My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 890

Vol 5 Chapter 890: Ponder

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Chapter 890

At the end of the preliminary round, there is a three-day break.

During this time, there will be a large number of contestants redeeming the treasures of the conference. This is one of the things that countless young people are arrogant. The Quartet Conference can often obtain many ancient mysteries or treasures that are not passed on, and there is no chance even for their own sect.

One thing is extremely weird, that is, the'Black Horse Club' standing on the cusp of the wind and waves, even without leaving the house, no one showed up.

Geniuses in the second-class sect rest area, Peerless Pavilion.

In addition to the severely injured Xia Jianfeng, the falling Ji Wutian, the people in the Peerless Pavilion, there are 17 people, including the patriarch's 18 people!

Of the current 17 people, 7 are on the list of geniuses around 92,000, 4 on the list of around 86,000, 5 on the list of 82,000, and Deputy Patriarch Mo Jingchen on the list of geniuses 80001!

"The Patriarch has communicated that he is about to arrive at the venue, but it will take a few days."

Mo Jingchen crushed the space jade jade and looked up.

"Why did the patriarch take action, we'll crush those guys first!"

Lian Daihua's eyes burned with anger and jealousy, and he gritted his teeth.

"Is all the intelligence collected?"

Mo Jingchen looked at a woman genius, who had a pale cyan pupil, turned a triangle lotus, and handed a jade roll respectfully.

"Yes, all the people around Lin Chen, including that Zhen Dejiu, are currently gathering intelligence."

Mo Jingchen took the jade scroll to read it. After a moment, his eyes showed thoughts and looked up.

"If there is no accident, we will encounter the Black Horse Club in the semi-finals. In this martial art game, we have to change the style of play. According to their performance in the preliminary round of the temperament to reach the top 16, their cooperation is likely to be not low. For us, if we fight hard, we wont maximize the odds."

"Tang Ling, your two instruments of swordsmanship are both soft and soft, suitable for dealing with Bai Junhao, who can only be brute force, with cleverness and softness!"

A heroic woman led her life: "Relax, I will teach this wild monkey!"

"Qing Xiao, you have to deal with Gu Chenfeng at a speed. Xiaoyun, your "Thousand Thousand Mist Winds" are unpredictable, you can deal with the unpredictable Yue Linlin, block her changes..."

Mo Jingchen's vision was extremely venomous. Immediately, he selected the best match for Lin Chen's group from his own team of horses.

"As for that Linchen..."

In Mo Jingchen's eyes, there was a touch of pride and fierceness!

"Just let me deal with it!"


In three days, it was fleeting.

The first single-player martial arts competition has attracted countless attention, more than double the number of spectators in the first round!

Being able to advance to the second round, most of them are geniuses in the talent list!

Who will be too little in the duel between the geniuses? Seeing the confrontation of top geniuses, you can benefit a lot if you watch a game!

Martial arts venue, fighting arena.

"Representative of Bailongmen Bai Junhao, No. 321, against contestant No. 488 of Mingzong Xiao Kuang!"

"Representative of Qianmei Palace No. 177 Liu Lin'er, against Taixuanzong No. 700 contestant Bai Shaotian!"

"Representative of Qianmei PalaceNo. 195Yue Linlin, against contestant No.89 of Yangyan TempleNangong Liuhuo!"

The referee announced and read out all the high-profile battles.

At the VIP table, Lin Chen and his team were relaxed and indifferent, seeing no signs of war. The opponents they have drawn are all famous people on the genius list!

Qingtiange Qingxiao, turning his blue eyes to stare at Bai Junhao in the field.

"This battle is very likely to be evenly matched. Xiao Kuang ranked 95889. Even if Bai Junhao was able to win unexpectedly, it was a terrible victory. The other two women's ruthless cards are not as good as 40%..."

Lin Chen turned his head to stare at the VIP table on the other side, and launched the harbinger!

[The host launches a stolen omen on the designated target, consumes 2 intermediate talent points, gains 3 advanced fire energy, 3900 advanced qi and blood,]

Lin Chen's pure power has soared by 1.9 million Dragon Power! Reached the 34.5 million mark!

"Is this what Jun Hao said about the White Dragon Gate and Wan Xuanzong's saints? Sure enough, the attribute value has skyrocketed again! During the conference, go find out the saints who came to watch the game, steal a few more times, the attribute value can still be Go up more!"

Lin Chen nodded with satisfaction, with his current strength, he has reached a terrifying point among his peers...

At this time, the two holy realms stolen by Lin Chen pretended to be ordinary people and were hidden in the auditorium.

"Hey, old ghost, how can the disciples you teach have a chance of winning against this little guy?"

Wan Xuanzong's'Skyfire Saint' laughed and asked the White Dragon Gate master around him.

"According to my understanding of him, 40%, this kid is just starting out, and Xiao Kuang is the old fritters of the genius list. As an opponent, he can give Jun Hao a good lesson whether he wins or loses."

The White Dragon Gate Master shook his head and smiled.

In the second saint's talk, the duels of the parties in the fighting field started instantly, and the referee ordered!


Boom~! Xiao Kuang's body urged his body, smashed a formidable air wave and hit Bai Junhao!

With a palm of his hand, Xiao Kuang passed through Thunder and Thunder, and the Thunder System Amorphous Fragment and Thousand Thunder Celestial Body were revealed!

He was holding a giant axe of thunder, stomping on the soles of his feet, and threw tens of thousands of thunders from the ground and sky, and surrounded Bai Junhao!

Xiao Kuangluo smiled-"Jue Tian Ge sent me your information, you have the blood of the Qinglong family, good at the type of protracted warfare, I will not give you a chance!"

"Thunder God Tianwei Destruction Thunder Axe!"

Tianwei is magnificent, Wan Lei condenses, and Xiao Kuang blasts down with an axe! The killing shattered the ground, flying sand and rocks, and the vast arc of thunder light blocked Bai Junhao's retreat, and the earth-breaking Lei Mang was cut vertically!

"This kid is a good move as soon as he comes up."

The Heavenly Fire Saint was surprised, and the White Dragon Gate Master frowned-"Did you see the advantages of the bloodline, how do you deal with it, Jun Hao, this is your only way to the genius list!"


Thousands of thunders and axe burst together, and the explosion thunder cloud rises, and many audiences slap, this Xiao Kuang is too crazy, one shot is to kill all!

Countless people took a closer look, the expected blood splash did not appear on the spot.

In the center of the fighting arena, Bai Junhao lifted the Blue Dragon Claw with a frantic smile on the corner of his mouth. He actually took Xiaos Destruction Thunder Axe with one hand?

"how can that be?"

The flowers of Qingxiao Pavilion in the Peerless Pavilion are overshadowed, and the voice is horrified!

Mo Jingchen looked dignified!

Xiao Kuang is the pupil trembling!

Even if the ranking exceeds 2,000, it is impossible to take down his axe with one hand understatement!

"This is the "Dragon Move" of the White Dragon Gate? Using pure power to transfer the attack power, you are an old guy and your disciples have cultivated to the point of Qiankun Move. This is the genius to find!"

Heavenly Fire Saint patted Surprised Bai Longmen's shoulder in surprise, but the latter was stunned!


What is Junhao's foundation, he knows at least 90%!

This kid's mentality is one hundred and eighty miles away from the realm of'Qiankun moving'. But how many years has it been possible for the core elders who have been repaired by five robbers to be in control?

"No, it's not right. With Junhao's 1999 Wanlong force, hey, has this guy broken through the bottleneck? Has it reached the 22 million dragon force comparable to the two emperors?"

The White Dragon Gate Master was surprised, and the ensuing thought was terrified!