My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 894

Vol 5 Chapter 894: Ancestors

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Chapter 894

Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, outside the thirty-six domains, above the sea; dragon boat.

A man in a golden robe gleamed with holy light suddenly opened the holy eye, his eyes roared, shaking the sea!

"My son is dead? Who dares to move me even Wanjin! Dai Hua is going to the Quartet Conference. Which yellow-haired kid dare to move him, shit, I want you to smash your corpse! Exterminate its door!"


Sword Fury Qingtian cooperates with the sixth-level slow rune, Zhende Shuai destroys Lian Daihua with only one sword!

Skyfire Saint: "I suddenly want to hit him."

Master Bailongmen: "You are not alone."

Three Supreme Realm referees: "How did this kid live to this day without being beaten to death?"

Too **** annoying! Orange-level combat skills are still the most common trick, bragging without drafting? Who believes!

Especially after Lin Mou's sentence: If he comes off the court, how can he lose? Almost all the geniuses in Jue Tian Ge vomit blood!

Why don't you go to heaven?

[Host gains 1 advanced dark energy, 3 advanced rune energy, 2 intermediate talent points,]

Zhende Shuai returned to the stage, Lin Chen said "very satisfied": "Well, Zhende Shuai did a good job, this is to reward you."

Lin gave him a shit, and gave Zhende Shuai a piece of thunder crystal, which made everyone in Class 66 laugh out loud.

The whole world owes a squad leader a little gold man. This really handsome is not your doppelganger, and he has not returned to you.

"Sword Fury is a fire-based combat skill, and I have been strengthened to +11. The overall power has been increased by 140%. In addition to the final moment of the sixth-level charge and the fifth-level penetration rune, the power has increased by nearly 14 times. In addition, my advanced fire energy is 19 points, which is equivalent to 1.9 billion intermediate fire energy. It is exerted by Optimus Divine Sword, and it shows a moment comparable to the real orange-level combat skills!"

Lin Chen secretly calculated in his heart, maybe after his cultivation progressed for a while, even if he was not sanctified, he could break the wrist with Jingyues God and Sword Fury Qingtian and the sage!

Anger is the largest kind of emotional volatility among the seven emotions and desires of mankind. Sword anger is so intense that it focuses on making the anger burning but controlling the anger to a sword!

A rage that bursts with all the power of anger, can burn up spiritual power, pure power and fighting strength to condense on a sword!

In addition, after the upgrade of the "Ultimate Moment", you can temporarily increase your pure strength and mental strength, which is even more powerful!

The entire Holy World can be used in the Ninth Warlord Emperor's Cultivation to use orange-level combat skills, perhaps only Lin Chen himself!

The supercharged runes are superimposed at the last moment, and a enhanced function makes this unnatural "impossible" a reality! Half orange rank can also play the power of orange rank combat skills!

The "Extreme Return" talent was urged, and Zhen Deshuai's condition was restored to its original state, refining the thunder-shaped alien crystal fragment of Lin Chen's "reward."

Lin Daihuas three pieces of alien crystals have all been decomposed by Lin Chen and converted into special attribute values!

He wants to make more nirvana against the saints!

Next, a more dramatic scene appeared!

"Solo draw in the Final Four, Black Horse Club Lin Chen, lottery player: Jue TiangeXiao Qianfa!"

Xiao Qianyu was stunned, someone Lin also stunned!

The single-player martial arts still has a place in Jue Tian Pavilion, and he just got him?

In the single-player martial arts, three wins and two wins are adopted. In the preliminary match, Juegenge only lost Zhende Ying, and in the second round, they were eliminated unless they lost twice.

"Some people just said that we don't know how to lose. We don't know if we can honor our promise?"

Xiao Qianyu laughed and jumped into the field, provoking Lin Chen.

"Xiao Qianyu is the 82560th in the genius list, and regardless of the lord and deputy lord, his strength is at least in the top three!"

"Then Lin Chen must have been entrusted, and Xiao Qianyu was still a top-level astronomical arithmetician. He could predict the offensive step by step in battle."

The goal of Xiao Qianyu is very simple. Whether he can win or not, he wants to weaken Lin Chens strength. The single player martial arts champion cannot win, so at least he must keep the team martial arts first!

"Since you sent it yourself, it's no wonder I."

Lin Chen smiled slowly and entered slowly.

He put his hands in his pockets, his expression was sloppy, and the "eight-order knife" expected by everyone was not used.

"Why not take out your eighth-order knife?"

Xiao Qianyu raised his eyebrows, Lin Chen's fingers flicked-"You are not worth my sword, referee, let's start."

"Dark Horse Club Lin Chen against Jue Tiange Xiao Qianyu, Wu Sai begins!"

The referee ordered!

Bang ~! The four-headed, eight-clawed Yanlong Zhangya danced his claws and emerged from the sky, rushing out of the body of Xiao Qiansheng.

"Lin Chen, pay for your arrogance!"

Xiao Qian met the sky, and the four dragons above his head opened the mouth of the dragon, vomiting the dragon's breath, and the dragon's head revolved.

Countless spectators held their breath and even forgot the battle of other geniuses, staring at the figure of the two attentively, afraid of missing a trace of details!

Is Lin Chen confident or arrogant?

Since the conference was held, the Black Horse Club has always been the most popular topic, and its leader has never really shot!


Lin Chen's right hand lifted slightly, and a faint wisp of lightning flashed.

[Launching the ultimate moment, 6th level recharge, 5th level penetration, 5th level sky rune, consumes 30 million intermediate rune energy. Cooldown: 40 seconds, duration: 3 seconds.

what's the situation?

Is he not going to fight?

All the sects of the sacred realm are puzzled!

As strong as they are, I haven't seen any tricks played by Lin Chen!

Tear ~!

The Longyan Storm was suddenly cut in half by a swift slash of cutting air!

"No, he has launched an attack!"

Xiao Qianyue was trembling and Hanmao stood upside down!

His arithmetic has vaguely sensed the killing, but there is nothing in the field, this is the most terrible!

"Tai Chi MirrorXuan Wu Xuan Tu! Blood Crystal Glass Body!"

Two waves of ancient mirrors reflect the light that decomposes everything, and Xiao Qianyu forms a blood coffee like crystals.

Tear ~! boom! Click!

The Jinmang streamer that came out of nowhere knows how to cut across his speed, tearing his Tai Chi Mirror.

[Complete Trigger Passive Talent: Strike, power increased by 300%.

Bang~! Bang~!

Two violent explosions, the flake-like Jinhui Daoman bombarded one after another, tearing his "No Phase Xuantu" wildly, and the last knife was mixed with mental shock, which disturbed his mind, and he was stunned by Jinhui Daoman. in!


The final "Blood Crystal Glass Body" was broken, and it exploded into the sky, and the three swords appeared, which were three flying knives!

The 25% penetration power of San Dao cuts off his internal meridians and internal organs, and Xiao Qianyu vomits blood and is seriously comatose!

"Don't I even deserve to be his opponent..."

Before Xiao Qianfa collapsed, his eyes turned white.

"Dark horse will win!"

The referee rushed out quickly. The people of Peerless Pavilion were of extraordinary origin, and a few more people died. The conference had to be killed by those old monsters from the Sipin forces.

[Get 2 advanced fire energy, 1 intermediate talent point, 1 advanced rune energy]

Charging the four attributed light **** dropped by Xiao Qiansheng, Lin Chen stepped down casually and walked in a leisurely way, unlike the attitude of just defeating a top genius, but the tourists who came to see the scenery!

Staring at Lin Chen who stepped down from the second after he took the stage, all the audience held their breath and their hearts shook!

This is the strength of the number one character in the "Dark Horse Club"! It's so strong that the scalp is numb, and the opponent doesn't even know how to lose!

Mo Jingchen on the stage grit his teeth, but he had to take it!

He thinks he cant do better than Zhende Shuai or Lin Chen. Its not too difficult for him to beat Lian Daihua, but to kill Lian Daihua, Mo Jingchen needs to pay a great price. Not to mention the instant kill!

The same is true of defeating Xiao Qianyu! The difference between Xiao Qianyu and his ranking is more than two thousand. He Mo Jingchen can win but he can never do it as easily as Lin Chen!

"No one can suppress their edge except the pavilion leader. Unexpectedly, the dark horse club is so strong..."

Mo Jingchen fists his fists, this is the first time he has felt frustrated since joining Jue Tiange!

Bang ~!

At this time; the situation changed, and a thunderous thunder burst!

"Hahaha, there are talented people from Jiangshan generation, a good Lin Chen!"

A murky, low-pitched laughter echoed into the void, a void of a gray-shirted old man suspended in the void, bent over and hunched over, leaned on a cane, vaguely releasing the horrific Shengwei to suppress the audience!

The three supreme referees responsible for the solo martial arts eyes narrowed.

"Are you here, Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion!"

"This old monster actually came to deal with a junior in person, and he really didn't even have a face!"

All the dignified expressions are present in the holy land present, and those young audiences who have not seen the holy land are pale!

Lin Chen's eyes bloomed with strong fighting will and fighting spirit!

"What about the Dark Patriarch Ancestor!"