My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 893

Vol 5 Chapter 893: Yi Jian Du Zun Zhen De Shuai

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Chapter 893

Zhende Shuai pulls his sword and trembles, terrified!

This sword is as concurrent as Wan Jian! This sword is like a sword that contains millions of swordsmen!

The orange light sword rainbow cuts the nether arm horizontally, smashes the nether arm instantaneously, and bursts into the air, the sword and the sky are shocking, and even Hua Dai!

Even Dai Hua was horrified at the moment, this was not a sword that the Nineth Warlord could cast!

The sword cuts the sky and the mountains and rivers!

"Not good, Liuhe Qingyun Wing!"

The sense of crisis from the instinct of life led to a pair of blue wings behind Lian Daihua, which can briefly shuttle through the void, trying to retreat from this furious sword!

Sigh~! Bang~!

A gray and white rung descends from the sky, killing demons and ghosts, stagnating in the space, and the void is slow! Even Dai Hua's fighting spirit and even movements can't move a point!

"This... what the **** is this, my actions are blocked? The space is stagnant!"

Even Dai Hua was terrified, he panicked! His life-saving bottom card can't be used!

A faint orange light sword rainbow came across, and the life-saving cards left by the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce appeared one after another!

There is a dawn armor that protects the flesh shell, a tianming yin and yang flute that protects the spiritual origin, and an easy tendon that protects the fighting spirit.

In addition, there are Ten Dragon Banners, summoning ten dragon-shaped wills to protect the Lord. The "Ten Alchemy Device" that condenses the eighth-order different ore energy protector, each of which is the treasure of the world, is now shredded like a tofu block!

It's like a sharp sword blast, with a few pieces of tofu defense in front of it, it's not worth it! Cut a sword into pieces!

This scene caused the consternation and horror of countless powerful people!

Even the subconscious of the Holy Realm is: Impossible!

Even with the defensive trend formed by many of Dai Huas life-saving ace cards, unless it is a saints shot, even the five robbery battle emperor can not crush in one move!

He is really handsome and nine-fold war emperor, pure power 58 million dragon power, how can such a outrageous sword break out!

Everything just happened in an instant, the moment many life-saving cards were shredded in turns, the orange light sword rainbow burned by anger swept away, and with a bang, everything was smashed, and finally came to silence and calm.

Even Dai Hua was completely dead. Not even the last trace of mental residue will be left.

Jianhong fell into a burst of broken awns, watching all the audience!

At this time, the space barrier set by the white-browed saint personally left a very shallow burnt black sword mark. But what about the space barrier that only the Holy Realm can shake?

"Orange, Orange Order Sword Skill..."

"Only orange-level sword skills are possible to achieve this level..."

"Oh my god, the orange-order combat skills that even the saints don't even show up on a young man..."

Some audiences murmured subconsciously, and the whole celestial pavilion was dull!

That sword is too popular. The swordsman who has seen it, all of them are eager to ride, and it is trembling!

A sword came out, Qingtian cracked!

Bang~! Zhende Shuai's head is hung upside down, the golden light is shining!

Cancan Jinguang is listed and sorted, and the new ranking is highlighted.

"The genius list ranks 85,880, really handsome, and its power: the dark horse club (the grade is undecided), the title: one sword."

One sword is unique, really handsome!

A sword deeply imprinted in everyone's mind made Lin Chen's avatar a new title!

But more of the old powerhouses are more dignified!

Not right! Very wrong!

Orange rank combat skills, a level that only saints can practice! And many saints have never held a complete orange-level combat skills, that kind of exercises, too rare! Most of the evil geniuses and some low-level saints use half-orange-level sword skills.

And there are a few top geniuses in the Holy Realm who can manage one or two orange-level combat skills in the Five Tribulation Cultivation, but Zhendeshuai is not even a triumphant Emperor!

Secondly, take a ten thousand steps back, even if he is really reluctant to use orange-level combat skills, it is difficult to kill Lian Daihua just now!

"Grass! Thanks to Lao Tzu wit, another holy sword is fucking!"

At this time, Feiyu Sword Emperor Luo Luo, who was sitting in the auditorium, jumped up in excitement and broke the sky!

Fortunately, he had abstained in the team martial arts against the Black Horse Club, otherwise this can still be played? An eighth-order knife, an eighth-order holy sword, this is also a hair!

All the strong men spied out the swords in the hands of Zhende Shuai.

The sword is three fingers wide, the body is orange and gold, and the sword handles are wings. The noble divine power flows. The sword's edge is overbearing, like the sword of the king!

The sword is engraved with the word "Qingtian", the Qingtian holy sword!

This is the sword of the holy prisoner Jianchuan Ye! It was severely damaged in the final battle of Kyushu. After selling Long Qingguo, Lin Chen repaired it to 50% of its power at the cost of more than 80 gold holy yuan coins, barely able to control it!

Around this, fifty percent of the holy sword can still only exert less than one percent of the power in Lin Chen's hands.

The holy weapon can only be controlled by the sage perfectly. Lin Chen cannot be sanctified alone. His Azure Blue Moon and Sky Sword of Heaven cant play the true divine power one day!

The saints were throbbing, and there was another holy sword!

Some younger generations of viewers have scalp numbness!

"What is the origin of this dark horse club, my goodness! There was an eighth-order knife in the front, and there were two other luck saplings, and now I took out a holy sword?"

"Isn't this Nima bullying! Grass!"

"Lian Daihua's death is not wrong..."

"The Black Horse Club has a big event! The Sipin Chamber of Commerce is not so troublesome. Even Dai Hua is the only heir of the Chamber of Commerce. He died, and it was time to cause a big storm!"

Everyone talked, but suddenly heard Lin Chen's voice.

"Look at you, this is the attitude of working hard and not working hard, fuck, I'm angry when I talk about this!"

"Deputy Director" Lin Chen pointed at Zhendeshuai, and then faced the "Zhangjiuyingxiu" four handsomes and swearing!

"Look at people who are really handsome, he won by using only the most common trick I taught him. What does that mean? This shows that you guys didn't learn it at all! What is the pavilion? Its just a fart! You have to use it for 100 rounds to play this kind of thing, you said you are not a spicy chicken? What do you know about picking girls, playing cards, opening black, **** female bathhouses, Laozi dark horse clubs all day long The whole face **** you a few! If the director comes out personally, I dont know how to lose the spicy chicken in Jue Tiange!"

Zhen Dechang: "Yes, yes, the director criticized..."

Zhen Dejiu: "I am ashamed of our club."

Zhende Ying: "I'll fight for half of them next time."

Zhen Dexiu: "I'm going to get an orange first, my director is dead."

The four handsome men humbly accepted the criticism.


Deathly silence...

The meeting place of the fried boiled pot, which was also discussed at the previous moment, seems to have dropped needles at this time!

All the audience: "?"

This **** is the most common trick?

Is your orange-level sword skill the most common one?

Listen, is this **** thing still human?

This makes those saints who have not yet possessed a complete orange rank combat skill feel so good!

Orange-order combat skills are the most common? "What kind of fairy power is this dark horse club!"

Zhende Shuai silently walked up to collect the three attributed light **** dropped by Lian Daihua, as well as his remaining amorphous crystal fragments and two Nahuai, deeply worthy of merit and fame.