My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 891

Vol 5 Chapter 891: Who Is Pretending To Be So Dazzling

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Chapter 891

"But this axe is not the power that the 23 million dragon force Qiankun can completely remove..."

The White Dragon Gate Master was puzzled. His generation of holy land, at this time, the things that were impenetrable suddenly appeared one after another!

Bai Junhao patted his shoulder and smiled domineeringly.

"Sir Xiao Kuang, didn't you eat last night? Use some strength!"

Xiao Kuang's green muscles were exposed, and he thought, "Damn it, Peerless Man in the Heavenly Pit Pavilion? This little **** is even better than a bunch of prolonged battles!"

At this time, Master Bailongmen caught a strange scene! The power of countless flashes of lightning was absorbed and swallowed into the body by Bai Junhao?

"This is not my White Dragon Gate's exercises, there is the taste of blood and magical power!"

The White Dragon Gate Master is shocked!

Where is the **** luck of this kid, Jun Hao, who has won such adventures one after another!

Like a ghost, the White Dragon Gate Master suddenly turned his head to stare at Lin Chen!

At this time, Lin, holding a mirror to admire his handsome face, was not surprised at all...

"Is it because of this son?"

The White Dragon Gate Master set off a storm in the heart!

He could not do it with his holy realm to make Bai Junhao such a young man who had set foot in the realm of'Qiankun moved', so that he could do it with a small war emperor?

Bang~! Bai Junhao waved his dragon's claws and pushed the thunder axe that shook Xiao Xiao wildly. The two sides fought like lightning and turned into two afterimages!

Brush ~! The dragon tail swept diagonally, pulling the mountains and rivers, Xiao Kuang counterattacked with an axe, clang!

The giant axe slammed on Bai Junhao's dragon scales, the lightning exploded, and sparks were shining. Every time his axe slammed on Bai Junhao's body, they were all resolved by his cleverness caused by his'Qiankun's movement', no pressure!

For a time, Bai Junhao actually suppressed Xiao Xiao, who was full of fire, in front of him! Let his thunder body and thunder system alien crystal fragments continue to strengthen, and Bai Junhao beats all the way with the frontal destruction!

"Suppressed, this little guy actually suppressed Xiao Kuang!"

"No, look!"

The veteran powerhouses from all walks of life exclaimed, their faces shocked!

A wave after another wave!

The elder of the Holy Realm at Qianmei Palace even stood up suddenly from the audience, surprised and happy!

At this time, in the fighting field on the other side, Liu Liner played against Tai Xuanzong Bai Shaotian.

Known as the "Thousand Poison Lady", she used a brand-new purple-level top-level body technique, with imperial combat needles, slender fingers, and thin hairy needle-pointed poisonous piercings that pierced the opponent's attack and defense!

She pressed hard step by step, her body was mysterious and seamless, and every streamer that popped up her fingertips seemed to suppress Bai Shaotian!

"Lin'er overcomes her biggest shortcoming! Her thousand poisonous venom was originally only suitable for assassination, lacking a frontal attack, and it was extremely unfavorable to encounter opponents who were good at defense. But her control of the poisonous gas was further improved, and the poisonous gas was condensed. In a few centuries, it can instantly corrode the fighting spirit that penetrates the opponent. Is it because Xi learned the "Huangquan Meditation" that the old body found for her? But that is the ancient secret technique that the saints may have a first glimpse of the path! Now cooperate Brand-new body style, advance and retreat mergers!"

The elder Qianmei Palace's vision is so old-fashioned, she instantly saw through Liu Lin'er's changes and was shocked!

Bai Shaotian was cold sweating at this time! This Liu Liner's toxin warfare is extraordinary, but if you are stabbed, there is a risk of death!

"Why is this completely different from the information sent to me by Jue Tiange! Isn't it that this woman's shortcomings are body style and positive assault means, what the **** is a shortcoming? Grass, my grandma's Jue Tiange! Laozi is miserable!"

Bai Shaotian greeted the 18th generation of the ancestors of Juetian Pavilion!

The geniuses in Jue Tian Pavilion were filled with shock and doubt. What is this situation? Do they still have a hand in advance?

"It's impossible. My intelligence won't go wrong. They didn't do their best in the previous battles. They did their best. They couldn't keep it so deep!"

Qingxiao's flowers are tarnished, teeth clenched.

Mo Jingchen fell into dignified thoughts and silence. Qing Xiao's'Biyu Lotus Hitomi' has the ability to gain insight into the origin of all things, and to explore the details of his peers has never missed!

"Could it be that!"

When a bold idea emerged in Mo Jingchen's heart, the fighting platform of dozens of miles away slammed, and the fire in the Nangong Palace of the Yangyan Temple was bombarded by Yue Linlin.

Thousands of silver shining down, Yue Linlin's delicate body, fluttering dress, shining in the light of the holy realm, slender hands, there is no previous ancient spirit, and the brow temperament is holy and pure, like the goddess coming, overlooking the world !

If she didn't make a shot, she would be blessed by the Holy Virgin, like the Holy Girl standing upright, even if the shot was gently patted by the slender hand, it can also set off the glorious glory of the fascinating world.

"I fight with you!"

Nangong Liuhuo, who is on the genius list, has a gnashing of a hundred-footed steamer with his teeth, and orange sun is burning all over the sky!

Yangyan Lihuohuan turned around and shook the eternal palm!


Yinhui's palm wind is like the blessing of Shengwei, the fire wheel collapses, the Nangong spitting blood and retreating, falling into a serious injury coma!

Mo Jingchen's pupils shuddered, but Lin Lin did not use that unpredictable mental offensive this month, using a brand new combat technique.

Along with Bai Shaotian's surrender, Xiao Kuang was hammered into a serious injury and exited, and Nangong Liuhuo's coma, the three high-spec genius list geniuses were completely defeated!

"Fortunately... Fortunately, at least that Bai Junhao fell a certain injury..."

In the Peerless Pavilion, a genius said a word of comfort.

Then, Bai Junhao, who retired, took out a Long Qingguo serving, and the genius twitched...

"It's our brothers' turn!"

The bold and cheerful laughter echoed, Ying Liang, Gu Chenfeng then went to the fighting stage!

One-armed Gu Chenfeng recovered as before and grew new arms! Such strange things even Mo Jingchen's eyes almost fell to the ground?

Amputation? Could it be that there is an eighth-order pharmacist?

Ying Liang is famous for his strong attack, but he lacks defensive means. In this battle, he turned into a body-building war emperor who broke ten million dragons. The battle also used a top-ranking defensive combat skill of the purple rank!

Seeing Yingliang using defensive combat skills, the landlords of the "12th floor of Yunhuang" he visited were stunned, as if he had seen a ghost!

Is this the one they know who only knows how to be rash, has to fight with others in a duel, and only concentrates on the attack field, and can't even learn the blue-level defense skills?

Five battles, all wins!

Among them, Gu Chenfeng, Ying Liang and Bai Junhao won the new ranking of the talent list!

The elders of Qianmei Palace, the master of the White Dragon Gate, the 12th floor of Yunhuang, and the elders of Feiyu Hall are all ecstatic!

The disciples they cultivated with great care have gained new leaps and breakthroughs! Step into a whole new field!

Regardless of whether it was the Supreme Referee or the Holy Lands of all walks of life, their eyes were cast on the cynical youth on the stage with a breathtaking expression.

A person's transformation can be said to be an adventure, but all five have made leaps and bounds, as long as they are not fools, they can guess the reason!

Lin Chen! He took turns to accomplish all the feats that even the Holy Realm has never done!

Although the former five are celestial wizards, the really terrifying thing is the near-innocent figure behind all this!

Someone Lin raised his legs, put on his homemade sunglasses, and smiled like a child.

"Who is pretending to be so dazzling."

After he finished speaking, he glanced at all the saints who looked at him, and launched the harbinger of theft in a unified manner!