My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 896

Vol 5 Chapter 896: Zhende Should Be Crazy?

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Chapter 896

"Zi Yun, what is good with those dog men, come to Qianmei Palace with me, I will definitely let you regain the happiness of being a woman!"

Yunling Ling in Qianmei Palace was about to cry, and pleaded pityfully for Han Ziyun.

Lin Chen, who had just arrived at the venue, almost spit out old blood!

Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er's pretty faces have similar "headache" expressions.

"This is Yun Lingling in Qianmei Palace, a cousin of Yunzhentian in the Peerless Pavilion, she loves women, and hates men very much. I thought that Liner and I were not tossed by her much, even the practice was hiding from her. She also got sister Ziyun..."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched and looked subconsciously at Sister Su Lan...

At the college, the sisters were not interested in boys...

The two sisters had blushing faces, Xia dyed their cheeks, and Lin Chen's eyes were white, and he gave a haha: "Zi Yun should not lose, I believe her."

Han Ziyun shook his head helplessly.

"Sister Ling'er, it's useless, I won't give up this championship."

Yun Lingling's silver teeth bite lightly: "Then I can only defeat your cousin!"

Yun Zhentian sneered with sarcasm.

"Miss Ziyun, you are not looking down on you at the moment, you have a very low chance of initiating a joint refining medicine. My cousin and me, as well as Ziyun girl, you have all been taught by a saint-level apothecary. Joint test."

After that, he glanced at Zhende Ying.

"It's useless to say more, just accept the chapter."

Han Ziyun's expression gradually became cold.

"Huh, take the shame! I really think alchemy is not a battle!"

Yun Zhentian sneered.

Lin Chen's doppelganger was indifferent, and he saw the mentally disregarded look.

"Now that the two sides have determined the joint refining of medicine, it will officially begin! The defeat of either side will be eliminated by the two, and it will be impossible to screen for the second match and determine the place on the spot."

The Holy Judge calmly announced.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and there were only two Holy Realm judges on the empty seats, which was the least one of the highest judges in all events.

However, it has the highest gold content!

Because those two are representatives of the eighth-order apothecary of Xuanyu and Qiyu, the holy-level apothecary!

As for a few grades, it is not the level that Lin Chen can snoop.

Seven or eight strong powers of refining medicine stared attentively at the four people in the meeting place, looking full of anticipation.

"This joint refining medicine is equivalent to the early holding of the finals!"

"Several medicine geniuses in the field are trying to refine the seventh-order peak spirit pill that is superior to the seventh-order top grade! It is said that Yunzhentian, who is in the heavenly pavilion, refined the seventh-order peak spirit pill ten years ago. success."

"Yun Lingling is also a little monster. The two were born in the Yunjia family of refining medicine. Although they have been reduced to the third-grade family, they were the fourth-grade refinery in their heyday. No one knows what they are hiding. what"

"Han Ziyun of Shengdan Pavilion is also not ordinary. It is said that when testing his talents, the ancestor of Shengdan was shocked and broke into a disciple. This is the kid of the dark horse club, which is completely behind..."

Most of the elders of the refining power are old antiques, they only appreciate the field and skills of refining, and other things can't be beaten.

Cultivating to their level, only to achieve extremely outstanding achievements in the field of alchemy can shake them.

The dark horse club is the most popular, but they will only marvel at it.

The higher the level of refining medicine, the more it needs talent, resources, experience, environment, and knowledge.

Resources accumulate experience, famous teachers give instructions to reduce the bottleneck interval, and a good environment can compete with various pharmacists to refine their skills. With these prerequisites, talents can be maximized.

The above conditions are the necessary conditions for becoming a top-level pharmacist. Refining medicine is not an area where no one can find a safe place to break through and practice. Instead, let the pharmacists of all parties collide with each other to get the most shining one.

On alchemy, Lin Chens performance in the preliminary round alone is considered to be the best, but they are not qualified to make them really value it!

Yun Zhentian flicked his sleeves, tens of thousands of 7th-order medicinal herbs and two holy snow bone ginseng, thousands of silver holy yuan coins piled up, and three green dragon monasteries stood up and appeared!

Yun Lingling tuned out two red furnaces, one fire and one water, Fengding Longkou, the furnace mouth facing south and north, a three-year-old ten years old green sedge, thousands of superb seventh-order medicinal herbs!

The two stared at each other, nodded, one left and one right, their mental power appeared like a tide, their hands were swiftly imprinted, and their fighting spirit turned like a river of heaven. Around all the medicinal materials, hundreds of medicinal materials were first put into the Dan furnace!

Thousands of fingerprints are changing rapidly, like the flowing clouds converging, the alchemy fingerprints of the two are in a vein!

"Hiss! How dare they control more than two furnaces at the same time!"

"This is the Liuyun Qingxin handprint of the Yun Family, the top-ranking alchemy handprint of the Purple Order!"

"There is no doubt that both of them are the seventh-tier peak alchemist!"

With two shots in one shot, the four were shocked. The eyes of the old antiques of the refining power were gleaming, and some low-level refining pharmacists were dizzying and enthusiastic!

This is the state of their lifelong pursuit! Pills in the refining panacea can control the extraction of hundreds of medicinal materials. The clouds are light and the wind is flowing!

"Well, a good little guy, the alchemy handprints are purely green, and they have the charm of their Yunzu ancestors."

"Both are good talents and beautiful jade. In the future, I have the opportunity to ascertain the potential of the eighth-tier pharmacist."

The two saint-level pharmacists glanced at each other and applauded.

One of the Supreme Referees did not conceal the envy in his eyes. Xuan Yu had this genius. In the future, it is necessary to add a Holy Grade Alchemist!

Looking back at the wonderland, below the Sipin sect, most of the young people present are still at the top of the seventh-tier top grade, or they are hitting the top level of the seventh-tier.

"Look at this posture, it should not be refining the seventh-level peak medicine, but the eighth-level!"

A group of old antiques who stayed at the seventh-grade peak for thousands of years seriously said.

"Yes, only the eighth-order elixir requires more than one red furnace, but the complete eighth-order elixir, even if it is only one product, is not something that these two little guys can jointly refine!"

Another old antique fell into thought.

How can Shengdan be so easy to refine, even with the perfect two, even if there are ten seventh-tier peak refining pharmacists that work together seamlessly, the success rate is not more than 10%!

"Oh, it's a good thing to have fighting spirit. Are they going to refine the eighth order young pill?"

The saint-level apothecary on behalf of Qiyu smiled at another referee.

The latter attacked the ink shirt, Xianyun Yehe, nodded and smiled: "Yes, what they want to refine is the Yipin Shengdan composed of the Yun family: Fuling Xuesheng Dan."

The former shook his head and marveled: "The seventh-order pill medicine contains spirituality. The eighth-order pill medicine has wisdom and complete life. The difficulty of the young pill is much lower than that of the complete holy pill. Caidibao and Yinshengyuan coins are warmly raised, and one day they will step into the real Shengdan grade!"

Just finished, the two referees in the void suddenly stiffened!

brush! brush! brush!

Most of the audience of the pharmacists in the audience suddenly stood up!

Their expressions were stunned, as if they saw some incredible pictures!

At this moment, even the two holy-level pharmacists suddenly took a breath!

I saw; Han Ziyun is behind, Zhende should be in front, standing in front of the two, there are ninety-nine furnaces?

Zhende should be crazy?