My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 892

Vol 5 Chapter 892: Fury Sword

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Chapter 892

"These little guys are all following the little bastard. Today, in the past few days, they have achieved such a leap of growth. This child must not stay!"

All the saints in the dark pavilion lurking in the dark have strong murderous intent!

The Sanpin sacred realm united with the Dark Pavilion all felt a strong sense of threat!

This child's evildoer, they have no doubt about its future potential! Even more imitation of his inheritance of the ancient saint!

Must be strangled in advance!

Three days ago, Lin Chen started the function of learning exercises, making up for the weakness of everyone in the class! Learn all the combat skills and mental realm they have or are new to!

For Gu Chenfeng's arm problem, although Lin Chen does not have the power of an eighth-level pharmacist for the time being, it can be cured with Long Qingguo.

Long Qingguo's energy is mild and vast, with the miracle effect of white bone raw meat. With many rare medicines, Gu Chenfeng is finally restored to its original state!

Learning the exercises for everyone in class 66, Lin Chen consumed 88 points of advanced exercises, equivalent to 8.8 billion points of intermediate skills.

However, within three days, he spent all his advanced skills to learn the "Lingyun Baxiao Caster Technique" obtained from the ancient sacred heritage and the sacred medicine handbook of Dan Sheng, the casting skills and the alchemy level straight line!

In the meeting place; Lin Chen launched the sacred harbinger to steal the attribute value of all the saints who were paying attention to him!

[Activate the stolen omen, consume 4 intermediate talent points, steal attribute values: 3 advanced spiritual attributes, 7 advanced wood energy, 400 advanced essence, 25 advanced skill essence, 100,000 enhancement points...]

"Damn, it's so cool! There are more Holy Land viewers, ha ha ha, my Lin is going to steal the eternal long night!"

Attribute value is another round of skyrocketing, Lin Chen smirked.

Then the referee announced that the most anticipated event was coming!

"Dark Horse Club represented contestant No. 424 Zhen Deshuai, against contestant No. 250 of Jue Tiange, even Dai Hua!"

94112 Zhende handsome vs. 85880 Lian Daihua!

Mo Jingchen urged Lian Daihua beside him.

"Dai Hua, be careful not to underestimate your opponent."

Lian Daihua roared with laughter-"Don't worry, this time I left my father's cards to me. I will see how strong the people in the Black Horse Club are!"

Lin Chen teased her eyebrows, and a shadow vortex swirled beneath the feet of a figure beside her, and the afterimage flickered into the fighting arena.

"Squad leader, how am I doing very well."

Yue Linlin crossed her arms with a small waist, and smiled with a cute Qiong nose.

Lian Daihua saw Lin Chen flicking Yue Linlin's pink jade forehead and couldn't help being jealous!

"Damn, this time I must destroy the **** of the Dark Horse Club!"

Lian Daihua jumped up and made a Lingyun flying like body, like Yunhe diving, very fast, very funny with his fat body.

Opposite Zhende handsome green robe fluttering, long-haired shawl, chic and handsome, three-foot green front waist lingering in the waist, mouth with a puffy smile, a smile, a show of extreme chic charm!

"Referee, I have a request!"

At this time, even Dai Hua raised his hand, and a number of referees and three supreme referees revealed doubts.

"This battle, I want to change it into a life-and-death battle! I will ask you the dark horse club, you can't take 1"

In one word, shock four!

Battle of life and death? Only one of the two parties can end! Betting on rankings and all battles, the winner is the king and the loser is the pirate!

The expressions of many veteran powerhouses are solemn, and the young audience is even more blasted!

"Lian Daihua is desperate!"

"The Dark Horse Club is in trouble. Even Dai Hua is the son of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce. His heritage can far exceed that of other geniuses!"

"I'm afraid that this is really handsome, and it will be dead soon!"

The rankings of Lian Daihua and Xia Jianfeng's genius lists are only a few hundred, but in fact, Lian Daihua is a lot more difficult than the latter.

As the son of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce, he is home to the "Wanjin Chamber of Commerce", which has all kinds of treasures in all directions and all over the world. The cards are endless, and it is bound to be more difficult than other geniuses.

He is more than ten times more difficult than the geniuses in the same ranking! No one knows how many secret and unsuccessful killer tools the huge chamber of commerce behind him!

"According to the regulations of the General Assembly, there is nothing wrong. The Black Horse Club, are you willing to take over this battle? You have the right to refuse, the martial arts can still be carried out."

The Supreme Referee, one of the three, Sage Baimei personally asked questions.

Brush brush ~!

Countless eyes staring at Lin Chen, this stunningly talented person, dare to show the corresponding spirit to respond to Jue Tian Pavilion?


Under this much attention, Lin actually laughed!

"Hahaha, this kind of question, really handsome, say your answer!"

Lin Chen domineeringly waved his hand.

Zhende Shuai in the fighting field slowly raised a finger.

Everyone doubts, one finger? Is it to refuse?

Zhende Shuai smiled.

"One sword."

A sword? All the audience was stunned!

"The battle of life and death, I took it, I only made a sword!"

Thousands of waves aroused in one word!

All the audience was either stunned, or disdainful, or shook their heads and laughed!

Lian Daihua smiled angrily: "What a sword, I want to see what is great about your sword!"

Old Baimei: "Since this is the case, the battle of life and death is established. Only one person can survive on stage until the death."

The old man's sleeves waved, and the space of the thousand feet was like a square barrier, and the clutches were combined to solidify the four sides of the fighting skill platform. Non-sages cannot break this space barrier!


With the order of the referee, the violent and brutal killing was like a tornado.

Three hexagonal star-like brilliances flashed from him, actually three pieces of alien crystal? He actually refined three pieces of alien crystal at the same time?

"Give me death, Nine Nine Serene Hands!"

The fighting was raging, and even when Dai Huabao smiled, his arms were covered with tenacious scales, like the palms of tens of feet protruding from hell, releasing the rolling silence and grasping the direction of Zhende handsome!

Zhende Shuai stands still, like a lonely swordsman standing on the top of the mountain, and his heart is like a water stop, and the sharp edge is brewing into a kind of ultimate realm!

"The Ultimate Moment, Seven Changes!"

The fighting strength was broken to a critical value, and the fighting strength was more than five times more than the late Jiuzhong! Restricted by not going to Heaven Tribulation!

Its upgraded version of "The Ultimate Moment" has made Zhende Shuai's pure power soar to 58 million dragon power. The pure power can be comparable to the peak of the three robbery warlords, and the spiritual power has entered a deeper field!

His five fingers held the sword handle calmly, and his eyes were dark, calm, and in the depths there seemed to be a raging sword intent!

In the meeting room, the sharp eyes that suddenly burst into the void locked Zhende Shuai! It's the gaze from Jiansheng!


At that moment, he drew his sword!

"Sword! Anger! Qing! God!"

The dragon-like sword-sword is like the brightest light in the world, and it stuns all the audience!

Time seems to have stopped since this moment, and the style of this sword has astounded the years and shaken time!

The sword light came out of the sheath, and turned into a touch of orange light. Sword Qi releases thousands of anger to condense into a sword, like the sword sage angry, divide the world!

"Peerless swordsmanship! This is a sword skill unique to the real orange class!"

Jian Sheng's excited voice echoed to the sky!