My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 905

Vol 5 Chapter 905: He's Burning

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Chapter 905

"The ceiling is falling!"

Liu Lin'er's hands scattered hundreds of thousands of battles, and they all fell from the top of the temperament! At the same time that the poisonous poison corroded the fighting spirit, the Holy Light flooded the golden lotus, and the two palm prints broke out of the ground.

Bang~! Tens of thousands of ice flowers exploded in the palm of your hand!

Sister Su Lan condensed countless ice-cold auras and glanced at Leng Yueqi, who raised her bow, the power of the Tianshuang Amorphous Fragment skyrocketed, and shot an arrow that turned the ice star, reflecting the sky and the American wheel Beautiful!

When the ice star arrow touches Bing Rin's aura, the power rises again, and the sisters' arrogant warfare is injected into this arrow!

Boom~! The terrible offensive exploded through the sky and the energy cloud rose, but it still could not break through the defense of the large array!

Suddenly, the leading genius swept the strings, and countless sound waves condensed into a fingerprint and rolled towards Lengyueqi.

Leng Yueqi's expression narrowed, and she could avoid it, but Sister Su Lan was too late!

call out! call out!

Five Jinhui blades cut at a very fast speed, cutting off the sonic fingerprints in a flash, shattered into pieces!

The other party swept the strings again, the offensive was like a violent storm, a wave of sonic qi, fist gangs, blades, and chopping out one after another, all the people retreated, Lin Chen took cover!

Lin Chen blocked in front of the three girls and asked, "Are you all right?"

Leng Yueqi shook her head, Lin Chen stared at the large array, eyes narrowed.

"Strong sonic control skills, offensive and defensive integration, I still saw it for the first time!"

Except for some desperate hole cards, except for not using Ultimate Moment, Lin Chens doppelganger's strength was exhausted, and he still could not break the opponent's defense!

"After the upgrade at the ultimate moment, it will consume 10 million low-level talent points in one minute. The main body and the avatars will all be opened at a time. It will be 60 million points less. There is a genius of thieves. I need enough talent points at all times, and I cant waste it... "

Today's ultimate moment talent is not like Lin Chen wanted to open it before. Although the improvement is huge, it is also very expensive!

[Host triggers passive talent: tear.

When Lin Chen was hesitating, it seemed to usher in a turning point, the "Zhende Shuai" slammed into a large array of defenses, triggering the "tearing" talent to tear a gap!

"It's a dark horse club with a hand, but it's not enough!"

The style of Xuanyuezong and Qianyin Pavilion changed, the drum sound was dominant, and the flute sound was companion. The moment was particularly condensed and low. The torn defense gap was made up before Lin Chens clone broke into it!

This large array of hand rhythms made all the audience dumbfounded!

I can't think of all the geniuses as strong as the dark horse club! Perfect offense and defense!

"A perfect array, under the leadership of geniuses, can resist the attack of more than ten tribes and emperors in turns. The fighting is continuous, and the offensive and defense are endless! How wide is the coverage of Sonic and the defense? How wide the range is!"

"A good show is coming! Unless Zhende Shuai uses that peerless sword, and then cooperates with other geniuses, there is no possibility to break through this battle!"

"The two combined sects of the fourth class of the Yin Dao are really abnormal!"

Everyone was amazed and watched more seriously.

Even Lin Chen had to prepare to use Charging Runes!

This group of opponents is very strong!

The way of temperament, Lin Chen has encountered several cases in Kyushu in this field. This is an extremely powerful auxiliary means and attack means, and the degree of partiality can even be used as a big killer. It can make opponents at the same level undefeated!

It's a pity that the "Tone of Tone" has never been promoted in Kyushu. There is only one reason: the tone of Kyushu has become an emperor, and there are very few!

Where the realm becomes an emperor, it is necessary to shatter the Qi of Yuan Yuan, refining the emperor's body into the world, and condensing it into a life wheel of Qi. Once the failure is death, this condition makes few strong men who are good at temperament step into the war emperor realm!

However, the Holy Realm is different. The Holy Realm has many backgrounds such as silver holy yuan coins. There is no need to bet your life to advance to the Warlords, and the Holy Realm is full of flowers.

The most notable is the group combat. The combat skills, secret techniques, and techniques controlled by the sound field are the most outstanding points. Whether it is offensive and defensive assistance, they are the best representatives!

"You can only fight hard, in the end..."

"Wait a minute, I found their weakness!"

Suddenly, Leng Yueqi stopped Lin Chen, and a beautiful smile appeared on Leng Yan's cheeks.

When everyone looked forward to the "One Sword", the dark horse club suddenly adopted a delaying tactic, and began to attack the two groups in turn, without making any substantial changes!

"What's going on... Are they going to consume each other's strength?"

"It's not realistic. The two geniuses launched by the big team can be described as a seamless integration between the battles. The best cooperation of the Dark Horse Club obviously consumes them, and they should be determined quickly!"

"It's really an old man who is in a hurry. When will his orange-level sword skill be used!"

It seemed that everyone else was anxious, and the avatars fought against them with confusion. Yue Linlin and Liu Liner and Sister Su Lan cooperated to assist the avatar and the Dragon Emperor's mad attack.

"Huh? My day, what posture is this?"

The sharp-eyed people finally discovered that Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi, who had not participated in the battle, retreated to the side and stood together.

What's even more amazing is that Leng Yue Qi Lian stepped on Lin Chen's right shoulder, and her slim, delicate jade legs stood on top of the teenager's head.

Lin Chen at this time was doing the same movement as Leng Yueqi, pulling the bow and taking the arrow. Lengyan Peerless Beauty is on top, the snow skirt flutters, the jade belt flickers, and the handsome young man is down.

The two actually had double-double bows, full bowstrings, arrogant arrows, the cold light of one arrow, and the robbery of one arrow. Just as if aiming at the Shuangzong large formation, he stayed focused.

"He... what do they want?"

"What's that posture? Is the archery still a piece?"

"Yes, so happy, I also want the goddess to step on my shoulders on my head..."

"Lying trough, where is the pervert!"

"Look, look, Lin Chen shoots! He shoots so fast!"

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of the wind broke, and the arrow of light shone like a fire dragon. It was as good as the calculation, and I just encountered a large array of attacks to launch the attack!

"Humph! Carving insects skills, the dark horse club is nothing more..."

Shuangzong genius disdain, Qufeng changed, when a little reinforcement of the defense, it was a cry!

Leng Yueqi's Ice Arrows, Lin Chen's Flame Arrows, and Ice and Fire are two heavens. The Ice Arrows come first, but they freeze the surface of the large array of defense?

The pupil of Xuan Yuezong's leading genius shuddered, and there was a chuckle in his heart: "Could it be said..."


The latter flame arrow penetrated the large array, and the light of the arrow penetrated into the inside. It almost hit the third leg of a genius. It didn't hit directly, but it ignited a fierce fire between the opponent's legs, burning a cumin. Add fishy smell!

The audience was amazed, but it broke?

"on fire!"

"Grilled sausage?"

"He burns!"

"He's so disgusting!"