My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 889

Vol 5 Chapter 889: All Members Become Stronger?

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Chapter 889 !

Lin Chen's heartbeat speeded up...

Shenlong Blood Jade can obtain the inheritance of Shenlong's essence and blood, and he has one in his hand... Isn't this that he has the opportunity to obtain Shenlong's essence and blood?

"Dragons and my humans are on the side of each other in the Holy Realm, and there is often a war, which has caused headaches for the seniors of the Holy Realm of the 36th domain. Handing this thing to the Dragons is to build the strong for the Dragons, which adds pressure to my humans. This thing is used as a prize for the Quartet Conference, and the value is ranked in the top ten, in order to find a suitable owner for this thing. If the human race who has the dragon blood and is related to this thing, you can get the message inside the dragon blood jade. My Terran adds the strong."

Talking about this time, Green Saint felt quite a headache.

The organizers of the conference have repeatedly found many denominations that mainly develop different blood lines, including the White Dragon Gate that Bai Junhao joined, but none have found a suitable candidate for the Dragon Blood Jade.

Those who have nothing to do with this thing and cannot excite it are unable to obtain the information in the blood jade, so it is equivalent to a piece of waste rock.

"Right now, a super-strong dragon team has entered the Quartet conference under the banner of the human race. According to the regulations of the conference, there have been dragons who have participated in the past, and there is no rule prohibiting it. If forced eviction will seriously damage the reputation of the conference."

All the saints immediately understood that the feeling was that the dragon genius was mixed into the contest!

In addition to the generous points rewards, the team martial arts championship rewards can also be selected for free from the top 5 to the top 10 treasures of the conference. The goal of the dragon family is this!

If these old guys take action, it will inevitably lead to disputes. If the prizes announced are recycled, it will seriously affect the reputation of the conference. The final prizes of the contestants who are desperate for the competition are suddenly not received, who can accept it?

Therefore, the best solution to this matter is to give it to the younger generation!

"Predecessor meant to ask my dark horse club to defeat the dragon clan team and prevent them from obtaining blood jade?"

Lin Chenqiang resisted the ecstasy in his heart and said calmly.

"Yes, if you win the championship, keep the original rewards of your conference, and add another treasure that will allow you to pick a top 40 to top 50, how?"

Qing Sheng smiled, Lin Chen ridiculed-"Why not find Jue Tian Pavilion? Their genius number and ranking is much higher than my dark horse club, isn't it?"

"Oh, although the little guys in Jue Tian Pavilion are outstanding, the dragon geniuses are even better, at least at the level of about 60,000 on the genius list. To be honest, at this level, no one in the Quartet can win them. But yours The Dark Horse Club is the only team that the old husband cant see through since so many players in the preliminary round. In addition to your record in Bingxin Palace, the old husband believes his own vision."

Qing Sheng Fu Xu laughed, someone Lin snapped his fingers.

"No problem, then the transaction is established. This dragon team, my dark horse club!"

Lin Chen also wanted to pay for the Dragon Blood Jade, but he thought of the many saints here, and directly spoke, which would inevitably arouse suspicion.

"By the way, if no one can stop the dragon clan in the end, the predecessor intends to take the blood jade normally and let the dragon clan take it away?"

Lin Chen said in a meaningful way, the Green Saint is not salty and indifferent.

"If no one can stop them in the end, the old man will refuse to award the award, and would rather ruin the reputation of the Quartet Conference, and he cant give this thing to the Dragon Clan. The chance of the God Dragon Blood Jade is unimaginable. If the Dragon Clan takes it away, maybe After a few years, the dragon clan will emerge a strong man comparable to the holy king, that will be a strong enemy of my human race."

Holy King, the strongest creature under the spirit!

The Holy Realm is divided into nine layers, and after the peak of the nine layers, it is nine turns, nine turns into a holy king, and the holy king is the true god!

"Sure enough, these old guys are really not covered..."

Lin Chen felt awkward in her heart, and at the same time, she was more careful about the blood dragon jade on her hand. This thing is both a chance and a curse! Once exposed, it may be even more terrifying than the secret hunt!

"Friend Lin Chen has been able to practice with peace of mind recently. Although the holy realm of the Dark Pavilion is gathered in the conference, as long as we sit in the town, they will never come to chaos, but when the conference is over, you have to look at yourself."

Qing Sheng caressed, Lin Chen clenched his fists and smiled.

"No need to worry about seniors, they dare to come, I will hammer them!"


"Damn it, Niu Niu blows it out. I can't think that these old men in the Dark Pavilion would send more than five Holy Realms, and they also united with other forces. I really despise my Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen, who returned to the rest area, thought of the information previously revealed to him by the "Green Saint". It was initially estimated that there were ten holy realms lurking at the conference for him. Lin instantly scolded his mother!

One emperor to ten saints?

This **** bully?

"Go step by step..."

Lin Chen felt a little barefoot not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes! The sage is not invincible, dare to rush him Lin Chen, to see who will take the break first!

At the entrance of the rest area, Yue Linlin and Leng Yueqi have been waiting for Lin Chen for a long time.

"Squad leader, you are finally back! The battle schedule is out!"

Seeing Lin Chen return, Yue Linlin waved excitedly, and he put away all kinds of emotions.

In the lobby, 66 classes gathered.

Bai Junhao has obtained the established schedule for all projects.

Lin Chen first looked at the team competition. The team of the Black Horse Club performed extremely well in the preliminary rounds and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Jue Tiange is also in the quarterfinals on the opposite side. If they also win the opponent, both sides will advance at the same time and represent that the two sides will meet in the semifinals!

Leng Yueqi, Yue Linlin, Liu Liner, and Bai Junhao, who participated in the single martial arts match, were matched to the geniuses in the next martial arts match!

Leng Yueqi does not have any problems, but the other five are not necessarily, and the outcome is completely unknown.

"The start of the single-armed martial arts match is before the team martial arts match. In the previous battles, Juegenge estimated that you have already figured out your strength. If you have accumulated injuries that you cant fight in the single-armed martial arts match, the team martial arts match is bound to If you cant play, even if you cant play too much, they will target you based on your weaknesses."

Lin Chen analyzed the situation, everyone was silent, and his expression was slightly dignified.

Then, Lin Chen smiled.

"Unfortunately, their biggest variable is that they didn't anticipate this handsome approach!"

Sister Su Lan looked at each other with a smile, and seemed to guess Lin Chen's almost'nature'!

Lin Chen thought about opening the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Late Emperor Realm Jiuzhong-Advanced Essence: 87665-

Ultimate Strength: 31.5 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 99566 points.

Advanced spirit attribute value: 4 points

Advanced skill essence: 201 points-advanced rune energy: 177 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 78 points-Intermediate talent point: 75 points.

Blank attributes: 790,000 points-enhanced points: 227,750 points.

Advanced elemental energy: 12 points in the fire system, 8 points in the soil system, 7 points in the wood system, 11 points in the gold system, 7 points in the water system, 10 points in the thunder system, 8 points in the wind system, 4 points in the light system, and 8 points in the dark system!

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Purple Order) Omen of Thief, (Purple Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Teleportation, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Extreme Return, (Purple Order) King's Landing, ( Quasi-orange level) Fatal life and death, (orange level) instant light splitting, (one-time orange level) God-killer fragments (2/3),

Characteristic rune column (whether open)-talent combination skills: fatal bloodthirsty-super-dimensional transmission-Junlintianxia-fatal life and death.

[The system prompts the host that some primary attribute values of the host have been automatically upgraded to intermediate attribute values, and some intermediate attribute values have been upgraded to advanced attribute values. The ratio of advanced attribute values is 1:1 billion, such as 100 million points of intermediate qi and blood energy. Upgraded to 1 point of advanced qi and blood energy, 100 million points of primary sky path value to 1 point of intermediate sky path value.

Lin Chen is happy! The attribute value has been upgraded again!

There are advantages and disadvantages in upgrading attribute values. The disadvantage is that the number of dropped attribute spheres will become'less', but as long as the attribute value is dropped every time, the attribute value is the advanced attribute or the upgraded intermediate attribute value!

In short: the quantity becomes less and the quality becomes higher!

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The next time you drop the attribute light ball, in addition to the enhanced points, blank attributes, and special attribute values, the attribute value you picked up is equivalent to the previous 100 million point attribute start!

"System, I want to use the function learning function for everyone present!"