My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 888

Vol 5 Chapter 888: The Inheritance Of Shenlong

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Chapter 888

The rhythm of the rhythm of the rhythm of the 66th class led by Lin Chen reproduced the arrogant wave of the year, against the four stunning, and won the top 16 places!

At this point, the preliminary round ended.

Lin Chen's "Dragon Emperor" Zhen Depi harvested endless attribute light **** in the preliminary round. Now Lin Chen's attribute value has reached an unprecedented level!

However, his attribute value will also soar to a higher level!

The Quartet Conference, the summit of the conference building.

"What are you doing, you three old guys still ask us to drink?"

"Gather us all, is there something big happening?"

Pinnacle Tower, gathered a batch of unprecedented lineup!

All Saints gather! Those who sat in the meeting, the sectarian sacred realms from Xuanyu and Qiyu all gathered here, with more than 26 people!

The 26 Holy Realms are all famous, enjoying the power of worshiping and admiring countless people in the world, but today they are called together by the six powerful men responsible for team martial arts and personal martial arts!

"Cough cough, you can't expect the old man to call everyone together."

The old man with white eyebrows coughed a little, and the old man who was in charge of the teams martial arts nodded solemnly: "Well, I have something important to discuss with you. If you have something, then please please."

"The matter of the old man is very simple, is to let him meet you at the request of this little guy."

The old man with white eyebrows flicked his sleeves, and the young boy in silver robe came to nothing. It was Lin Chen!

Seeing Lin Chen arrive, the Holy Land powers raised their eyebrows, with different expressions, some disdain, some with interest, some with indifference, some with doubts, and different kinds.

"It turned out to be this little guy?"

"This is the dark horse club, Lin Chen?"

"Good talent, beautiful jade, ha ha, not many young people who can keep calm under our eyes."

The sights of many holy realms are like the penetration of St. Mang, as if seeing through all the secrets of Lin Chen, his physical refining realm, spiritual power, nine-robbery war body, all exposed the eyes of these holy realms!

He was calm and calm, but calm in his heart.

"26 holy realms, 23 can be stolen, cool! System, start stolen omen!"

[The host opens the purple order talent and the harbinger of thieves, and is stealing the target of the holy land...]

[Steal Attribute Value: 10 billion intermediate rune energy, 200 billion essence of combat spirits, 2 billion elementary sky value, 4 billion intermediate skill essence, 200 million light energy, 500 million wind energy, 5 100 million points of thunder energy, 400 million points of gold energy, 1 billion points of talent, orange rank talent fragments (one-time) God killer fragments (2/3)......

[Stolen 23 Holy Land targets succeeded, consuming a total of 1.845 billion talent points.

Massive attribute light **** poured into the body, Lin Chen hurriedly differentiated a large number of attribute values into the doppelganger, and even took a breath in his heart!

The Holy Realm is the Holy Realm. The acquisition of this batch of attribute values is comparable to his refining more than ten pieces of alien crystals, earning a burst!

But again, the price is also terrifying, and a lot of talent points are suddenly lost. If the Dragon Emperor received the attribute light ball of the conference, this price is enough to make Lin Chen bottom out!

"Why, Mr. Lin Chen, are you going to meet us?"

Seeing that Lin Chen did not respond, dissatisfaction with Holy Realm Power, Lin Chens potential is indeed very strong, but the potential is not strength. In their eyes, Lin Chen is not qualified to put a shelf in front of them!

"Oh, it's okay. I'm just going to look at the difference between the holy land in the two domains and the saints in my family. Now that I can see it, there will be a trip for everyone, and I will go if there is nothing."

Lin Chen bluffed a few times, and this time even the family blew it out.

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left, causing a lot of holy conditions! Even the three elders are ignorant!

What? You asked us to call people over, you glance away?

Everyone here is well-known, deterring hundreds of millions of creatures, countless powerful people want to see one side and dont know how much it takes to meet one side, is your little devil calling out soon?

What the **** do you think of a saint!

Bang ~! The sky is dim, the airflow is cracking, and the shocking space cracks spread out as once!

"I don't care what you came from, it seems necessary to teach you the ignorant kid for the forces behind you!"

The Holy Realm is angry! This is the majestic and provocative anger that belongs to the Holy Realm alone!

Who has ever seen a weak rabbit dare to provoke a dragon and ignore the existence of the dragon? This is looking for death!

"Slow down."

The speaker is the "old man" who is responsible for the team martial arts referee, Qingsheng Qingaoyun.

"Little guy, it just happened that the old man was looking for you to discuss and want to borrow the power of your dark horse club."

The old man said amazingly, and even Lin Chen was puzzled.

"Before telling the truth, please allow the old man to ask the little friend one thing. Hearing what the elder Bingxin Palace said, the little friend repelled the four saints alone in the Bingxin Palace. I don't know what power was borrowed?"

As soon as this remark came out, it caused a huge wave! The saints present, the face change is very exciting, stunned and surprised, some sneered and disdained!

Just repel the saint? A devil who doesn't even have an emperor to fight for, can challenge the saint?

"Oh, yeah. But that's not my real strength, it's borrowing some external force."

Lin Chen confessed that because of the rush to the Sifang Conference, the fact that Bingxin Palace repulsed the Four Saints had not yet spread. Besides the disciples of Bingxin Palace, not many people knew about it.

There was a certain amount of luck in repelling the Four Saints, that is, the Four Saints underestimated Lin Chen, and did not expect the miracle effect of the "slow rune" to be successfully attacked by him.

If you play another game with those four saints, let alone 3 billion rune energy, even 8 billion rune energy may not be able to withstand the tenth breath of the four saints.

"External force... The old man has something to ask the children. The team martial arts of our Quartet Assembly is mixed with the outside forces, and the children are invited to lead the black horse club to break it."

As soon as this remark came out, a suspicious expression appeared in the saints present.

Qing ShengQing Aoyun turned his hands over and spread his palms, and a faint holy light flashed, and a thing appeared.

This thing is the size of a fist, the whole body is round and red, and there is a monstrous dragon shadow inside, and Lin Chen is stunned!

This thing, he also has Lin Chen!

That is a **** crystal jade obtained after killing the false god! At that time, Lin Chen still hadn't spied on the secret of this thing, and put it in Najie.

Qing Aoyun's eyes narrowed and looked directly at Lin Chendao.

"The team martial arts entered the Dragon clan. Although they disguised the adult clan, they did not hide the eyes of the old man, this matter is not trivial."

He raised the blood jade in Yang's hand.

"This object is named Shenlong Blood Jade. It has no response to the human race, but it has a magical effect on the Dragon Race. It records the coordinates and blood heritage of the Dragon Dragon Relic. It contains great opportunities. If it is handed over to the Dragon Race, this thing can cause the sacred dragon to **** it!"

Hearing this remark, Lin Chen's heart set off a turbulent wave!

Shenlong? Is it the legendary dragon race that can rival the gods?

In Lin Chen's heart, many thoughts flashed in an instant, and everything was connected!

"No wonder in the previous battles in Kyushu, those pseudo-gods were able to drive the seven dragons of the ten dragons to fight for them. It turned out that they had the dragon blood jade on hand!"