My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 904

Vol 5 Chapter 904: Zhan Shuangzong

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Chapter 904

What is it that Shunlu won several championships? Which of the other projects is simple and the champion is so easy to get?

Has this bragging come this year?

"According to the regulations of the General Assembly, there is one hour before the end of the team martial arts match, the judges."

As soon as the words fell, all the figures came into the air, some tore the space, some escaped the void, and some were out of sight. When the audience reacted, they had already entered the venue!

Holy Land, Holy Land, or Holy Land!

Every strong man who arrived at this moment turned out to be a holy land!

"It's really wonderful that Zhende should be able to refine the eighth-order Shengdan with ninety-nine furnaces in one hand.

"Hey, you didn't watch the scene of the Zhende Long Caster. His mother's boy directly cast an eighth-order embryo, which surprised all the old ghosts who were referees!"

Ninety-nine red furnaces refining the eighth-order holy pill? Casting an eighth-order embryo?

The conversation between the saints made the audience in the team martial arts venue dumbfounded!

Is this still what people do!

The geniuses in the Peerless Pavilion sitting on the VIP seat gradually lost their fighting spirit and courage. After all, the people in the dark horse club are too abnormal...

The rumors from the following saints even made countless audiences scalp numb!

"You should come to see the finals of the mathematician. That Zhende show is a real show. I was afraid of the old ghost. The old man saw the old guy sweating coldly through a conference hall, ha ha ha! It was so cool to see him cold sweated by a junior!

"If the really handsome man can enter my sword pavilion, it will be the future generation of sword saints!"

"The sword that broke out of the orange-level sword skill of the single-player martial arts was enough to be ranked in the top five in previous conferences. If this kid's cultivation is more than a robbery, the first sword in the conference is none other than it. what!"

Orange-level sword skills? Oh my god, this one is ridiculous!

If it were not for the saint's mouth, everyone here could not believe it!

Seeing so many saints gather at the team martial arts venue, the referees who originally wanted to make things difficult for Lin Chen and his team looked a little ugly. The holy realms came from the "Dark Horse Club", dare to refuse to let them participate?

"Huh! Only the last hour is left, no one can make an exception to the rules of the conference, and seize the time yourself."

The referees snorted vigorously.

Lin Chen smiled and took Class 66 with the exception of Han Ziyun and Shangguan Bihan.

Brush ~!

The afterimage passed, Yan Qianyun also rushed to the team martial arts venue.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Shaotian kissed Jue Tiange camp!

"Is the patriarch!"

"The Lord of the Pavilion is finally here! Really, he is a dark horse club!"

Seeing the arrival of the Patriarch, the morale of all the geniuses was greatly boosted!

Qin Shaotian heard everyone's simple summary, the eyes that were originally jealous were even more murderous!

"Jianfeng and Ayu were both seriously injured by them, and Dai Hua was killed..."

The more Qin Shaotian's anger is, the calmer the surface is!

Such people are extremely scary.

His eyes are sharp, and he has already seen the problem. The Juetian Pavilion now seems to have lost only two or three geniuses, and is actually facing a crisis of dissolution!

The collapse of confidence is about to face. If you do not pass this level, the confidence and courage of Jue Tiange will be completely disintegrated internally!


"Dark horse club, long-cherished name."

The young master of Xuanyuezong smiled gracefully.

"Maybe you will be defeated by our Yueyin Formation!"

The girl at Qianyin Ge giggled.

As soon as the words fell, the geniuses of Xianyuezong and Qianyin Pavilion moved in a flash, and the list expanded into a situation, like a round of the moon!

"Oh? Is the temperament great?"

Lin Chen was surprised, the three afterimages were cut off like a blade!

Bai Junhao outstriped the top, Ying Liang and Gu Chenfeng left and right, traversing a whip leg, and the blue dragon's arm smashed down, not giving the other party the opportunity to expand the formation!

Boom! Boom! Dang ~!

Sparks burst, the air wave exploded, the three were bounced off by the hard block, and the fighting spirit rose!

Xuanyuezong and Qianyin Pavilion are four-grade sect. There are five geniuses in each side of the door. There are two top geniuses in the ten genius lists with more than 85,000 rankings. They are extremely powerful.

In addition to the rest, there are twelve top arrogances, and the two sides divide four people to block Bai Junhao three people!

"Genius of the Sipin sect? Come on well!"

"I haven't experienced a hearty battle since I recovered my arm, don't let me down!"

The three of Ying Liang are simply fighting madness, and the fight is never false. In fact, the geniuses of the other four genius lists of the other side are more than 94,000. The fight of three and four still does not fall!

The remaining geniuses turned into a large array of temperaments!

"Geniuses, please teach us how to attack our temperament group!"

While the denominations of both parties were drinking coldly, the rhythm of the eighteen players played flute, piano, drum, pipa, and turns into bursts of sound waves!

"Halloween Holy Light!"

"Poison Front!"

The ten needle tips twining the faint sacred light palm print and the poison mans flashed into the sonic wave, the poison gas collapsed, and the palm print exploded!

The second woman was shocked! While the attack was smashed, the opponent's offensive still came in with extra strength!

The other party knows the strength of Lin Chen and his team.

Bang~! Sonic Hurricane Blast!

The handsome young man led by Xuan Yuezong has a dignified look.

"Are you here, the seven geniuses of the Dark Horse Club!"

The seven afterimages appeared cross-section, as if they were Lin Chen and his avatars!

Tear ~! An ice arrow turned into an ice phoenix, and Binghua slammed up. The young man swept the strings and shattered Leng Yueqi's arrow!

Brush ~! As the Vortex of the Dark Tribulation rotates, the seven afterimages next to Xuan Yuezong and others appear like ghosts, and the firepower is fully on!

"Seven Changes, Mirror of Attack, Spectroscopy, Seven Stars!"

"Annihilation, extinct shadow, five strengths in one!"

The azure spirit annihilation beam of light bombarded up, the mirror knife flashed in a flash, the fist wind pulled several kinds of strength explosions, and the hidden death knife and arrows shot away!

With a sneer, many fierce offensives were instantly flicked by the ripples of the sound wave in the void, and were actually broken by an inversion attack!

A clear and pure smart song played beautifully, the notes turned into fighting spirit, connecting all the genius fighting spirits together.

What's more, the characteristics of their fighting spirit are brought to the extreme. Those who are suitable for defense will be deployed to defense, and those that are offensive will be integrated into the means of attack!

Then, the ripple sound waves condensed into a transparent sound wave barrier, protecting everyone in the large formation!

Lin Chen and the avatars continued to attack in turns, attempting to tear open the defense.

Such a perfect cooperation has seen many viewers dazzled, too fast!

The moment when the offensive was launched was perfectly natural, as if these seven people were like one!

Even those veteran powerful people with a savage vision can hardly pick out any problems!