My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 887

Vol 5 Chapter 887: Temperament

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Chapter 887

Mo Qing smiled bitterly: "It is indeed a genius who belongs to the same power as His Excellency Lin Chen, and it can't be guessed by common sense..."

"Is this Jinde show crazy or stupid? Isn't he afraid of stepping on this luck-trapping ladder?"

"Is this a broken pot?"

Countless spectators and contestants looked up, their eyes were incredible!

The figure of the tall boy was carrying a green bow, and he lifted the pole with a dash, and it was another pole vault. He turned freely in the air, rotated quickly, and jumped more than three feet!

Land, Baoguang Dasheng! This step has hidden treasures, and a top-level top-grade flying knife of the seventh order is suspended, and the flying knife is like the word "Yutian"!

[Obtain 100 Strengthening Points, 100,000 Heavenly Dao Value, 450,000 Skills, 10,000 Dark System Energy...]

The attribute light ball that suddenly emerged from this step was absorbed. The action of Zhen Dexiu was very standard and elegant. It took several poles to take turns. When it landed, it was either safe or beautiful.

Xiao Qianxue's eyes almost glared out, horrified and lost his voice: "What a joke?"

Some of the mathematicians who are still in the competition have been hit hard!

What makes you so uncomfortable for other contestants! People are struggling, and each step has to go through many deductions and calculations. This is really a good show for the virtue, copying the guy is to take off!

It's like a group of people walking on top of the blade. Everyone is careful to avoid stepping on the blade. Suddenly someone jumped over with a humming song. Isn't that **** **** it?

The most annoying thing is that you can't say where he is!

brush! brush! brush!

Zhendexiu took a long pole to jump the ladder, sparks with lightning all the way, rushed to the position of Xiao Qianyu and Luo Wuchang 525 feet, and then showed his standard elegant smile.

"Please call me unique, thank you."

The audience was silent for a while...

Even the referees couldn't help but whisper, but the sage was only surprised and surprised, and kept paying attention to Zhende show.

"Shit, it's still unique!"

"Zhendexiu, it's a real show! He has been hiding his strength, he hasn't shown his real strength before!"

"Whose deer died is unknown!"

The audience marveled. At this time, Zhen Dexiu suddenly stopped and seemed to be looking for something in Najie.

Some veteran mathematicians and contestants are slightly more balanced.

Well, the height of this true virtue show is more than five hundred feet. It seems that he is still a bit self-aware.

The mathematicians who are participating in the competition have recovered a bit of psychological balance.

But at the next moment, the audience instantly fell into deathly silence!

I saw Zhen Dexiu, and took out a big baby with a thick middle band and long middle band!


grass! Your **** one is not enough, another one?

I saw that Zhen Dexiu bent two tough rods with both hands, suddenly released, and suddenly bounced!

Zhende Suedon rushed to a height of seven or eight feet and landed in a very standard free-turning style.

[Obtained 410 strengthening points, 1.85 million skills, 140,000 wind energy, 80,000 thunder energy, 290,000 rune energy...]

Then, he jumped like a star pill, followed by several twists and turns, and rushed to the position of seven hundred feet in one fell swoop.

"Genesis Nine Tribulation" comes with the ability of an arithmetician, Nine Tribulation Eyes, which can spy on the world's Qiyun disaster disaster.

Nowadays, the element attribute value is not what it used to be. The ability of Jiujiayan is far superior to that of the original, plus the heart method strengthened by +13, making Lin Chen's arithmetic ability comparable to most of the top generation of young mathematicians!

Relying on the "Nine Tribulation Eyes" alone, Zhen Dexiu's arithmetic skills can compete with Luo Wuchang and Xiao Qianyu, but they are not enough to suppress them!

Why can they be suppressed? Because of the assessment of the lucky life ladder, there is a crucial node, that is, the ability to see the attribute light ball!

Steps that contain bad luck or bad luck also have attribute spheres of light, but Zhen Dexiu can use this to assist Nine Tribulation Eyes and take the two-pronged approach, resulting in him being able to enter the unmanned realm within this ladder of luck disaster!

Feeling the hurricane of the attribute value, Zhendexiu shook his head happily and smiled: "Oh, oh, I feel that life has reached the peak. This is still comfortable to use with two shots. There are enough attribute values. I like it!"

Xiao Qianyu: "What are you special or personal?"

Luo Wuchang: "...Fuck me"

Brush ~!

At the moment when everyone was shaken by Zhende show, a light and fast purple and black shadow was destroyed by the blaze of light. Wherever it went, it almost rolled up a gust of wind and rushed to 200, 400, 600 feet like a broken bamboo!

In a blink of an eye, she surpassed Xiao Qianyu and Luo Changchang, shocking the audience!

boom! boom! Boom~!

The appearance of this beautiful shadow has caused countless treasures to emerge on the way of the "Yun Jie Ladder", which is so dazzling and dazzling, and has activated countless opportunities, wonders, and blessings!

At this time, the great fortune saint finally showed a dignified expression, his white eyebrows flickered, and his eyes were locked tightly to that beautiful shadow!

"This Nizi's mentality is a bit like the charm of the old lady. Could it be said..."

When the Daxinghua Master was in doubt, Qianying flashed and began to approach Zhendexiu!


Zhen Dexiu's eyes narrowed, and finally his opponent appeared to threaten himself. The two-handed pole took the fastest speed and rushed towards the peak of the thousand life ladder!

The lady in purple and black dress stepped out of the taste of the avenue trajectory every step, and her own unrelated three thousand life counts transformed the Tao Dao Fulu into the void!

This is a very powerful state of extremely fast arithmetic. Only by practicing your own arithmetic skills to the extreme can you touch the field of unconsciousness!

Every step of her route is the best, which proves that she does not calculate the calculation step by step at all, but does everything after calculating it!

"Quickly, who is that man? It's so real Dexiu!"

"Look, the figure should be a woman, so amazing! Have there been top female mathematicians in the two domains recently?"

"The gap between the two is less than a hundred feet! I didn't expect to see such a wonderful confrontation in the preliminary match!"

All the audience stared at the ladder in the venue, with a bang, the two figures jumped to the top almost at the same time!


The pinnacle of the luck-escape ladder burst into a brilliant holy light, and they both reached the top! Get a great chance!

But at this time, the two were facing each other, staring at each other, and seeing Fanghua's peerlessness. When the dim beauty of the world was revealed, Zhendexiu shuddered!

Actually, is she?


Single martial arts venue;

Bai Junhao and his team advanced to the singles martial arts competition, and ranked in the top 64, Leng Yueqi's points are directed at the top 32!

"Squad leader, how are we doing!"

Yue Linlin stood in front of Lin Chen, inviting her hands to akimbo, and smiled charmingly.

Lin Chen smiled-"It's very strong. On the whole, everyone has become too strong. Liner and Linlin, and you both have a level of 97,000, and Yueqi's strength can completely reach nine. Before 10,000, Jun Hao, Ying Liang, and Chen Feng overall should be around 95,000 in the genius list, but I can see it, and the people in Jue Tian Pavilion can also see it."

"It's okay, squad leader, don't we have you."

Ying Liang grinned and Lin Chen nodded: "It is said that, but the owner of Jue Tian Pavilion has not yet appeared. If his strength is enough to threaten me, then I will not necessarily be able to help you in the team game, so You have to improve your strength, but if you want to improve your strength, I have my own plan!"

"Right now, we have to catch the last project left."

Everyone was curious: "What project."

Lin Chen smiled.


Everyone's eyes shine!