My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 902

Vol 5 Chapter 902: Mysterious Woman

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Chapter 902

Yan Qianyun won the championship, and the saints will take it for granted.

But if it is this unpredictable Zhende show, he does not approve!

He did feel the existence of arithmetic in Zhen Dexiu's mental trajectory, but it was far inferior to Yan Qianyun.

And his arithmetic skills are limited in grade, and the growth potential is even worse than the former, but now this boy's achievements are so evil, is this not so greasy?

If you let this kid become a champion, if the world finds that this champion has water in the future, it means that he is a saint who has no eyes, and his name is destroyed by this son!

So he must be strict and cautious!

"Senior man, it's almost enough. What do you care about with a junior..."

"What's more, there are two of me present today. You're still afraid that neither of us can see through. This little guy really hasn't cheated or cheated..."

The words of the two were stuck in the throat, and I just found out that the fortune saints began to look dignified!

"It's impossible, the old man can't deduce even your most basic omen? This is impossible!"

Boom~! The Rou Shui Shengguang reflected again, and Zhende's face stood inside without changing its color, and the clouds were light and windy.

The sages of cold sweat persevered, and the expression became even more incredible!

No, no, nothing!

He can't figure out the origin of this kid!

Even the most basic ominous sign, there is no trace of it!

The general situation of his fate seems to be nothingness!

"Even the young people in the evildoer list can't escape the old man's eyes, but why is there no trace of this child, his fate seems to be nothing, or is it hidden? Where is he really sacred!"

At his level, Mo said that the top of the list of geniuses, even the fate of the enchanted talents of the enchanted list can't escape his eyes, but the kid in front of him can't move!

"Could it be said that there is a relationship between him and his list of talents?"

The Fortune Saint completely frightened to live in the void! His face showed a hint of horror that was hard to conceal!

The list of geniuses is the field where the world's top peerless geniuses can enter.

On that list, every sage is shaking history, subverting the common sense of the Holy Realm, creating countless miracles, and opening up a new field of existence!

Once young and frivolous, he first arrived at the peak of arithmetic and wanted to get a glimpse of the destiny of the top priests in the world!

Then and now, just now and now! What he deduced was just chaos!

And later, he even attracted the scourge of death because of the deduction of the genius's destiny, almost fell to death, and finally retired to the strange domain and the mysterious domain...

Sweat infiltrated the saint's clothes, his anger from the beginning, to doubt, dignity, shock, to fear!

Even if this child is not a sage list, I am afraid that the beginning has a great relationship with the sage list! You can't provoke, you can't provoke it altogether, from exposing it to escape, and even more from killing yourself!

"What's wrong?"

"Don't the senior saints find anything?"

The scene of sudden silence made the viewers wonder. Those who are attentive have discovered the anomaly of the saints of creation, and the inner waves are not small!

As a millions-year-old fox, the Cult of Saints quickly withdrew his gaze, waved his sleeves, and withdrew the'Ladder of Fate'.

His old man pretended to be calm and calmly said-"Well, the old man misunderstood you, and he has such strength at a young age. Come on, the old man is optimistic about you. This championship is definitely a true virtuous show!"

This change in attitude is somewhat intriguing!

But any strong man with a far-reaching experience smelled a different taste in it! Fortune-telling Saints have some embarrassment!

In the first second, Lin Chen was cheating and cheating, and the next second was quickly recognized!

What must have been discovered in the deduction of Zhen Dexiu's fate!

"Hey, this old guy should have discovered my destiny. He can't detect any traces before he feels suspicious and fearful. I must have had a bitter and strong hatred against him, but only those attribute values!"

Zhen Dexiu is as expected, the only pity is the attribute value that was taken away.

"Not even his general destiny can be seen through? How exactly is it like Lin Chen..."

Yan Qianyun on the side was puzzled. The final of the arithmetic operator ended in this unexpected result. The Dark Horse Club won another championship!


Zhende should rush to the Jianbao final venue after finishing the medicine refining competition.

The treasures finals are in full swing!

A variety of different treasures appeared in turn, and the audience watching the games were dazzled and dazzled! I'm hooked!

In the finals, except for the Longyang in the Peerless Pavilion, Lin Chen's avatar and the mysterious woman are left!

At this time, a large amount of antiques and collections are placed in the venue, some are rusty, some are broken and intact, and some of the treasures are condensed and the gold jade is defeated by others!

There are at least tens of thousands of antiquities! There are only four people in the finals. At this time, three of these four people are racing to identify various antiquities!

"In this star jade, there is a top-level swordsmanship of order seven!"

Zhen Deying's Zijin pupil turned the golden brilliance. With one hand, a rusty ancient sword, it was pulled out of the blade, and there was a sword hidden in the sword itself!

"This sword is a son-mother double sword. Although the mother sword is damaged, the son sword is a seventh-order top-grade Vientiane Dragon Yin sword!"

Zhende Yingbaos speed, opening efficiency, and accuracy have made many treasurers of old rivers and lakes nod and applaud!

This child is skilled, sharp-eyed, handsome in posture, and moves quickly, must be a habit... a master!

However, to maintain this skill, according to the treasure appraisal project of the previous Quartet, it must be the champion, but this time is different!

Bang ~!

The light blue jadeite floating in the bright colors is suspended, and Zhende should tremble his pupils!

"This object is an eighth-order sacred material, Wan Zaixuan Qingbo, although only a small part is enough."

The mysterious woman with a shawl on her shoulders and a cloak who didn't show her true smile laughed lightly.

She is the most calm person in the finals! Outrageously strong!

Even several supreme judges were amazed again and again. Every time they didnt take it, they took it.

Even Lin Chen and his team were in a high level of tension during the game!

"What a terrific woman, she ran up the ultimate moment and was caught up by her too!"

Lin Chen's eyes are dignified, and this treasure appraisal meeting may only be second to second place.

"Who is this woman? It's so good! I just heard that the judges' evaluation of her is close to the level of the holy treasurer!"

"Why haven't I heard of such a No. 1 woman? I like the most beauties in the genius list. How come I have no impression of her?"