My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 903

Vol 5 Chapter 903: Team Martial Arts

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Chapter 903

Everyone was amazed by the mysterious beauty's background and means!

"It is said that the conference did not disclose her name, and even my master couldn't see her origin."

A crowd of young audiences secretly wondered. The Dark Horse Club was in the limelight recently. Seeing that someone could suppress this force, some people were dark.

"The people in the dark horse club are going to lose, haha! It deserves that who made Lin Chen so high-profile and arrogant, and dare to take out his luck and plant it, this kind of person should kill the street!"

"That is, if you have the strength, you should be low-key and high-key. Let's meet an expert now. Grass, it's really cool, I can't wait to see what the Dark Horse Club wants to lose!"

Some envious young Tianjiao are addicted.

At this moment, the mysterious lady in the cloak laughed softly.

"Lord Lin Chen, the famous, do you want a champion? If you want your dark horse club to win the champion of the treasure appraisal project, if you can answer my question, I will give in."

The sudden request made Lin Chen's eyes instantly shift to the audience, Lin Chen, he was stunned and then asked.

"Dare to ask the girl's question?"

The mysterious lady chuckled: "Who am I? You can only guess once. If you are wrong, there is no chance!"


Lin Mouzheng, what is the problem?

The audience was also stunned! It's all about the finals. It's almost time to win or lose. Can we still make this one?

The mysterious lady stopped the process of appreciating treasures and left Zhende to take action, but she was not impatient and apparently had absolute confidence to win the championship!

Lin Mou felt her chin, and the beauties in the field faced each other...

He looked at the people in front of him for a long time, and suddenly, a flash of light flashed! He beat his thigh!

Well, this is Nizi!

Lin Chen coughed: "Cough and cough, things have to start from a dusk."

The audience twitched, its all in the finals, where are you going to tell the story and tell a hair!

"In the evening of a certain city, a young man named Jiang Lezhi disguised as a mathematician and tried to get close to a beautiful lady of a mansion. Later, the man cured the stubborn illness of the young lady and activated her blood... "

The more people listened, the more wrong it was, how did it feel so much like the story of Azhen falling in love with Aqiang next door...

In class 66, everyone's eyes are brighter, more shocking and joyful, and their expressions are excited and happy. A name is about to come out!

"Does this sister say..."

Before everyone in Class 66 responded, the mysterious lady flew to the auditorium to do something totally different from her previous restraint, and hugged Lin Chen!

Lin's tiger body was shocked, Xiangxiang softly embraced her, thought she was going to be pinched by Sister Yueqi again, but she didn't expect to care about him.

"I thought you would forget me."

The woman's gentle and pleasant voice was a bit bitter.

Lying trough?

The audience was collectively stunned, and those young Tianjiao who admired the secret love of this mysterious woman even broke their hearts!

It's a person who can hear the bitterness in the woman's tone. It's like meeting lovers who have been missing a long time!

"Cough cough, how can I forget, I'm just a arsonist, but I don't see one love one."

Mr. Lin's face was rarely red, and he coughed lightly.

The beautiful lady unbuttoned her cloak and revealed her true appearance. She was wearing a jade belt dress and her skin was as thick as frost and her eyes were shining brightly. Her beautiful eyes were as bright as the stars and her jade was bright and gentle. A grip gives a delicate and delicate beauty, slender but not weak.

She has the temperament of everyone's boudoir, and like the princess of the neighboring country, there is a calm elegance and tenderness in the eyebrows and the bones.

"Sister Shangguan, it really is you!"

"It turned out to be Shangguan Bihan, why have you become so powerful!"

Yue Linlin and other girls gathered around at once, Yingying Yanyan embraced together, Leng Yueqi smiled slightly: "Welcome back."

Shangguan Bihan nodded and smiled: "I'm back, teacher~"

Countless viewers are dumbfounded...

Those who are waiting to see the dark horse club lose the championship are all dumbfounded!

Is the mysterious beauty who is so outrageously strong that Lin Chen's "old lover"?

"Oh my god, this development is too much..."

"Fuck! Feeling that this mysterious goddess has been teased by others!"

"Grandma has one leg. Listen to this tone, and my bones are crisp!"

"It's the relationship with the mother. What's the relationship between her winning the championship and the Black Horse Club winning? It's like a family, and it's almost like he has put him on a table of eight hundred and eighty!"

The sour and arrogant princes who had been waiting for watching a good show now all leave the show with disgrace, this is still a look!

"How about, I finally won you once."

Shangguan Bihan stretched out a small pink fist and smiled proudly at Lin Chen.

This is the thought of the little woman, who makes this guy grow so fast every time, the previous self, can't even catch up with his back, now watching him deflate, inexplicably happy.

"Yes, yes, you won."

Lin Chen laughed.

In the end, the Jianbao project was won by the Black Horse Club. Of course, Shangguan Bihan ranked second.

"Since the Jianbao project is also no problem, then the rest of the rhythm and team martial arts are left!"

Lin Chen's face was excited, and he didn't know how strong the so-called dragon genius.

But at least, what I am now is not the same as before!

Although it is the same as the late Jiuzhong period, it is not an overwhelming difference between Lin Chen and himself before attending the Quartet!

"The nine-color life wheel in the body is about to move, and it may break through at any time to usher in the sky-tribulation. I don't know what my sky-tribulation will be like..."

The team's martial arts matchup, the Black Horse Club's performance in the early stage has been ranked in the top eight. According to the regulations, it must be played within the specified time, otherwise it will be considered as abstention.

"Why haven't the people in the dark horse club arrived yet? Is this going to abstain?"

In the team's venue, a number of referees were extremely dissatisfied. This is almost the end of the quarterfinals, and the last game of the Black Horse Club is left.

What he drew was the confrontation between the two major genres of the fourth grade; the joint team of Qianyin Pavilion and Xianyuezong; the new no-grade power black horse club!

Seeing approaching the end of the team martial arts match, the referee simply announced loudly!

"In view of the black horse club's refusal to participate in the competition, we announced that this time the victory will be won by..."

"It will be won by the Dark Horse Club!"

A young boy's clear voice took the lead, everyone looked at it!

Everyone can't help but shine, and this last team in the venue, men and women, as well as several beautiful women, is an unprecedented level!

Without rushing, they stepped into the venue.

Lin, headed by a sulking smile.

"I'm sorry everyone, on the way we came, we encountered something, and then won a few championships by the way, and delayed the time a little. If you are uncomfortable, please hold back in your heart, because even if everyone said We will not change it when we come out."