My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 907

Vol 5 Chapter 907: Holy Artifact?

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Chapter 907

The two geniuses standing behind Lin Chen shook their hearts!

Was he still the Emperor of War, and could he resist Shengwei?

The sage's coercion is enough to suppress most of the war emperors. The absolute crush caused by the cloud of mud at the life level has almost no resistance. The fear arising from the instinct of life is enough to suppress the countless war emperors!

But Lin Chen is a person who has fought a life-and-death battle with the criminals of the Holy Prison.

He is not even afraid of the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion, and a Ji ancestor is definitely not a problem!


The ancestor of the Ji family was furious, and two figures ran across him.

"Ji Qingming attacked the descendants of this palace, Ji Laojie, what do you explain."

It is the palace owner and Taishang elder of Bingxin Palace.

"Or do you intend to shoot this little guy here?"

The old woman sneered, and Ji Ji's ancestor froze.

"Jihe Mountain, this is not your place to be arrogant."

The majestic voice was heard from the void, and the anger of Ji's ancestor suddenly became cold!

"Green, Green Saint?"

Void descended a figure, blue shirt long beard, fairy wind bones, it was the Blue Saint who entrusted Lin Chen!

"It turned out that the old man of Qing Sheng was responsible for the team martial arts..."

"My God! Even in my lifetime, I can still see the side of the Green Saint, and there is no regret at death!"

The auditorium screamed in succession.

Qing Sheng's eyes turned and landed in the Dark Pavilion Ancestor.

"Old guy, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Ancestor Ankaku said plainly: "It's been a hundred thousand years, it's not a long time. Your old bone is about to die soon. I'm afraid I'll step into the soil first."

Qing Sheng smiled, "Oh, that's not necessarily. I never thought it would be rare because a group of young juniors gathered so many old faces."

Ancestor Ankaku raised his eyebrows, "Why, do you want to protect them?"

Green Saint shook his head.

All the forces of the Quartet Congress intend to convene the conference to temper their own genius, and they are by no means a joint state. After the conference, each will perform its duties and there will be fierce competition for interests between each other.

At the end of the conference, there will surely be a storm, centered around Lin Chen!

The Green Saint declared, "The old man announced that the Dark Horse Club will advance to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the Dark Horse Club will face the Peerless Pavilion!"

"Every contestant, take a break first, and then start the game later."

Lin Chen raised his hand, laughing jokingly.

"Senior Qingsheng is polite, so as not to delay everyone's time, let Jue Tiange play now."

Lin Chen's words stirred up a thousand waves, and the audience set off a new round of heated discussion!

This is too arrogant? Two battles in a row, and the opponent just now is still a joint team of two big four ranks! Fighting the Tiange Pavilion in the second consecutive battle?

"There is a limit to look down on people!"

Mo Jingchen's murderous side leakage.

"Speaking like water, Lin Chen, you have no chance of regret."

Juetian Pavilion Qin Shaotian has already stepped into the fighting arena. Although his expression is calm, his eyes are burning with anger!

"If you can't do this, you will not be qualified to be my opponent!"

Lin Chen shrugged-"I didn't regard you as a fateful opponent, just a good food."

Bang ~!

All the members of Jue Tian Pavilion entered the venue, which was magnificent and murderous!

Lin Chen angered all members of Jue Tiange with just one word!

Although the lineup without Xia Jianfeng, Xiao Qianyu, Lian Daihua and Jue Tiange is still terribly powerful!

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow at Bai Junhao and others when they entered the venue: "How about, do you want to take a break? I can hammer them by myself, squad leader. Do you want to go to drink tea or continue to engage?"

Some young days are so angry that their teeth are tickled, and this kid is too crazy! Can a person hammer them?

Can you beat the Tiange alone?

"Brother. You are too out of this, we can still fight!"

"Yes, if there is a fight, then I'm so sorry for the name of our class 66!"

"Squad leader, let's say it first. I have to keep someone behind them today. Remember to keep a chrysanthemum."

Bai Junhao and Ying Liang laughed and said, Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er stood beside Lin Chen, Leng Yueqi needless to say.

The moment the two sides were on the same stage, the atmosphere was extremely hot, and it was on the verge!

"Since you both have no problem, then the game continues!"

When Qing Sheng waved his hands, the space was rippling, solidifying new space barriers, and the enchantment was spread all over again.

His old man personally laid down space barriers, leaving enough space for young people.

"It started fighting again so quickly! This is crazy!"

"The dark horse club's full-scale war against the Jue Tian Pavilion! It is really exciting, who is the king?"

"Hey, I feel like Peerless Pavilion. The Peerless Pavilion's genius list has more geniuses than the three Sipin sects!"

The auditorium rolled up a heated discussion frenzy, the two sides were opposite, and the position was opened!

On the black horse club, there are three people including Bai Junhao, Leng Yueqi and Sister Su Lan, the second daughter of Yue Linlin, plus Lin Chen's five avatars, the Dragon Emperor, Lin Chen himself. A total of 15 people!

Although Jutian Pavilion was absent from Xia Jianfeng, Xiao Qianyu and Lian Daihua, all the geniuses plus the patriarch, a total of 19 people, 3 people could not play, plus the falling Ji Wutian, it happened to be 15 people. !

This is bound to be a battle between dragons and tigers, and the genius sect of the strange domain and the mysterious domain confront each other!

"Lin Chen, I won't spare you if you lose!"

Yan Qianyun cheered for Lin Chen outside the field. Qin Shaotian no longer has the graceful appearance of the past, only a pair of ghastly ones who want to kill Lin Chen soon!

"In the semi-finals, the dark horse club against Jue Tiange, start!"

The referee's voice just fell, and with a bang, Qin Shaotian's palm came out like a dragon, and hegemony was crushed!

Lin Chen made a sevenfold change in seconds, the airflow of nine robbery battles turned around, and the fists of the flashing golden robbery Xuangang came out with a fist. One punch of "seven strengths in one" hit Qin Shaotian!

Bang~! The astonishing collision sound suddenly exploded, and the two sides retreated, seeming to fight equally!

Tear ~! Boom! Boom!

The two sides started in an instant, Lin Chen's avatars went straight to Huanglong, and suddenly rushed to Mo Jingchen!

Zhende Shuai cut across the waist with a sword, Mo Jingchen sacrificed a dark gray war halberd sweeping blade, on the contrary, the halberd was smashed, and he was parried by the "Zhende Shuai" blade, and the other was a sword stab!

The Dragon Emperor maintained his human form, but he did his best to break through all kinds of methods. His fists danced, and his whole body was covered with dragon scales. The people of the Peerless Pavilion could not touch it alone!

Bai Junhao turned into a blue dragon, raging in all directions and vomiting the dragon breath!

With the help of poison gas, Liu Lin'er cooperates with Yue Linlin. Sister Su Lan is responsible for covering Leng Yueqi. She can still suppress each other with just a dozen fights!

The melee started in an instant, but Lin Chen in the center of the field and Qin Shaotian fought each other in close combat!

"But so, Lin Chen, come up with your crippled saber, otherwise, you will definitely die!"

Qin Shaotian laughed wildly when dozens of rounds of the fighting between the two separated, his head shone with eight exquisite and splendid brilliance, gorgeous, shining light covered the entire venue!

The repression of the immortal holy prestige made all the holy places present stunned.

"Huh? Holy weapon?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, Qin Shaotian's head, rotating an eight-color exquisite tower at a rapid speed, exuding the magnificent Holy Prowess!

That is the light that only a complete holy tool has!