My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 899

Vol 5 Chapter 899: The Rising Legend

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Chapter 899

"The ultimate moment!"

Lin Chen kept to the last "Ultimate Moment" and started suddenly, excited!

Everyone in Class 66 and Leng Yueqi and other women held their breath or closed their eyes and prayed!

Bang ~! Thousands of mental powers are again divided into tens of thousands, and the spiritual manipulation is more subtle.

Not only has the power of the Taishi Bible doubled, the upgraded Ultimate Moment has temporarily boosted the spiritual power, and Lin Chens spiritual power has temporarily surpassed Han Ziyun!

This time, the energy essence of ninety-nine red furnaces started to drive suddenly, and began to move closer to the core red furnace!

The two referees were shocked, he even entered the Ningdan Steps, and his fine mystery, can he even go to the next level?

A chuckle in everyone's heart!

Here comes the last step of Ningdan!

Is it defeated?

Or rewrite history?

The two handprints of Zhendeying are changing very fast. Except for the sages, there is no trace of knotting at all. It is too fast!

The consumption of mental energy has more than doubled. Lin Chen will use the limit return almost every half-cent hour, which is the premise of Han Ziyun to maximize his mental energy!

The energy essences extracted from the ninety-nine red furnaces continue to converge, and a stronger and new life is born!

"Ziyun, now!"

Lin Chen, who was outside the venue, burst into tears. At this time, his avatar was in an unprecedented high concentration state, and there was no gap between words. He devoted himself to Ningdan!

Lin Chen burst into a sigh, Han Ziyun grasped it and quickly stood side by side with "Zhen De Ying".

When the two's spiritual powers touched together, instead of disturbing each other, they were heart-shaped, allowing the Ningdan step to stabilize, and the two spiritual powers condensed with each other, condensing all the essence energy, and finally the fusion was completed!

Boom~! A sacred light broke through the clouds, and the eighth-order sacred celestial body suspended in the sky was green.

Just after he was born, Shengdan turned into a teenager with green hair. He was naked and frightened. He wanted to escape from this place and was imprisoned by the unique space in the venue.

The'Eighth-order Young Pill' who transformed into a little fox aside shivered under the pressure of the finished Shengdan...

The eighth-order young pill has to accumulate years to absorb spirituality, and it must feed countless precious medicinal materials and silver holy yuan coins. Between them, there is a huge gap.

Countless pairs of greedy and surprised eyes stared at the eighth-order Saint Pill, compared with Yun Zhentian's eighth-order young pill, the temptation of this finished Saint Pill was countless times stronger!

That incomparable Yun Zhentian was completely stunned, and lost his soul!

His pride and arrogance were completely crushed!

The single player martial arts lost to the Black Horse Club, even his proudest alchemy!

"how is this possible"

Yun Ling's pretty face was pale, and her staring body shivered when staring at the indifferent white shirt bathed in holy light in the field...

"Really successful!"

Han Ziyun's expression was excited, Lin Chen, who looked at the outside of the field with a wonderful look, was quite a little emotional.

At this moment, it was like that day when the Han family took part in the medicine refining competition, but at this moment, she finally stood beside him, no longer just under his protection!

Without the help of Han Ziyun, this refining medicine is extremely difficult to succeed. Her spiritual realm is far beyond the normal Lin Chen's. The spiritual foundation is very strong, and the coordination is perfect. In the end, even if she has a little hesitation, Ning Dan will fail!

"He did it! He really did it!"

"Miracle, we have witnessed the miracle! The eighth-order Shengdan refined by the Emperor Zhanhuang, this is a miracle!"

Countless audiences and those old and unruly antiques all fell into revelry and tears!

They have witnessed history! After today, the dark horse club Zhende should be named, and it will be full of strange domains, mysterious domains, and even thirty-six domains!

Bang~! Smallpox crashed, and Jinhui was brilliant.

Lin Chen's avatar exploded a golden character.

"94125 in the list of geniuses, Zhen Deying, title: Peerless Dan Sheng!"

Holders of the gold list were everywhere, and their deepest impression of Zhen Deying became his title in no time!

"The history of the 36th domain of the Holy Realm has been broken! From ancient times to the present, there may be a limit of the evil demon list to challenge the Holy Realm in the Five Tribulation and the Emperor's Cultivation, but there is absolutely no genius who can practice in the state of perfection in the heaven. Even if it was an eighth-tier apothecary's self-reducing spiritual state, it would not work to make an eighth-tier finished medicine!"

"The future Dandao milestone! How old is he, my goodness!"

The two Saint-level referees were so excited that they left the seat and flew directly into the court, holding Zhende Ying's hand tightly!

"Zhende Yingxiaoyou, no! Zhendeying Your Excellency, girl Han Ziyun, if you don't dislike, you can come to my Dandian if you have time, we welcome you at any time, and if you have the opportunity in the future, I hope I can discuss it with you. The skill of medicine!"

The excitement of the two saints and the true virtue should be discussed with their peers, and Han Ziyun was even flattered.

Seeing this and this scene, countless people are envious but not envious...

Being able to refine the eighth-tier finished medicine is enough to become an ordinary person of the eighth-tier apothecary. In time, Zhende should surely surpass all the apothecists present!

The saints in the Qi party hall were amazing!

This is a true legend, rising in the 36th domain!

At this time, there are still some contestants who have not finished the medicine refining, but there is no doubt about the champion.

Lin Chen was secretly glad in his heart. Fortunately, the ancient **** and his old man had a rich collection, and there were collections of holy-level refining medicinal handpieces.

"The champion of refining medicine has been won, and the points are completely enough to buy the Shura Jiuhuang change, and now there are Jian Bao and the fortune-teller, the team martial arts, and the temperament!"

Lin Chen secretly said that the two Saint-level referees flicked their sleeves, suppressed his eighth-order Saint Pill back to the form of the Elixir, and sealed it into the jade bottle with the space secret technique and handed it to Lin Chen.

The master of Bingxin Palace and Taishang elder looked at each other and saw each other's shock!

Along the way, they have seen too many miracles around Lin Chen!

"The young people who follow this little Lin Chen are really all evils! As long as enough time is given, the future will definitely be on the evils list!"

"In the past, there was a **** who was under the gods, Lin Linchen, one emperor, and four sages, and then there was a sword that only respected the son of the second-grade chamber of commerce. Too strong, everyone in this dark horse club is a peerless evil!"

There are many saints who have similar ideas with Bingxin Palace!

At the same time, the saints who united with the Dark Pavilion felt the threat from the "Dark Horse Club"!

Each of them is extremely troublesome. If they do not kill now, they will definitely be the number one strong enemy in the future!

"Hey, eighth order Shengdan, sooner or later..."

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion was somber and sneered.


In Wanri Square, an extremely Merry Cloud Eagle swooped across the sky, and the young man leapt to the venue.

"Oh, will I come too late, Jing Chen may have won the singles and team championships..."

This Yushu Linfeng young man is like the patriarch of the Peerless Pavilion! The youngest and fastest legend in the history to reach the 70,000 genius list!

"Lin Chen, right, your head is destined to be mine!"