My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 885

Vol 5 Chapter 885: Mysterious Woman

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Chapter 885

In the four rounds of the preliminary round of the team martial arts match, the Dark Horse Club and Jue Tian Pavilion shined. This is probably the first layer in the history of the Quartet Conference to turn the team martial art match into a racing game...

At this time, not many people noticed that on a fighting platform, five young men in black cloaks stepped down slowly.

This team is a 424 team, the way is extremely strange, all five are from the second-rank sect, but the strength is terrible!

In the face of any team, five people only make one move! You can defeat your opponent instantly!

Being strong is simply not the level of a second-class sect!

"What a dark horse clubhouse, all of them are rubbish! If it weren't for the important task my father gave me this time, Prince Ben would crush them all with one punch!"

The youth in black robe and cloak swept the direction of Jue Tian Pavilion extremely lightly, and turned into the crowd of people in the audience.


[Gain 20,000 talent points, 30,000 rune energy, 10,000 spiritual power, 10,000 fire energy, 10,000 water energy, 400,000 skill essence, 12.8 million essence of fighting spirit, 1.15 million energy of blood, 45 strengthening points...]

Lin Chen's mind continued to flash the system light screen. This is Zhen Depi, the incarnation of his "Dragon Emperor", began to collect the attribute light **** of each competition area of the Quartet.

"This is probably to be upgraded even if you are really lying down. Although the quality is low, the minimum quantity is too much! My pure power has exceeded 30 million. When a new batch of Long Qingguo grows, I will probably hit 40 million. Long Li!"

Lin Chen put away the system and experienced the previous team competition, solo competition, his points have accumulated 450 points!

The higher the points, the richer the treasures that can be exchanged at the conference!

Lin Chen opened his eyes and stared at the single Wu Sai venue.

At this time, his avatars have begun to split up, and the various projects began to participate in full competition!

The dark horse club entered the top 32 of the team martial arts competition!

Three people including Bai Junhao and Leng Yueqi and others also started their own individual martial arts competition. This four-party conference is an opportunity for all geniuses!

Lin Chen personally sat in the venue of the single martial arts competition, staring at the single martial arts competition between Bai Junhao and Liu Lin'er, Yue Linlin and others.

He wants to overcome the weaknesses for everyone. Each of them has a great chance when they come to the Holy Realm, but it does not mean that they are invulnerable, because both sides must fight against the Peerless Pavilion!

The people of Juetian Pavilion are also observing Bai Junhao and others. They are looking for the weaknesses of everyone in Class 66, and Lin Chen wants to help them overcome their weaknesses!

Refining medicine preliminary meeting place;

"Maybe I will surpass you this time."

Han Ziyun winked playfully, Wen Wenruya smiled at the waist with a sword, "Suddenly handsome", "If this is the best, if you go all the way to the final, and then you lose to me from the final, it's beautiful."

The beauties fluttered and laughed.

Today, Han Ziyun is also the spiritual force of the perfection of Tongtian Realm, and the skill of refining medicine is not inferior to Lin Chen. It also makes a suspected purple-level top alchemy handprint, stunning the audience!


In the casting contest, some old casting masters gazed at the youth of Yu Xuan'ang in the venue with interest.

"Interestingly, this little guy is from the dark horse club that is in the limelight recently?"

"His casting technique does not need any casting aids, only relying on his own Gengjin fighting strength, empty-handed casting, the old man saw it for the first time!"

The preliminary screening is divided into four links: purification of designated minerals-melting of randomly selected ore-for the war weapon-autonomous casting.

Lin Chens avatar Zhen De Chang passed the preliminary round perfectly, and finally cast the seventh-tier top-grade flying knife Lei Yu to qualify for the preliminary round.

The "Lei Yu" flying knives are placed at the top level in Kyushu, but at the Sifang Conference, they can only be considered moderate.

Zijin Hitomi looked around the whole room, a dignified expression appeared in the expression of True Virtue, and the master of the conference was like a cloud. With his casting technique, it was extremely difficult to enter the top 16.

"It seems that we must hurry to practice the eighth order caster..."

Jianbao preliminary match; the venue is full of heat!

This is probably second only to the team's martial arts venue. People are always curious and open up treasures for treasures. Who doesn't want to witness miracles? The layman is watching the bustle, and the peers are watching.

"The ancient sword of the late Qing Dynasty succeeded in opening up, and its essence is the seventh-level top-grade seven-double son-mother sword! No. 450 treasurer Lan Ruoxue, through the preliminary round! Get 70 points for the conference!"

"Wannian Zinan Sandalwood is actually the material of the holy wood. No. 117 treasurer Long Yang from the Jue Tian Pavilion, through the preliminary round, received 240 points for the conference!"

"This broken crystal turned out to be the seventh-level peak beast and the No. 58 treasurer passed the preliminary round..."

The audience was full of enthusiasm, and countless audiences witnessed the treasure masters from all walks of life illuminating the dazzling array of antiquities on the stage. Most of them were waste or ordinary goods. Only a shining light was hidden inside, so many young treasurers looked away.

Some antiquities are hidden in mysterious places, and the treasure appraisal is like opening the door to a new world.


Suddenly, Baoguang was full of splendour, and a treasure appraiser succeeded in opening the treasure appraisal successfully for many antiquities!

"This... Zi-Zi Advanced Need Alchemy Fingerprint? And this iron volume is actually a Zi-Ti top-quality Need Sword, Is Hell Broken Firestone or Fragment of Tier 8 Tianyan Mine?"

The on-site referees were horrified, hiding such deep treasures, even a young boy in white shirt saw through!

Sitting at the high altitude of the meeting place, the three saints treasure appraisers happily observed the strange boy.

The young boy's white shirt is like snow, his eyebrows are cold, and a pair of purple-gold pupils are exposed, as if he can see through all mysteries!

"Is this treasure master Dark Horse Club? What kind of power is this, the name is like a joke! Or is it a rankless power?"

"Hahaha, old guy, you said that your old antiques are not good enough. This kid's power has been very popular recently, but this power is suspected of beheading 30 genius list geniuses, demon inside the sect, and Jue Tian Pavilion!"

The boys behavior was very weird, and he caught the air, and the referees announced the result of the preliminary match with doubts!

"No. 69 treasurer Zhen Deying, through the preliminary round, get 290 points in the conference!"

290 points! This is the highest result in the preliminary round!

The genius Long Yang, ranked 81220 in Jue Tian Ge, couldn't help but gritted his teeth and lost to the dark horse club! Still with a small gap!

At almost this moment when the finals were determined to be the strongest, the vision was back!

The faint glazed sacred mansions flowed like waves, and transformed into ripples to embellish the space, transmitting the four directions. This is the energy fluctuation of the eighth-order ore, and the vision of the eighth-order medicinal material!

"Liuli Bingxinguo can actually hide in the sea cucumber for thousands of years... This is also incredible! How did she see it!"

"This is the complete celestial stone, my god..."

Countless people cast their horrified eyes on the woman who was wearing a cloak in the venue and did not show the true appearance. The referee announced loudly!

"No. 71 treasurer, through the preliminary round, get 370 points in the conference!"


As soon as this statement came out, there were countless voices sucking in the air!

370 points! Breaking the record, the high-profile geniuses of the Peerless Pavilion, Yanglong XuantongLongyang, and the dark horse clubZhende should have been inferior!

At this time, the mysterious beauty who was watching the audience walked in the direction of "Zhen De Ying".