My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 900

Vol 5 Chapter 900: Ghost Axe Zhen Dechang

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Chapter 900

Luo, who had just cast the seventh-tier peak warrior, was stunned in place. When he looked up, his mouth was slightly open, shocked and shocked!

A group of older caster masters from Qiyu and Xuanyu stood up!

"What do you really want to do in this dark horse club?"

"He didn't need any casting tools in this casting finals. How is he going to heaven?"

As strong as the three eighth-tier casters, it was amazing. Between the clouds and clouds, a young man in a black robe saw his face sharply, the wind moved, the clouds covered the mist, and a red war gun was born!

The red gun is shining through the holy light, such as a red dragon phantom winding, the gunpoint is orange and red, the two halberds on both sides are eight feet long, weigh more than 100 million tons, and there is a groove left at the front of the gun.

"This little guy made it, but "Ling Yun Ba Xiao" in the casting record of the heavenly man who was shocked by the heavens!

"Furthermore, the method of viewing it is not a novice at all, it is like an eighth-order caster who has gone through thousands of years!"

"This gun is a sacrificial embryo, as long as there is enough time to warm up, it is only a matter of time to upgrade to a complete sacrificial device! It is even expected to become a second-grade sacrificial device, and there is great room for growth!"

The supreme referees saw the clues, and they made waves in their hearts!

This child already has the level and skill of an eighth-level caster, what he lacks is cultivation practice! If a complete eighth-order sacrificial device is born, his war emperor is difficult to suppress!

"Eighth and eighth order holy items?"

A lot of referees and old casters were air-conditioned! How old is this child?

They have never seen such a young eighth-order caster! At least in the strange domain, mysterious domain, there is no historical record at all!

Moreover, the holy prestige of that sacrificial embryo is infinitely close to the complete one-piece sacristy, which proves that its future potential is excellent!

For such perfect embryos, even the three supreme referees on the scene may not be able to cast such a perfect embryo!

It's a magical work!


Jinde exploded a piece of golden light above his head, and a brand new name appeared.

"94150 in the list of geniuses, Zhende Chang, title: Ghost Axe Work! Affiliation: Dark Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

Zhende held a red gun in his hand and stood above the clouds. With awe-inspiring awe, he exhaled and muttered to himself.

"Fortunately, the attribute values obtained by launching the Omen of theft afterwards are all used to learn the casting technique, and it consumes 150 advanced skills."

The eighth-order sacristy is somewhat rarer than the eighth-order saint!

Casting a holy weapon requires a method of making a complete holy scroll record. The holy scrolls circulating in the Holy Realm are far less than the eighth-order Danfang, making it more difficult to create.

The two reels of eighth-order sacrificial objects held by Lin Chen were obtained from the drop of the attribute treasure chest and from the ancient temple. One is the gun reel.

"The caster also passed, it's time to go to Hui to participate in the team competition!"

Before waiting for the audience to watch the addiction, Zhende took away his red gun and disappeared in a flash!

Countless viewers were dumbfounded for a moment. How did this child run so fast? If it were replaced by other young people, it wouldn't be much more enjoyable for a while...

Arithmetic finals;

This time, it is still the responsibility of the Great Sacred Saint. After the preliminary round and subsequent rounds of selection, only four people entered the finals, that is Xiao Qianyu, Luo Wuchang, Yan Qianyun and Zhendexiu!

And Xiao Qianyu was directly injured by Lin Chen with a flying knife, missed the finals, and the top three competed for hegemony!

The mathematics venue, this is probably the quietest venue in the venue.

All spectators held their breaths and watched the game closely, fearing that they would miss a detail, and the fortune-tellers confronted each other, no matter where the human civilization was born, it was the most exciting time!

They are able to deduce the astronomy, calculate doom, and avoid evil. It is the rarest person in the world!

The saint of fortune emerged from the air, the old man in a green shirt, sleepy eyes, as if never awake.

"It seems that I came just right."

A young Yushu Linfeng slowly sat in the auditorium.

Peerless Pavilion Master Qin Shaotian!

Qin Shaotian's eyes stared at the gorgeous beauty in the field. She was like the most beautiful star under the stars, blurred and gorgeous, and like a rose under the dark night, lurking her beauty, flowers blooming and smiling, but no one can appreciate it. .

"I come to witness the moment when you reach the pinnacle of young mathematicians in the two domains. I will also win the team championship later and become the most worthy man for you!"

Qin Shaotian's eyes showed deep admiration and fascination, Yan Qianyun seemed to feel his sight, and Dai Mei frowned. Leaning on the side of the "Zhende Show" on purpose.

"Well? Who is this person?"

Qin Shaotian was envious of the fire and gritted his teeth.

At this time, the fortune saint slowly spoke.

"Contents of this final: Obtaining celestial beads, the more celestial beads, the winner."

His voice was low, but it was clearly conveyed to everyone's heart.

As soon as he brushed his sleeves, the three-dimensional space of Baizhang emerged out of thin air, and the interior of the space was full of purple and black mysterious beads.

"Tianjizhu contains the general destiny of souls; disasters, disasters, robberies, wonders, blessings, and luck. There are also disasters, disasters, disasters, disasters, and so on. Eliminate. As long as you pick any one of disasters, disasters, and disasters, the wrong one will end."

"Powerful arithmeticians can deduce deeper opportunities in countless fate, some disasters are further fortune, some oddities are a step closer, it is doom. The mathematicians compete is who can approach the limit. The Chinese push shows the ray of truth that is closest to the essence,"

The eyes of the forged saints rarely reveal a trace of sadness-"The fortune-teller travels against the sky, and every step has the risk of falling himself or his client. The more things you peep, the more muddled your destiny."

All present, awe-inspiring!

"The mathematician, don't allow mistakes. This is the most jealous profession between heaven and earth. According to legend, the ancient world has a long history of ancient history. There were historical records in the ancient books. There were god-level pharmacists and god-level casters born between heaven and earth. , But there is no such thing, a god-level operator!"

"The fortune-teller travels against the sky. Since ancient times, the fortune-teller has not become a god. The god-level fortune-teller has the ability to spy on the destiny of God, spy on the end of heaven and earth, and cannot tolerate the existence of heaven and earth!"

Since ancient times, the fortune teller has not been a god, the universally accepted truth of the Holy Realm.

The god-level fortune-teller is threatening heaven and earth or some highest existence, and is completely strangled!

"Oh, people like to nag when they get old. Let's start the finals. The old man will be absolutely fair..."

The fortune saint smiled, and it was to restore the previous look of yawning with sleepy eyes.

Zhen Dexiu was bold and attentive. He turned out to be the first to take the first shot. His mental strength grabbed a Tianjizhu first!

Brush ~! The celestial bead on his hand is glowing with green light, representing the romance, without any doom and disaster.


Many people were shocked, this little guy started to run his arithmetic so quickly?