My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 906

Vol 5 Chapter 906: Come Come And Me

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Chapter 906 Come and **** me!

Everyone's eyes are on the final team martial arts venue.

Bang ~!

"I'd like to see, a mortal in this area, who gave him the courage and courage to dare to move me Ji Wutian!"

"Don't hurry, the boy's life is mine."

"The dark pavilion communicated that the old man would come to see what it was that killed my grandson."

There are three saints in Wanri Square!

"Oh, you guys are a little restless, and the end of the conference is when we get rid of this kid! It is said that there are two other luck plants, this one is worth the money!"

At this time, Void distorted these three groups of shadows and stepped out three black-robed men. It was the killer holy realm from the Dark Pavilion!

"Two luck plants?"

"Isn't the conference over yet?"

"Do you want to use us as guns?"

The three saints have different attitudes, and the black robe headed by the three saints in the dark pavilion smiled.

"Your Excellency, you dont have to worry, you help each other and use each other. This child hasnt shown up so far. If hes an extraordinary person, and the forces behind him will show up, then we can tie them together. If he doesnt, hey, its different. It depends on my ability..."

"How many holy places are you in today's dark pavilion?"

A blue shirt sneer sneered, the former laughed.

"Except for the two elders of the faction, the patriarch is the most prosperous, the Taishang elder is five, and the dark patriarch is the most prosperous."

This answer makes the Three Saints dignified!

The dark pavilion is real!

Against a war emperor, did seven holy realms come? Even the Dark Pavilion Ancestor is here! It is equivalent to exerting more than 80% of the foundation of the Sipin sect!

This shot will surely overwhelm the water, either get the ancient sacred heritage and look for new places to redevelop, or be suppressed by the top forces of the strange domain!

"In addition, there are four third-rank forces. If you count the three, we have a total of 16 holy places."

16 Holy Land!

It is better than the battle of some saints in the Holy World at that time, and this lineup is not used! Not to mention that there are also seven assassin killers inside, mastering the way of assassination!

Each of these 16 holy realms is enough to crush the current "Black Horse Club", but they are not afraid of Lin Chen, the young man.

When the Emperor of the Wars is exhausted, he may be able to deal with the Holy Realm with some special cards, but as long as he is not sanctified, he must be an ant in front of the Holy Realm!

As long as any holy land fights with him for procrastination, he will definitely die! The wisdom of the saint has long seen through this!

What they value is whether there are enough strongmen and forces behind this dark horse club, if not, then the ancient holy heritage will surely win them!

Alien crystal is always one of the most sought-after sources of power in the Holy Realm, and it is extremely scarce. What does it mean to get its cultivation method?

It means enough for the Fifth Grade Sect to fly to the Fifth Grade! Even Liupin is possible!

"It was just right. The old man had to take a look at it today. What is the evil spirit of the geniuses who are titled the gods!"

The three newly arrived Sacred Realms and the Dark Pavilion hit it off and hurried to the team martial arts venue!


At this time, watching the fire between his teacher's legs finally extinguished, Xuan Yuezong's leading genius was extremely ugly.

The other party has discovered their weaknesses!

To be precise, this weakness stems from two geniuses, not a flaw in the formation.

Although Xianyuezong and Qianyin Pavilion are both Sipin forces who mainly practice the rhythm of the temperament, this time the representatives are two top geniuses. The talent is needless to say, but they are not always a sectarian disciple. There will be a little gap.

And this gap is the only fatal weakness, depending on the level of spiritual understanding.

The previous geniuses were overwhelmed by this large array, because the blending and coordination between the temperaments were almost flawless, and no one found this clue.

Leng Yueqi took advantage of Lin Chen's avatar to take turns and attacked wildly, seeing this clue.

At the moment when the large array launched the attack, she first let Lin Chen sway a shot, and then let her ice arrow post-come first.

Leng Yueqi and Lin Chen didn't give each other any time to breathe, and they succeeded in one arrow. The two again put on a bow-like posture like a "fairy family member", and the avatar and the crowd were fighting together in a big battle. Archery again at that moment!

The two arrows Ice and Fire Two Heavens arrived in a flash, and with a bang, the large formation was broken again. Two geniuses were cold and sweaty. Every time to make up for the damaged part of the large formation, it had to consume a lot of fighting spirit, so that it will lose sooner or later!

"That's Lin Chen? Something interesting..."

"Comparable to the physical realm of the Second Tribulation Warlord? Tongtian Realm Spiritual Power? But so!"

At this time, the three holy places that had just arrived witnessed this battle and disregarded Lin Chen!

Judging from the cultivation practices revealed on the surface, it is at most the level of 90,000 genius list, not worth it!

"No, you can't fight like this, lift the big formation, and fight with them!"

The leading genius of Xuanyuezong burst into applause, and the two disciples looked at each other, lifting the big formation!

"Dark Horse Club, let's fight with you...... Amount?"

The moment the big formation was lifted, the "Dark Horse Club" ran away! Everyone took out the three flying knives, and the residual image in the palm of the hand was instantaneous, and the three flying knives were drawn out at a rapid speed!

"Speed Moon! Seven Stars!"

"Seven Strengths in One Douhuang Nine Styles!"

Everyone's face was shocked!

After the entire team used "Ultimate Flying Sword Three Couplings", how could such a fierce offensive still erupt?

"He **** his mother Lin Chen! My grandchildren's stunt!"

Ji Jiasheng's popular riot on the spot, but this is the grandiose prince and grandson Ji Wutian's stunned Peerless Flying Sword!

Now I watched it move out of the hands of killing Sun Qiuren, and its good to have patience without a punch!

boom! boom! Tear ~!

The sword shines like the moon, the sword shines like the star, and the dragon force roaring like a wild dragon roars the defense of all geniuses!

When the shadow of the flying knife passed by, all the defenses of the two geniuses were penetrated like paper paste!

"We confess!"

Xuan Yuezong's leading genius was pale, but he found it was too late when he yelled to surrender...

Brush ~! Jinhui Daomang slightly skewed, but did not attack the crowd, but would reach the hands of the dark horse club, and the pupil of Ji's ancestor shuddered!

Free to send and receive, the skill and mastery of this shadowless flying knife is actually much stronger than Ji Wutian!

"Lord Lin Chen..."

The geniuses of Xuan Yuezong looked at Lin Chen in horror and gratitude.

"It is rumored that the dark horse club kills people without blinking, but it seems to be no rumors. Thank you for your mercy!"

Xianyuezong leader genius bowed deeply and clenched fist at Lin Chen. It was impossible to wait for the flying knife stunts to be recovered in a thousand shots. There was only one reason for recovery. The people in the dark horse club did not intend to kill them from the beginning.

"Just laugh, just woke up for a while, I never kill you."

Lin Chen smiled slightly, his cultivation is not what he used to be, and killing two geniuses does not return too many attribute light balls.

These people haven't had a great holiday with him, and there is no need to kill them.

"Thank you for not killing!"

Xianyuezong youth threw a ring, and Lin Chen investigated, and there were not only ten thousand silver holy yuan coins, but also an amorphous fragment!

"It's a tremendous shot. Are these people trying to make me good?"

Lin Chen smiled, at this moment, anger and cold drink burst into bursts!

"Lin Chen thief, it was you who killed my two geniuses in Ji's family? Now this seat gives you a chance to go back to Ji family's ancestral altar and kowtow, and kneel for thousands of years, otherwise, die!"

The vocalist is like the ancestor of that season!

The two geniuses were slightly pale, and they could not resist the prestige of the sage, their legs trembled, and they knelt down!

Lin Chen and the avatars stood in front of the two geniuses, and everyone felt the magic of Shengwei's oppression reduced by most!

Under the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen's mouth sneered with rage.

"Go to you old man, your tortoise and grandson attacked the woman and joined forces. I was eager to kill them two more times. Are you not convinced? Come on! Come and **** me now!"

The whole silence...