My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 886

Vol 5 Chapter 886: Crazy It Must Be Crazy

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Chapter 886 It must be crazy!

Lin Chen's avatar urged Jin Tong's twins and found that she could not see through the woman's breath and cultivation, and details!

The beautiful lady Lianbu moved slightly, and came to Lin Chen's doppelganger, and there was a gentle smile from the cloak.

"You are very powerful. I heard that you came from the Dark Horse Club. Please go back and tell him. I will be waiting for him at the Jianbao Conference. If he does not come, I will take the championship."

The laughter was gentle and beautiful, like Mu Chunfeng, Lin Chen's doppelganger was in doubt.

Why, this woman gave him a feeling of deja vu...

But he can't say it. In Lin Chen's cognition, no one can achieve such a terrible level of treasure appraisal...

"It seems that it is a strong enemy. It is a bit difficult to win the championship at this Jianbao Conference..."


The mathematics preliminary meeting place; a towering stairway that stretches for thousands of kilometers stands in the center of the meeting place.

The preliminary screening will be conducted within the'lucky life ladder'.

This life ladder is spiral-shaped and stretched for thousands of feet. It was created by the holy fortune-teller Great Fortune Sage to urge the mind and soul to transport the weather.

This ladder can't fly, it is a step in the ladder to hide the mystery, take a step or have a chance or have a robbery, or be doomed, or encounter a romance, or a fortune, and the height of the climb, all depends on the ability of the operator, If you have powerful arithmetic, you can see through the dangers and opportunities in this ladder.

Climb to the top of the ladder to pass the preliminary round. Climb to the top of the ladder for five hundred feet, you can directly advance to the top 32!

The test of climbing the ladder is not only the strength of the mathematician, but also the dangerous person who failed to spy on the ladder.

Such an assessment is convenient for the competition between arithmetic operators.

Otherwise, it will be easy to reason about the destiny of others, which is extremely dangerous and requires a high price.

Every time the Quartet generals compare with each other, they will adopt a similar method to compare the level of arithmetic, not only to avoid the high amount of risk, but also to allow young mathematicians to have a platform to show their ability and confront their peers.


The gray brilliance separated from the stone steps of the ladder, and the three Tianjiao fortunetellers were bombarded.

After several calculations on the other side of the white shirt youth, he jumped to the next step, trembling, and Baoguang suspended, it was actually a top-level top-grade panacea!

This person is both the ghost calculator and Mo Qingsuan on the genius list 99770! After returning from Cangyue's trial, he got a new adventure and his strength soared!

This is so, as strong as his background is only staying at the position of two hundred and twenty feet at this time, panting, cold sweat.

"This calculus preliminary game deserves to be a shot for the great saints, which is countless times more difficult than in the past!"

Mo Qing calculated to accept the panacea, and he was afraid to look behind him and countless of them were blown away by the bad luck and bad luck to the outside of the venue to lose their qualifications or were repelled a dozen feet. They had to come back again.

The "lucky life ladder" is full of miserable voices, and countless people have to be eliminated in this preliminary round! I am afraid that in the second round, it is directly the final of the division, which is more than ten times stricter than the previous one!

"I said the old man, you are too cruel. This is simply not giving young people a chance!"

"Yeah, how long are these little guys' practice time, how can they see through your creative mind, or modify the rules to lower the requirements!"

"Ridiculous! In this way, it's all a question whether we can get eight people to play in the final in the second round!"

The top judges of the arithmeticians accused the'Great Fortune Saint' sitting in the center. He has white-browed long hair, and he is at ease. Its up to the top mathematicians to confront each other. Moreover, the old man has already arranged enough resources in the ladder of fate. Even if these little guys fail to pass the assessment, they will gain something. Think carefully about the old man who is kind..."

The corners of the referees twitched slightly, this old guy really felt very good about himself...


At this time, the three figures jumped forward, and they were the most noticeable three in the audience.

The first person, the purple robe and the golden clothing, reveals a noble and cold temperament, reckless and untamed, from Xiao Qiange's Xiao Qiange!

The second person, the black pupil, you are long, the shawl of long hair, and the evil smile on the face of the evil charm, which is the impermanence of Honghuangdian!

The last person with a green bow, holding a white paper fan, with a face like a crown jade, always hung with a smile like a spring breeze, and the clear jade eyes sometimes looked like a greenish green, like a beautiful jade face scholar,'Black Horse Club 'The true virtue show!

If the three step in a hurricane, each step does not trigger bad luck, bad luck, or robbery. Even occasionally, they can obtain the romance, the blessing, the opportunity, and the harvest of the medicine, the weapon weapon, and the vertical flash. Flexible and flat.

The three of them were escaping through the ladder of destiny, which suddenly rushed from more than two hundred feet to three hundred feet, surpassing the magician Mo Qingsuan, obviously having a higher arithmetic than the latter!

"What are these three young men who are good evil spirits? How fast are they traveling?"

"One step backwards or even a serious injury in the wrong step. They dare to act with absolute confidence in their arithmetic!"

"Xiao Qianyu and the Dark Horse Club in Jue Tian Ge? It turned out to be these two monsters, my God!"

"It's done! I heard that the team martial arts was made into a racing game by them. Jue Tiange is slightly inferior, and the single martial arts game also lost to the dark horse club!"

"This time is the revenge from Jue Tian Pavilion. I am more optimistic about Xiao Qianyu. His arithmetic is far superior to his peers. He has a first-hand stone arm that can detect the sky and perceive luck. One step ahead!"

The audiences on both sides of the auditorium looked shocked. The arithmeticians who were going forward with hardships and worked hard to perform the luck of life ladder watched the speed of the three people's rapid progress, and the corners of their mouths were mad...

"Well, there are still a few little guys that can do this year."

The fortune-telling saints sitting in the void nodded their heads and stared at the three.

When rushing into the height of 350 ft., the Qian Yun Pavilion, Xiao Qianxue raised his eyebrows and exhaled, turned to sneer at the "Zhen Dexiu"-"The guy in the black horse club, this time he is a teacher The game starts to turn you over!"

Zhen Dexiu put away the white paper fan, and there was a handsome smile in his mouth: "Our dark horse club has always been unique!"

Xiao Qianyu laughed!

"Hahaha, do you think this is my full strength? Zhang Da your dog's eyes clearly see the true strength of the son! Thousands of thousands of countless!"

But see, Xiao Qianyue's right arm actually appeared countless dense fragments of meteorites like stones, shimmering and shimmering the light of Vientiane.

The sun, moon, and galaxy hang in his eyes, as if he had seen through the sky, and locked the best route in an instant. The omen of each step appeared in his eyes!

Brush brush ~!

Xiao Qianjie took three steps, the speed was very fast, and the lotus was growing more than three times faster than before!

He rushed to the position of 440 feet in one breath, and Luo Wuchang of the Honghuang Temple laughed loudly: "The people of Jue Tian Pavilion really have some skills, and Ben Shao can't be left behind!"

After that, Luo Wuchang's head appeared a round of Honghuangyang. His eyes became fierce like the sun, and he moved forward at a rapid speed. He was not afraid of stepping on the steps of robbery or doom. He was extremely confident.

Each step will automatically change after being stepped on, so it is impossible to walk along the path of others. You must rely on your arithmetic to deduce the next step of danger and direction!

The balance was broken and instantly turned into a competition between Xiao Qianyu and Luo Changchang, and Zhen Dexiu was lagging behind.

The two of them rushed to the distance of five hundred feet, and countless treasures of light, they had a lot of gains along the way, but after five hundred feet, they also began to stagnate, because every step, it is extremely difficult to perform the mystery inside.

When everyone is eagerly anticipating that the strongest in the preliminary round will be decided between the two, a figure will bounce up with a nearly strange arc?

Countless people looked closely and took a breath of air!

But when I saw Zhen Dexiu, I held a long stick with strong tenacity and slammed it upwards. When I bounced, I flew three feet. A 360-degree free spin in the air fell on the next step!

[Gain 780,000 Rune Energy, 10,000 Thunder Energy, 1 million Talent Points...]

I dont know if its a coincidence or a necessity. Zhendexiu will get a high-quality attribute light ball every time he lands.

Seeing this shocking scene, a large number of spectators and contestants twitched at the corners of their mouths!

This is Nima!

In this cautious step-by-step "ladder of luck", any one step may lead to the elimination of bad luck, the bad luck is seriously injured, and each step is above the tip of the knife.

Why did he really show off pole vaulting in this situation?


It must be crazy!