My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 895

Vol 5 Chapter 895: Tit For Tat

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Chapter 895

The three holy state judges appeared in person, suspended in the air, and stood in front of the old man in grey shirt with crutches.

The white-browed saint is not salty or light"Old monster, do you want to fight against all our forces?"

The ancestor grinned his sparse teeth and smiled so deeply-"Hey, the old man is a dying person, which is as dynamic as you are, I just came to see this grandson who killed my ineffective Its just a genius."

Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~!

The sound of thunder sounded, and a majestic thundering sword shadow roared loudly, coming in all directions.

Jianguang turned into a middle-aged man with star robe. He was wearing Guanyu, Qiyu Xuanang, and a pair of sharp eyes with Lei Mang stared at the Dark Patriarch ancestor. !

"Old monster, don't mess up. In the Quartet, you move any contestant against all our forces."

The ancestor put his smile away and glanced at him sullenly: "Leiyin Sword Saint... The juniors of that year are now in the final stage of the Holy Realm, and they are almost catching up with the old man."

"Relax, the old man will not be arrogant enough to disturb your Quartet Conference. I'm just going to look at the young people now, or do you not have the guts to let the old man go and see?

The three old men wanted to speak, and Lei Yin Jiansheng raised his hand.

"There is nothing to dare. If you dare to make trouble, I will immediately target you. Your shadow escape can't avoid my lightning eyes."

"Oh, confidence is a good thing..."

The ancestor smiled deeply, and slowly landed in the void. Leiyin Jiansheng followed, and the three elders looked at each other and returned to their seats.

The old man in the grey shirt came to the meeting place, and a little chill appeared in the whole meeting place. This chill is the instinctive alertness of the life-threatening distribution!

Countless young viewers are almost suffocating, and their pupils are trembling!

There is probably no younger generation in the venue who can stay calm in front of this old man!

The geniuses who are as strong as the celestial pavilion are trembling at this time, like the little white rabbit who can see the dragon flying in the sky, he dare not move!

Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion, a living legend in the killer world! Did you arrive at the venue in person?

It is said that there are more than ten holy places that died in his hands!

He is one of the most brutal legends in the strange land. There are many stories about him and ancient books. There are countless ancient books.

Many young heavens arrogantly supported the wall and fled their legs with trembling legs!

too frightening!

Even if the Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion converged his divine prestige, he had slaughtered countless living creatures and the evil spirit was still enough to deter the emperor under every holy realm!

Staying with him in a meeting place, it is possible that my heart will be shattered and broken!

"The little guy is pretty good, and dare to look directly at the eyes of the old man, and he hasn't scared his urine pants yet. This year's genius list genius is so interesting."

The ancestor looked directly at Lin Chen, his voice hoarse.

The ancestor entered the palace, and the master of the Bingxin Palace and the elder of the Holy Land moved to the void, flashing instantaneously from Lin Chen who left the fighting arena.

Even if there is Leiyin Juggernaut following, they are not at ease!

This old monster has lived for so many years, he can't beat so many holy places in the venue, but it's one more thing to stop him from taking Lin Chen!

"Friend Lin Chen, don't pay attention to him, we will **** you away from the venue, you go to the next game."

When the master of the palace whispered to Lin Chen softly, he found that Lin Chen was walking towards the ancestor of the Dark Pavilion!

Even Lei Yin Jiansheng next to his ancestor was shocked! Although he followed him personally, no one can guarantee that the Dark Pavilion Ancestor will not shoot!

As long as Leiyin Jiansheng was a junior, the Dark Pavilion Ancestor was already a legend of the famous strange land!

After coming back to God, Lin Chen has walked to a distance of ten feet away from the Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion!

The two face to face, looking at each other!

The atmosphere of the audience became extremely strange!

Those high-level holy places in the dark cabinet that unite with the dark cabinet and hide in the dark, may be rioted at any time!

As long as the ancestors have a look, they will both shoot thunder! In an instant, it will start a rare and rare holy battle!

"Are you the Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion?"

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow and asked with a chuckle. A war emperor stood in front of the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion, but his face was not heartbroken, and he was calm.

"Boy, aren't you afraid of the old man's shot?"

The ancestor's hoarse voice was a bit cruel, a bit curious and puzzled.

"What's so scary, the sacred realm is double, and the sacred realm hasn't arrived, and it hasn't been hammered. You ask to see which holy realms in your dark pavilion, they came to Bingxin Palace most of the months to catch me What is the end, I am not worthy of the four holy realms, you are a fart."

Lin Chenfeng's expression was light and light, but the words he talked about caused a thousand waves!

Lei Yin Jian Sheng's mouth twitched a few times!

All the elder warlords from one to five robbers in the venue were shivering!

Say the craziest words in the calmest tone!

What is the sacred land of the two districts? What makes you a fart?

This is not arrogant at all...

"Damn, the monitor is so handsome!"

"In the presence of the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion, I came up with a double holy scene. I really dare not even think about it..."

Bai Junhao and others can be described as blood boiling!

Talking and laughing, Lin urged talent.

[Activate the Omen of Thief, consume 2 intermediate talent points, gain 15 advanced dark energy.

Boom~! Lin Chen's Nine Tribulation Wheel appeared a very dark and very dark color, occupying the most important position!

15 o'clock! Equivalent to 1.5 billion intermediate dark energy! Dark Robbery has become the strongest!

"Sure enough, it's not an idle person, you really deserve the old man's own shot, the old man has never met a young man like you."

The ancestor smiled sullenly-"I expect that after the conference you will have higher strength than that day, otherwise, you will die miserably."

Lin Chen smiled slightly-"I may not die badly, but I will definitely become more handsome."

Ancestor: "Hahaha!"

Lin Chen: "Ahahaha!"


The loud laughter of the two people rang all over the venue, causing goose bumps in the audience and all the saints.

The warlord Xiuwei dared to face off against the dark patriarch...

This Lin Chen is really a monster...

The single-player martial arts competition continued to be held as usual, and most of the geniuses were disturbed by the appearance of the Dark Patriarchs.

The few geniuses can still play normally, and on the side of Lin Chen, the dark horse club has been fully promoted, Leng Yueqi has won all the way, and won the genius list 89500!

The finalists in the finals are even more dramatic are the Bingxin Palace and the Dark Horse Club!

As a result, Bingxin Palace representative Leng Yueqi took the initiative to concede defeat, and the Black Horse Club won the singles championship!

Single-player martial arts, the perfect ending!

Lin Chen and his party rushed to the refining meeting place non-stop.

As soon as we arrived at the refining medicine meeting place, there were many people in the crowd, and the most eye-catching one in the meeting place!

It was one of the few people who asked to change to a combination of refining medicine, a man and a woman, a lady in a purple dress and a young boy in a white shirt standing side by side.

In the refining competition, you can combine two refining masters to make medicine, but the requirements of the combination are higher, and it is more difficult to advance. In non-special circumstances, there are almost no players who combine medicine!

This time, I met two pairs, one of them is one of the four geniuses in Qianmei Palace; Yun Lingling and Yun Zhentian in Juetian Pavilion!

On the other side; Dark Horse Club Zhende should match Han Ziyun of Shengdan Pavilion!

"It seems that we have just arrived."

Lin Chen smiled, his eyes sparkled with fanaticism and anticipation!