My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 897

Vol 5 Chapter 897: Is There Such A Practice?

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Chapter 897

The minds of all people in the refining meeting place were similar.

Is this kid crazy?

Ninety-nine furnaces? Even a Saint-level pharmacist cannot be controlled at the same time. Is it possible that he is better than a Saint-level pharmacist?

Some of the old antiques recovered, scorned their faces, and pouted.

"It seems that this kid is broken and bluffed."

"That's why the old man hates the young man, the flashy, the young guy is the deadliest."

The two supreme judges glanced at each other, shaking their heads and laughing.

"It seems that there is really no such thing as this. If I use the ninety-nine furnaces, I can only simply extract some medicinal materials. If I really control the refining medicine, nine of them are the limit."

"Every year, there will always be a few wonderful flowers to attract the public, but unfortunately this Han Ziyun Nizi was also dragged into the water."

As strong as a saint-level pharmacist, it is not as easy to control the ninety-nine furnaces for precise refining. Can this young man surpass the two?

Yun Ling Ling, who is refining medicine, was shocked: "What do they want to do?"

Yun Zhentian sneered: "Don't distract yourself, they are disgracing themselves. I'm afraid the real purpose is to distract us, affect the joint refining medicine, and concentrate on the Alchemy Handprint!"

Yun Lingling was hesitant, and she saw Han Ziyun's unprecedented seriousness, but she was not in a state of half-joke!

"Are they really able to control ninety-nine red furnaces? Impossible! As long as I and my cousin have refined the eighth-order red pill, all variables will not exist!"

Yun Lingling is no longer confused, and concentrates on the process of refining medicine to concentrate on assisting Yun Zhentian!

The audience's reaction was shocked, or sneered, sneered, or ridiculed. Unless they saw Han Ziyun's reputation, the on-site referees had already suspended the game.

The only people in class 66 in the audience were full of expectations!

And Lin Chen's eyes are also full of fanaticism!

"Taoyuan Capsule, open!"

Wow~! The branches and leaves growing in the sky are swaying the silver sacred Yuan coins and the massive treasures of heaven and earth.

"This... this is Qi Yun Ling Zhi?"

"Carry two strains of luck with you, is it the dark horse club, Lin Chen!"

One green and one red, two great spirits were born, and Lin Chen was released in the VIP seat. Some branches of the Qingyao and Longqing trees, there were countless pharmacists trembling!

Zhende should beckon with a beckoning, the sky of silver holy yuan coins and all kinds of medicinal herbs are neatly poured into the Dan furnace, even if it is the bluff that everyone thinks, it is still relishing!

Sigh~! Zhende should urge the alchemy handprint, the waves are rippling, the spiritual power is as thin as a hairspring, and the running of the clouds and the water will rise!

Brush brush!

Zhen Deying's hands are clutched, the flowing water of the fingertips is the blue light, his hands are endless, the lightning is extremely fast, the spiritual power is divided into thousands of parts, and each of the red furnaces is controlled for fine operations!

Each medicinal material is injected into the Dan furnace, and the impurities are melted in an orderly manner, the impurities in the shell are stripped off, and gradually purified!


The two luck plants are like wind and rain, and a lot of medicinal materials are falling, not only hundreds, but thousands, visible to the naked eye!

More innumerable silver holy yuan coins fell next to the red hearth furnace, and a silver holy yuan flame began to burn with a scream, catalyzing and accelerating the refining process!

The old antiques who were sneering at the previous moment are all dumbfounded!

This is a superb view unique to the pharmacist!

A large number of medicinal materials were flashing on the top of the ninety-seventh-order dan furnace. When they were integrated into the dan furnace, they divided into a large amount of spiritual power and continuously controlled each step of the alchemy handprint to take over the situation in the dan furnace, and quickly extracted the medicinal materials. One step is perfect and impeccable!

The piles of silver holy yuan coins on the ground continue to burn out the bright sparks of silver, such as the star embellishment of the eternal scenery, making this scene imprinted in everyone's hearts!

He really can control ninety-nine furnaces! Moreover, each step of the red furnace is controlled by a seventh-order peak apothecary, and ninety-nine red furnaces are like ninety-nine seventh-level peak apothecists.

"Don't... is he a saint!"

"Oh my god, he can really control ninety-nine furnaces!"

"Eighth-order apothecary? No, his spiritual strength has not even reached half-stepping into the holy, it can't be an eighth-level apothecary!"

Massive audiences and antiques are surprised and doubtful, which one is it?

Bang ~! Bang~!

When everyone was shocked, Zhende should have invested the first plant of the eighth order, the "Crescent Ice Heart Fruit" for Long Qingguo!

Seeing that the strong Shengyuan energy of Crescent Moon Ice Heart Fruit was melted, countless pharmacists sighed with cold air!

Seeing this scene, no one can calm down!

Even the eighth-order medicinal materials have been thrown in. Is this still "bluff"?

This is obviously true!

The two saint-level pharmacists have solemn expressions, because this child's remedy technique really has the charm of a saint-level pharmacist!

"Strange, he obviously didn't even step into the spiritual power of half-stepping into the holy, why his spiritual power can divide multiple manipulations, and each spiritual power holds the consciousness and precision that is no less than the body!"

"In this child, I have practiced a mysterious and powerful mystery technique! The powerful mystery technique can divide the spiritual power to such a level. If this secret is taken out for auction, its value will certainly be no less than that of a complete orange order. law!"

The eyes of the Holy Refining Apothecary in Xuanyu are flashing!

Then, Zhende should change his handprint again, with his left hand "Vientiane Blue Sky Hand" and his right hand "Vientiane Four Clear Seals", he actually displayed two alchemy handprints to create a perfect combination!

"Does he want to refine the eighth order young pill?"

Seeing this scene, the old antiques were utterly silent, and there was a seventh-order peak pharmacist with a dignified expression"Perhaps more than that, the amount of medicinal materials he invested is more than double that of Yun Zhentian and the two! What he wants to refine is the eighth-order finished product. Sundan!"

With this remark, four stunning seats!

Is it possible for a war emperor to refine the eighth-order holy pill?

No, it's impossible! This is common sense and more natural! Throughout the ages, the eighth-level finished Shengdan refining success, Saint-level refining pharmacist, Holy Realm can be cultivated!

"No, according to this refining efficiency and precision, it may be really possible..."

The Holy Refining Pharmacist represented by Qiyu was overjoyed, and soon his face sank!

This subtle mystery is useless no matter how strong it is. Controlling more spiritual will will consume exponentially more mental power. Manipulating such a terrifying spiritual will refining medicine, let alone a day, half an hour is a problem!

Really; the true virtue at this time should have been sweating and panting, and the spiritual power in the spiritual flyover is rapidly being reduced! It's faster than ever!

"This little guy can't hold on, it's a pity, but with this courage and alchemy skills, no one can match it!"

Xuanyu referee simply commented, but the evaluation was abnormally high.

At this moment; Han Ziyun's hand slapped to Zhen Deying's shoulder and delivered the already prepared massive spiritual power to the former!

At this time, Han Ziyun rarely showed her lovely side. Her pretty face was flushed, her pink cheeks and cheeks were bulging, and her lips were filled with spiritual medicines, like a hamster.

"Huh? This nizi wants to send him mental power, but it's not enough..."

The curious referee frowned, his voice just dropped.

"The Ultimate Return!"

Bang ~! Zhende should be gleaming with brilliance, his tired look instantly became radiant, and the refining medicine caused a great loss of mental strength and fighting spirit. In this very short time, it quickly made up!

The two eighth-order pharmacists finally turned their faces together!

I don't know who is ignorant of the brazen words.

"What the **** is this fucking?"