My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 909

Vol 5 Chapter 909: Director

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Chapter 909


A touch of Chimang was like a dragon. Hammer Shadow was like a raging wave, and the guns flared up causing the inch to flash, and Hammer Shadow flipped and smashed, knocking from the top of Lin Chen's head!

Qin Shaotian's hammer light exploded in a burst of hurricane hurricane, as if it could easily penetrate the bones and poured down to Lin Chen!

Long Li condensed, Lin Chen picked up the gun with both hands and picked it up, the red gunpoint torn the shady hurricane, and the frontal impact force was sinking!


The powerful hammer that was wielded with strength was easily bounced off by the gun front. Lin Chen strode the meteor and sprinted from all directions in Qin Shaotian. The gun shadow was like a flower, and the tip of the gun was twisted and assassinated!

Dang Dang Dang!

Qin Shaotian waved his seventh-order pinnacle Heavenly Hammer with both arms, and under a series of gunshots from the mad attack, he shone through the whole body of alien crystal fragments, which only became a parry for a time!

"His pure power has more than doubled than before, right? What a secret!"

Qin Shaotian's insults, he was suppressed by Lin Chen positively, he ranked 76555, he can only passive defense under Lin Chen's mad attack!

"Angry kills!"

In the hammer shadow of the turbulent waves, a sudden burst of hammer light was torn apart. It was overbearing, and the dozens of feet of huge hammer marks were like a hammer smashing the mountains and rivers, burning the blood flame Yunxia, Lin Chen destroyed!

"Fighting Emperor Three Styles Blood Shura!"

Lin Chen's whole body of blood and blood gathered like a dragon, mainly based on the Xuangang Golden Tribulation Warfare. The red guns were out of the spot, the hammer marks were shaken, and the whole space was shaken!

Brush ~! Qin Shaotian was extremely fast, using a fire-based footwork, step by step inflammation, and rushed to the left side of Lin Chen in a flash, trying to counterattack Lin Chen with a hammer!

Tear ~! Bang~!

With a hammer, Qin Shaotian's expression changed slightly-"afterimage?"

Bang ~! The gun came out like a dragon, and the nearly complete eighth-order holy weapon was sharp and soared into a thunder dragon. Qin Shaotian was forced to cross the hammer and was blown by the thunder dragon. The arc flashed and the whole battle was thundered. erosion!

call out! Lin Chen appeared behind him like a ghost, and smiled evilly: "On the back side, my dark horse club is much better than you!"

The 58.9 million dragon force condensed into seven brutal dragon-like strengths, and a punch of "seven strengths in one" punched and smashed behind Qin Shaotian!

[Trigger to attack attack talent: 50% power bonus.

boom! Qin Shaotian's defense skills were shattered, Lin Chen once again attacked aggressively, rotating the red war rifle in his hand, pressing Qin Shaotian almost all the way!

"Spirit Star Sword!"


The two spiritual shocks collided violently, and the party mixed with the energy of spiritual annihilation was even better, directly tearing the spiritual star sword and bombarding Qin Shaotian's body.

His mental awareness of the sea shook suddenly, and a white necklace in front of his chest flashed this spiritual glory to protect him.

Rao is so, he is still shocked with pale face!

"My "Starry Mysticism" is the top-grade best in the Purple Order, and the spiritual realm is the same as him, and it is almost the same as him. Why is he crushed so much by him?"

He couldn't accept it, why was Lin Chen's mental attack so powerful?

After experiencing the evolution of the Purple Temple of Taoism in the Ancient Sanctuary, Lin Chen's "Obliteration" skill, the grade is half orange!

To put it bluntly, the growth and cheapness that Ziqing Wudao Fruit brought to Lin Chen occupies too much an advantage!

The half-orange-level "annihilation" inherits the +13 enhancement level, blessing the power of the "ultimate moment", and infinitely close to the orange-level attacking spiritual skills!

"With the spiritual power of this little fellow's consummate world, such a terrible spiritual attack can erupt, I am afraid it is at least a half-orange-level exercise!"

"Dark horse club, really evil spirits, casually shot is half orange level!"

The two saints who were good at the spiritual field spoke, envious and amazing!

As strong as they are, there is no collection of a half-orange-level spiritual exercises. Such exercises are too scarce and have no market value!

In the fighting arena;

Lin Chen's handprints changed, and the speed of the spiritual annihilation energy burst at the eyebrows. When the embellishment burst out, it turned into a blue spiritual light column and hit the sky!

Lin Chen made another annihilation, and forced Qin Shaotian to fight the enemy again with fine mystery!

[Trigger passive talent: tear. The host attack tears the opponent's defense.

This time, the column of annihilation light broke through Qin Shaotian's protection and rushed directly into his spiritual consciousness to make him vomit blood.

This kind of spiritual shock shocked him so much that he was almost blown away by the spirit!

A stream of spiritual warmth is integrated into the sea of spiritual consciousness, which stabilizes and heals Qin Shaotian's spiritual bridge. His face is unbelievable!

"He actually broke through the spiritual protection of the snake silver pendant left by my mother. How could this be possible? If it weren't for the ancient snake spirit left by my mother, I might have been demented just now..."

The conditions for Lin Chen's "annihilation" are difficult to perform, so he cannot perform the third consecutive show in a short time.

Qin Shaotian wasn't surprised yet. Lin Chen used seven forces to drag the airflow and force Qin Shaotian over!

Lin Chen came back with a shot, Qin Shaotian gritted his teeth, while resisting Lin Chen's pure power, he was forced to fight again with a hammer!

Many viewers were dumbfounded! I originally thought this was a dragon fight, but I didn't expect Lin Chen to unilaterally suppress Qin Shaotian!

Although Lin Chens cultivation base is not as good as Qin Shaotians, he is in the "ultimate moment", and his 37.5 million dragon power can temporarily break to 58.9 million dragon power. The pure power is comparable to the peak of the three emperors. The blessing in the battle is enough to make up for the cultivation base. difference!

Talking about the weapon, the Sky Hammer in Qin Shaotian's hands is only the seventh-order peak, but he is the eighth-order embryo. Even if he can't exert much power, he can suppress the former!

On the mind method, Qin Shaotian practiced the half-orange order mind method.

But Lin Chen's "Creation Nine Tribulation" at this time each element attribute value exceeds 10 points, the conversion of intermediate attribute value is 1 billion points.

His mental power has already approached the half orange rank! The increase in the level of enhancement has made Lin Chen's mentality already inferior to that of more than 70,000 geniuses!

Regarding the exercises, Lin Chen can only suppress most of Qin Shaotian's combat skills by relying on the "Seven Powers" and "Tou Huang Ten Forms", because all of his exercises are accompanied by enhanced power and the bonus of the ultimate moment!

Bang ~! Qin Shaotian was repelled again, bleeding at the corner of his mouth!

The two men fought for more than 100 rounds. At this time, Qin Shaotian was scarred and shocked!

"Before starting the Quartet Conference, this guy is definitely a strong enemy for me. If you can't do it, you have to spell a lot of runes to win him. Now the elemental attribute value and pure power have skyrocketed, and there is an eighth-order embryo in hand. , I can get him in an ultimate moment!"

In Lin Chen's heart, he was proud!

"Very good, a good Lin Chen! I Qin Shaotian admits, I will not necessarily be your opponent in a single fight!"

Qin Shaotian looked gloomy, he took the initiative to soften!