My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 901

Vol 5 Chapter 901: The Saints Of Anger Are Angry And Angry?

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Chapter 901

Everyone didn't understand why Zhen Dexiu dared to catch Tian Jizhu so quickly!

Only the cyan attribute light visible by Lin Chen's avatar merged into the body.

[The host gains 1 intermediate talent point.

He did not guess wrong!

Zhen Dexiu was excited, and even swallowed a few saliva! The look of a Harazi coming out!

The audience watching the game looked dazed!

its not right! Both Yan Qianyun and Luo Wuchang are still performing arithmetic deductions, so cautious that the audience can feel the seriousness of the two!

Why did this guy like Zhendexiu look like a man with a long face and finally found a woman?

At this time, more than half of the celestial beads suspended in the space cube are shining with the attribute light ball!

More than half have attribute light balls! What is this concept?

This is the most visible attribute value of the Tiandao picking system after a comprehensive attribute upgrade!

Even if the attribute value is only one point, it can be converted into the original low-level and intermediate-level attribute value.

Excited, excited, Lin Chen did not care about it, and launched the Nine Tribulation Warfare to urge the "Nine Tribulation Eyes". As expected, some of the celestial beads with attributed light contained this extremely doom.

"This is what the saints of nature call the blessing of disaster. The dangerous disaster is hidden in the fate. I must bypass it!"

Zhen Dexiu made every effort to urge the "Nine Eyes". Keep prying, and those who have no attribute light are the sky beads that completely contain disasters, disasters, and misfortunes. If you take the wrong one, you will lose!

Finally, Luo Wuchang also shot, carefully grabbed a Tianjizhu, safe and sound.

Yan Qianyun even took away two Tianji beads with one shot! Carefully place Tianjizhu beside you.

Zhen Dexiu's eyes were like electricity, he glanced at the rainbow, and stretched out his hand directly, grabbed five fingers and grabbed the four Tianji beads in one breath?

The other two supreme referees were dumbfounded. They had previously worried that the content of this final was too difficult. This little guy did well and grabbed four at a time. Is he absolutely confident in his own strength?

[Achieve 1 intermediate sky value, 1 advanced mental power, 1 advanced wood energy, 1 advanced skill spirit,]

Attribute light is incorporated into the body, Zhen Dexiu licked his tongue, even more exciting! If you get a celestial bead, it's 100 million, but don't you think of him?

After obtaining the attribute value, Zhen Dexiu threw away the celestial beads like garbage, which was a stark contrast to the former's cautious appearance.

Zhen Dexiu's sleeves are dry when he rolls up his sleeve. He flashes out his five fingers with lightning, quickly holds many Tianji beads, and turns blue and glorious!

"The ultimate moment!"

The power of the mind is doubled, and the power of the Nine Eyes is even more powerful. Zhendexiu's hands fly into the residual image, such as Avalokitesvara.

Yan Qianyun's beautiful eyes shuddered, and in a flash, she saw the shadow of'him' on Zhendexiu, and she seemed to know each other.

"I can't fall behind!"

Yan Qianyun showed his magical powers, and his delicate hands captured each Tianji Pearl accurately and elegantly, which is indistinguishable from the true virtue show. This is already'grabbing', not being carefully calculated and taken. !

Luo Wuchang is messy in the wind...

[Gain 1 Advanced Spiritual Power, 3 Advanced Rune Energy, 1 Advanced Thunder Energy, 2 Advanced Water Energy...]

Zhen Dexiu is madly picking all the way. Only the attribute light he can see is matched with the "nine robbery eyes". It can be said to be even more powerful. The attribute light has hidden disasters. Even if it is only a little, he will not go. bump.

After taking the attribute light ball, Tianjizhu was thrown aside by Zhen Dexiu like garbage.

Zhen Dexiu: "Beauty, don't **** me!"

Yan Qianyun: "Why can't you grab it? You're not alone in the final."

Zhen Dexiu: "Give me a face, don't **** it, tonight I will ask my director to report to your room."

Yan Qianyun was happy: "Really?"

Zhen Dexiu: "I guarantee my personality!"

So far, Yan Qianyun really stopped?

Countless viewers were shocked! Where's the skill of Zhen Dexiu?

Qin Shaotian outside the venue heard it clearly, almost exploded in situ, his hair was erected, his teeth squeaked.

The little boy next to him pointed to Qin Shaotian and asked curiously, "Ma Ma, that brother's hair is upright."

The young woman covered her boy's eyes and smiled, "Son, lick the dog to the end. You don't have to lick the dog in the future."

Seeing that Zhendexiu's ingested Tianjizhu is about to break through 400, even the saints are not calm!

"Isn't this kid cheating? Impossible, Tian Jizhu set by the old man himself can't crack the mystery of ordinary saints...but this is too scary, 400!"

The saints of saints have no sleep, and a trembling man pulls his beard!

Sigh~! When Zhen Dexiu ingested 450 Tianji beads, the Saint of Fortune swiftly put away the space. At this time, Luo Wujichang had only 28 Tianji beads and was ingested into a day of'Blessing in Tribulation' Ji Zhu was defeated.

Yan Qianyun had 232, but he abstained halfway and his strength has not reached the bottom. The most perverted true virtue show is 450!

The champion is no doubt! The champion is a true virtuous show!

Zhen Dexiu also wanted to catch it again, the fortune saints put it away, not only disappeared, but also the attributes of the existing celestial beads disappeared!

"It's a pity! It's not only a loss of 100 million, it's more than 10 billion!"

Its a pity that Zhen Dexiu shouted, and he said to the saints innocently and sincerely: "Lets do it again! I want to catch a thousand more!"

The referees frowned...

Several other Supreme Referees frantically covered their mouths and smirked, this kid is really'human and animal harmless'!

You still want to come back to the content of such a difficult final. Where do you put the old face of the saints?

The old face of the forged saint is slightly embarrassed, but his eyes suddenly sharpened!

"The old man now suspects that you are cheating! Huh, let the old man come and deduce yourself!"

As soon as this remark came out, it shocked the powerful players!

Even the fortune saints are going to take part in the calculation of the heavenly plane? Or to a young junior?

Bang ~! The Ladder of Destiny that emerged in the preliminary rounds once again winds up, and the sacred light of thousands of soft waters shines on the body of Zhende Show, which makes every strong player present be frightened!

The water and soft holy light that pours down from the ten thousand acres seem to be plain and unobtrusive, and can be felt by the cultivation of a certain level. The glory is full of penetrating power!

The creatures shining by the light, I am afraid that even the secrets that penetrate deep into the bone marrow and even the meridians will be seen through!

Its fate is no exception!

The two supreme referees frowned.

This really means a little bit angry and angry!

The main reason is that the Saints made great efforts to prepare a high-quality final content for this final.

If Yan Qianyun won the championship, he has no doubt that this son's arithmetic level is even rare in his life!