My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 908

Vol 5 Chapter 908: I'm In A Hurry

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Chapter 908

The eight-color Linglong Pagoda flashed from the top of Qin Shaotian's head, and quickly fell into his palm. The sacred weapon released by him surpassed the "Zhanlan Mingyue" previously used by Lin Chen!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, didn't you think? Do you know why I was late to participate in the team martial arts competition, just to prepare for this killer skill, whether you can control the eighth-order knife or the sword, you have to die!"

Qin Shaotian laughed madly, and the palm-shaped Linglong Tower suddenly rose into the sky, quickly magnifying thousands of times!

"Na Xing!"

Qin Shaotian's fingerprints changed abruptly, the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower exploded its suction power, and everyone in the fighting field was sucked into the tread.

[Successfully fixed, the host has fixed the current space position as the 4th position.

A moment after the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen and his party were transported into the space inside the tower.

The four sides of the tower are abandoned cities, but there are blazing fires around them. These flames are extraordinary fires, and even the battle spirit of the warlord can be easily burned and set on fire!

"We have been moved to another space!"

"There is an attack, be careful!"

Ying Liang and Bai Junhao exclaimed, and shot one after another, blocking the four swordsmanship from the lasing, a group of people standing on the void, the people of the Peerless Pavilion!

"Huh? There is the light of the attribute light ball!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. From directly above the abandoned city, he vaguely saw the blurred space stack marks, flashing the only attribute light he could see!

Boom~! A raging fire ignited in the abandoned city, forming a purple sea of fire, the temperature is extremely high, everyone must not urge the fighting to resist the high temperature!

"Fight, fight hard!"

At the order of Mo Jingchen, all the geniuses of Jue Tian Pavilion attacked from high altitude!

They took advantage of the time and the people, and Lin Chen and his party must resist the burning of Zi Yan, and they must parry their attack!

For a time, Lin Chen and others fell into the disadvantages!

Outside the tower, inside the fighting arena. The huge eight-color Linglong Tower stands in a hundred feet. The audience projected through the window position of the Linglong Tower and witnessed the fierce fighting in the space inside the tower.

"It really is the Eight Treasure Linglong Pagoda of the Qin Family! This is a holy artifact!"

"It's wrong, Qin Shao Genius' second robber peak cultivation, how can he master a complete holy weapon?"

"It's bloodline! The Eight Treasure Linglong Pagoda has been honoured by the Qin parents and elders for more than a thousand years, and has been planted with blood line prohibition. No one except the blood line of the Qin family can use it. ."

The saints glanced at the clue.

Qing Sheng's face has changed slightly. The original Jue Tian Pavilion and the Black Horse Club won't have a big win, but with the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower, the situation is completely different!

"The Eight Treasure Linglong Pagoda contains eighty-eight formations, and ingesting the entrant can almost kill the opponent alive!"

"With Qin Shaotian's strength, he can only play the first few basic formations. He can't even exert one percent of the power of the holy weapon, but even so, he can completely consume energy and die the owner of the dark horse club!"

"Not to mention the geniuses beside Jue Tian Pavilion, Lin Chen they will lose!"

Sacred Realms have speculated on the final result, and almost no one is optimistic that Lin Chen and others can break out of the tower. No matter how weak the holy weapon is, it is also a holy weapon. The moment Qin Shaotian can control the holy weapon, the gap is extremely difficult to surpass!

The divine expression is solemn.

"Does the old man really have to personally stop those young dragons from obtaining the Dragon God Blood Jade?"

No matter who wins or loses, after this battle, Jue Tian Pavilion and the Black Horse Club will certainly lose their strength to fight against the dragon genius, and his commission cannot be completed.

Inside the Linglong Tower;

The attacks in the tower are all aimed at Lin Chen and his party, and Jue Tian Pavilion is expanding its encirclement and suppression formation!

No wonder this Qin Shaotian came out so long, it turned out that he returned to the family to borrow this big killer before participating!

Lin Chen quickly punched and furiously urged the "Seven Powers", and an "annihilation" offensive broke out, and the mental impact destroyed the genius offensive!

"Squad leader, what next?"

Yue Linlin asked, everyone did not have a position of self-disruption.

"It's right to fight. You are responsible for procrastinating them. I will go out and kill Qin Shaotian! Remember, you will be more realistic in the future, the more like you are exhausted, the better, as long as you attract the people of Jue Tiange, this The threat of the tower is not a concern!"

In an instant, the light purple light flashed up, and all the avatars opened the "Extreme Return", the offensive changed, and the ``circular'' lineup was centered on the avatars.

The avatar is outside, everyone is inside, Lin Chen's avatar has become the main force to resist all attacks, continue to launch the ultimate return to the talent, let everyone save their strength as much as possible.

[Consume 32.5 million primary talent points, activate super-dimensional talents, and the host teleports to space orientation 4.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen turned into a streamer of space, but the space inside the tower disappeared?


The light of space descended from the sky, Lin Chen appeared again in the fighting field!

"What? This little guy came out of the Babao Linglong Tower?"

"It's an amazing kid. The space inside the tower is completely closed, and it can't come out without the means of a saint!"

When Lin Chen returned to the fighting field, Qin Shaotian was not surprised?

"Sure enough, it's a bit of a skill. Only people like you are worthy of my opponent!"

Qin Shaotian jumped down from the top of the tower, the two were opposite, his shoulders shook sharply, the warlord Xiu Xiu of the peak of the second robbery appeared for the show, and he rolled up the hurricane and storm to Lin Chen!

His body was in different parts, and it seemed to have 6 star-like brilliances, shining brightly!

"Six pieces of alien crystal?"

"Good guy, Qin Shaotian, who is ranked 76555 in the genius list, is not in the same grade as our top 80,000 geniuses!"

Many geniuses watching the genius list exclaimed!

"Every six pieces of alien crystals feel like they are hanging?"

Lin Chen laughed.

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen was traversing the blue and glorious brilliance, and the silver robe was automatic without wind, and it was shocked!

The geniuses who previously participated in the team competition were dumbfounded!

One after another, the star-brilliant brilliance rises from the body of the teenager, and the number is increasing!


"12 pieces? I am grass, how did he **** do it!"

The geniuses in the list of geniuses are so cold!

Incorporating 12 alien crystal fragments in one body at the same time? Is this still the nineth war emperor?

They have never seen such a wicked Ninefold Warlord!

This difficulty is no less than refining and absorbing complete alien crystals!

These genius lists of more than 80,000 and more than 90,000 geniuses have refined one or two pieces of alien crystals, and they have to rely on their own parents to suppress them...

In Lin Chen's body, there were actually 12 star-like brilliances in his body, which were extremely gorgeous and set off his momentum!

In fact, Lin Chen had refined 10 alien crystal fragments as early as the ancient temple, and actually more alien crystal fragments were obtained in the Sifang Conference.

But he didn't refining all of them, most of them were used to decompose into special attribute values to create nirvana!

Because his eyes have long been not limited to fighting with these younger generations, what really awaits him is the chasing of the saints!

"12 pieces of alien crystal..."

When Qin Shaotian grinned, the next time an owl-like squeak in his throat was made!

Chi Mang flashes vertically, Lin Chen holds the red war rifle with one hand, the domineering hurricane, the breath flowing in the war gun is infinitely close to the holy weapon!

Lin Chen smiled awe-inspiringly!

"Come on, Lord Qin Daji, I'm in a hurry, I will hammer a group after I finish hammering you."