden cabinet of the dark pavilion immediately followed his party. After this meeting, the situation may exceed their expectations.

Right now, the people who are staring at Lin Chen may far exceed their expectations. This kid appeared two face-to-face luck plants in person, and it is forbidden which side will join and interfere in the snatch!

After all, the temptation of Qi Yun Ling Zhi is too fatal! Especially the nearly extinct Long Qingshu in the inferior spirit plant!

"Try to see if you can find a chance. If this kid dares to leave the conference venue, he will act for the first time! The ancestor is already on his way!"

In the void and darkness, the eyes of the three holy realms meet and follow Lin Chen and his entourage like ghosts and ghosts.


Bang~! Rumble!

Xuntian's violent storm of gas exploded blossoming mushroom clouds, so that the five-robber warlord referee personally shot to strengthen the energy barrier so as not to affect the audience area.

Many viewers felt terrified.

"My god, did Jue Tiange eat gunpowder today? One by one like crazy!"

"It's crazy, six genius list geniuses, not even thirty rounds!"

The team martial arts venue is an uproar! !

Jue Tian Ge shot and shocked the audience!

In the team martial arts competition, the geniuses were exhausted. Their opponents were a team of four third-rank sects. Six of the fifteen geniuses were in the genius list.

As soon as the team didnt even support the 30 rounds, it was swept away by the geniuses of Jue Tian Pavilion, and even the deputy pavilion leader Mo Jingchen didnt shoot, so he instantly killed and won the victory. The battle is tragic!

The genius of Jue Tian Pavilion is no longer the leisure time of the game or cynicism on weekdays. Instead, it is an extremely serious and fierce murderous! Coupled with the defeat of the single martial arts match today, there is a anger in their hearts!

Because they met their opponent this time, the Dark Horse Club!

Seeing the murderous, all the geniuses who were leaving the scene with serious expressions, some hidden elders were surprised.

"Sure enough, this year's team martial arts is still the most attractive thing in Jue Tian Ge. Although it is only a second-class sect, these little guys are not small!"

Boom~! Suddenly, two momentums collided in the venue, and Jue Tian Pavilion and Lin Chen and their team met head-on!

The leading Mo Jingchen looked indifferent-"Team martial arts competition, I hope to play a game with your people."

Lin Chen freehanded-"Don't be like an enemy, I didn't anticipate you in front of my dark horse club."


Some geniuses in Jue Tian Pavilion drew their swords in anger, staring at Lin Chen.

"Don't talk to him, we will see you in the race. If you can't score in the quarter-finals, you won't be qualified to be my opponent."

Ying Liang blew a provocative whistle-"Cut, I don't know who was cut by our Jindejiu brother, even his arms were cut, who wouldn't brag."

"What the **** are you talking about! A waste that didn't even go up in the genius list!" Yunzhen Tianjue of Jue Tiange drank!

"Yeah? Disagree to practice now?" Gu Chenfeng sneered, not afraid of the other party at all.

The tongue and lip guns on both sides are diametrically opposed!

After Lin Chen stopped everyone, he was too lazy to ignore these noisy guys, and stepped into the fighting space together, enveloping the space.

"Oh? Are they the dark horse club?"

"Hey, they are all very interesting little guys, physical training, spiritual realm, quite weak, that is, cultivation is a little bit worse."

The five highest referees of the team martial arts sat in the void, and looked at Lin Chen and his party with great interest. They came from Xuanyu and Qiyu respectively.

"Their opponent is the 412 team. This is a large team of four Xuanyu sects in Xuanyu. There are seven geniuses in the genius list. This is worth seeing!"

The two white-browed elders are immortal, and they are extremely high-natured, admiring the expression of their younger generation.

"Started, um, the shot is quick, specializing in dead ends. There is no stagnation between shots, and there are not a few simple women around him, all of them have the level of genius lists!"

"Well, the people in the dark horse club are quick in movement, handsome in posture, very flamboyant, and aggressive enough. There are quite a few charms when the old man was young, I think that year..."

"Huh, these little guys are very skillful in coordination, do they have... eh?"

"Lying trough!!"

The two top referees had not pointed out Jiangshan's words, and they showed a smirking expression on the spot!

On the fighting stage, Lin Chen, who played soy sauce, raised his hand lightly.

"Take away, the next one!"

The audience suddenly fell into a strange silence...

The three top referees who had closed their eyes and raised their minds couldn't help but open their eyes, their eyes were extremely dignified!

The 412 team, all defeated, the 511 team united by the Dark Horse Club and other forces, won!

The level of geniuses who are also on the genius list is definitely not low! Under the joint battle, the difficulty level rises linearly!

Moreover, you need to beware of each other when you are not competing for resources in the game. Here you can let go of the hands and feet to fight, even if the cooperation is not perfect, you dont need to worry about your partner betraying yourself.

Even so, the Dark Horse Club only lost twenty-two rounds, seven geniuses, and fifteen top arrogances.

Is this **** blitz?

"Juetiange has opponents!"

"Shit, it's too fast. I've finished playing before I even got back?"

"Hahaha! Xuanyu has a Peerless Pavilion, we have a dark horse club in Qiyu, and this four-party conference can be seen!"

Lin Chen and his entourage left the scene, and even met the people of the Peerless Pavilion while leaving the passage!

"Sorry, we shot a little bit hard and broke your record by accident."

Before waiting for Lin Chen to speak, Ying Liang blew a whistle to ridicule the people of Jue Tian Ge.

Jue Tiange and his team were exposed, and they resolved their opponents more quickly in the next game!

The dark horse club is not far behind, and it is **** for tat.

The most crazy estimate belongs to the spectators of this competition. The team's martial arts preliminary round has been turned into a "racing race" by Jue Tian Pavilion and the Dark Horse Club.

What a brilliant fight for geniuses? What about the splendid battle of the cards?

Do not! No! Those are all in a dream, and what they see in front of them is two raging racing teams!

The most exaggerated thing is that Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club, Mo Jingchen of the Peerless Pavilion, the leaders of the two sides have not personally shot once...

The fourth round of the preliminary round!

Fighting platform, the latest team to fight, Mo Jingchen, the deputy pavilion leader of Jue Tian Pavilion, finally shot himself!

The genius led by the opponent saw his team's strongest defense under Mo Jingchen's leadership, and it was broken in seven rounds. Immediately, his hands were held high, and the fighting spirit was loudly shouted!

"No more, we surrender!"

As soon as this sound came out, the audience was amazed!

Peerless Pavilion, really decisive, as soon as the deputy pavilion master took the lead, he led the team to crush nine geniuses in one face, and could not get out in ten rounds!

After the Jue Tian Pavilion was finished, it was too late to step down. On the other side next door was the fighting stage of the Black Horse Club.

Just listen to someone Lin taking the dark horse club, and rushing to the stage is to pull the knife!

The blade of light is as bright as a mirror, and the brightness is like the moon. The blade of gas is all over the audience, and the moonlight reflects the glory of Huanghuang, which makes countless audiences breathe air!

The eyes of the geniuses on the fighting skills almost glared down!

Eight order knife?

Damn it!

Lin Chen held up the violent lead of the "blue moon"!

"Class 66, rush up with me to beat his mother!"

The leader of the ranking of 91105, the rain of the rain, Emperor Feiyu Luo Wuxin hurriedly shouted!

"We surrender!"

Audience: "?"

This... surrendered before this?

Luo Wuxin didn't say a word, jumped off the stage regardless of the face, and ran away; shit, Lao Tzu had a great future, he wanted status and status, he wanted beauty and beauty, why did he die?

This **** mother was crippled by the eighth-order knife if he didn't die! Who will fight with these monsters! Do I keep my life at ease to practice and not smell fragrant?

The Dark Horse Club stepped down again. Someone Lin took the lead and Ying Liang, Gu Chenfeng, Bai Junhao three brothers shoulder-to-shoulder, shook their heads dullly.

"Hey, people even surrender faster than others. What can we do? Too good to fight is also a loneliness."

Seeing the boring foursome take a step that the six relatives didnt recognize, and deliberately swayed in front of Mo Jingchen and others for several laps.