My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 898

Vol 5 Chapter 898: Saints Gather

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Chapter 898

Zhende should scare the holy level apothecary with a move of Extreme Return!

Really too fake? The spiritual power of Tongtian Realm's perfection can only be filled up in one breath, and even the depleted fighting spirit is so?

Such awe-inspiring exercises are unheard of by even the eyes of the eighth-ranking Alchemist!

If this method can be used on saints, it is definitely enough to set off a **** wind in the holy order!

The Holy Spirit's "power of the holy element" is comparable to that of the war emperor. If you want to replenish the holy element, you can only absorb a large amount of silver holy yuan coins and want to quickly recover. energy.

The most commonly used is the holy element stored by the saints own mind, which is the foundation.

Ordinary saints, who can afford to take Shengdan to restore the "Holy Element", Li Ruo used such a perverted trick to recover at the juncture of the life and death crisis, enough to control the battle life and death!

At the moment of using "Limited Return", Lin Chen's eyes became particularly excited and dignified, with two emotions intertwined.

Regarding the spiritual realm, Han Ziyun, who is also a complete world, is even stronger than his own. The refinement of Shengdan is not so simple. The more the back, the more horrible consumption, and even the ultimate return may not be able to keep up!

"He actually can control ninety-nine furnaces?"

Yun Lingling's appearance is discolored, Yun Zhentian is cold and sweaty, and his face is extremely ugly.

"Don't panic, he can't persevere for so long. The complexity of the eighth-order finished medicine is more than several times or even ten times that of Chu Dan. He can't succeed!"

Yun Zhentian stabilized Yun Lingling, and the speed of their refining medicine increased by one more point!

Lin Chen has merged 50% of the cultivation memory of the Palace of the Holy Saint, which is equivalent to obtaining half of the sages refining insights. Of course, this does not mean that he is promoted to the eighth-level pharmacist.

However, Lin Chen obtained an important message in the sacred sacred hand, about the characteristics of the eighth-order sacred pill and the spiritual power of the "superordinary saint.

Spiritual Realm: False, Spiritual, Spiritualized, Dharma, Transcendental, Transcendental, and Every Realm is a new world.

Spirituality can not only be separated from the body for a long time, it can wander farther distance and more precise mental perception, and it can even resist some spirits and combat attacks. This is the beginning of mental powers becoming strong.

And Amazing into the Holy will transform spiritual power into a brand-new living individual. Even if the flesh is destroyed, there is only a trace of spiritual power left, and the body can be reshaped, such as the hundred-footed insect, dying but not stiff!

This is also the reason why the seventh-order peak pharmacist is far from comparable to the eighth-order pharmacist, because the two are exactly one place a day!

The spiritual will to enter the holy realm can be divided into multiple manipulations, and the thinking is far more than ordinary saints!

That's right; spiritual power in the Holy Land can also achieve an effect similar to the "Tai Chi Bible", and vice versa!

Knowing the mysterious realm of this realm, Lin Chen even unlocked the magic of the "Tai Si Bible" and cultivated this secret, which is equivalent to possessing a spiritual control method similar to "entering into the Holy Realm"!

That is to say, although Lin Chen is not an eighth-order apothecary, he can achieve spiritual control similar to that of an eighth-level apothecary, but in terms of the persistence of spiritual manipulation, it is far less than a real eighth-level apothecary!

However, this does not prevent Lin Chen from challenging the refining of the eighth-order Saint Pill! He who holds the'Limited Return' has this possibility!

However, once Lin Chen's doppelganger was successfully refined, these achievements were equivalent to the warlord's victory over the Holy Realm!

That will surely rewrite the history of the refining of the Holy Order billions!


With two explosions, Yun Zhentian and Yun Lingling, Zhende Ying and Han Ziyun failed!

Neither side wants to refine anything. According to the judgment of the two referees, the greatest possibility is that both groups will fail.

The two sides were not discouraged, and they started refining within a quarter of an hour. Zhende should be supported by Lin Chens Qiyun Lingzhi. The medicinal materials were consumed casually, and the seventh-order medicinal materials were enough.

The eighth-order sacred material plus the acquisition of the ancient temple and the sale of Long Qingguo make Lin Chen's heritage also support Zhende should toss five or six times!

If the refining medicine fails, Lin Chen will not lose at all! Because of the colorful energy of the abandoned and exploded medicinal materials, a few attribute light **** will be dropped, and each one is of extremely high quality!

Just fail, afraid of a hair! Just do it!

Both sides started refining medicine again, but there is no doubt that Zhende should be more interesting here!

No matter what, the process of refining the medicinal materials like the flowing clouds of the ninety-nine furnaces is enough to amaze everyone in the venue. It is not enough to watch it many times!

There is the burning and catalysis of the silver holy yuan coin, and the process of refining medicine was once accelerated. In only two days, the two groups of four people failed three times!

Lin Chen harvested the attribute light ball of the failed refining medicine and obtained: 4 points of advanced water energy, 1 point of advanced spiritual power, and 1 point of advanced fire energy.

During this time, Dan Yun continued to emerge, and more Tier 7 top-level medicinal herbs appeared, but compared to this combination of refining medicine, it was inferior to countless times, and it looked uninteresting.

"My God, is this the White Dragon Gate Lord, Bai ShengYi Yi Tian?"

"Even the first floor owner on the 12th floor, the Heavenly Fire Saint, and even the Leiyin Sword Saint! Come on, my goodness, what is this show!"

Numerous audiences were enthusiastic and excited, and the saints all came! A prestigious and powerful saint from all directions came together to watch this joint refining showdown!

Except for the supreme judges who are going to sit in the tournament, all the saints who came to watch the competition gathered in the refining venue, and the scene was unprecedentedly grand!

Bang ~!

When the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion also arrived, countless young audiences and even some old antiques were shocked!

Even the legend of the killer world has come to the venue, how big is the dark horse club!

And the dark patriarch ancestor saw Lin Chen's two great fortunes, and it was even more revealing!

But he did not dare to do it, and he didnt know what to do for Lin Chen before the conference ended!

On the sixth day, the vision changed!

Yunzhentian and Yunlingling's dan furnace are filled with a wave of gestation of new life. This is a sign of the formation of the young dan!

Boom~! Dan Xia sky, shaking the sky!

"Hahaha! Succeeded, my young pill, born! See no, the dark horse club, the only winner in history, how can control ninety-nine stoves, not to lose to me!"

Yun Zhentian, proudly standing under Danxia, appeared a rebellious look, full of contempt and ridicule Lin Chen and others!

At this time, Lin Chen had no time to ignore this stupidity, concentrate on it, and stare at Zhen Deying with his fists!

In these four days, the use of Ultimate Return only consumes 35 intermediate talent points, which is equivalent to 3.5 billion primary talent points!

"Perhaps it is going to fail, and it will be condensed. The little guy's mental control will fail unless he can get to the next level!"

Even the two referees and the old antiques held their breath...

"It's now! The ultimate moment!"

At this moment, the change is steep!