My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 910

Vol 5 Chapter 910: Lin Chen Is Crazy

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Chapter 910: Lin Chen is crazy!

Perhaps Qin Shaotian still has reservations, but he has seen that Lin Chen is indeed stronger than his own, and his strength is close to the ceiling of the 70,000 genius list!

"I have never fought a battle that I am not sure about. The Eight Treasure Linglong Tower is like this now, too! You have no chance, because I am not alone!"

When Qin Shaotian laughed, the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower behind him suddenly took photos of the Holy Light, and more than a dozen beams of light shone from the top of the tower.

"Pavilion master, I didn't expect you to be forced to this point by him."

Mo Jingchen saw Qin Shaotian's embarrassment for the first time.

"The guy in the tower is already at the end of the crossbow. Their fierce resistance is unexpected to me, but it will sooner or later be killed. We just have to get him done and the game is over!"

Qin Shaotian pointed to Lin Chen, and all the geniuses in Jue Tian Pavilion were so angry that he locked Lin Chen!


The sword rushed to the sky and the sword was fierce. Changhong's battle spirit is going through the sky!

Fifteen people from the Peerless Pavilion stood in the sky, and each genius burst into the strongest power.

Some of them were bathed in thousands of thunderbolts, and their eyes exploded with thunder and lightning.

Some stood with swords, and their swords flowed sharply.

Some don't hold the knife, but the one is amazing!

Some trumpets play for all geniuses and increase their vigor.

Some hold the hook and sickle, and a breath of death erupts all over the body, extinguishing all vitality!

Some golden lights flicker, and the immortal Shengwei Yun covers the top of the head, such as the imperial conquest, the move will contain the general tendency of the emperor!

Or, everyone is shining through the light of alien crystal fragments, and the power is like a raging wave, which can destroy any blocking thing at any time!

Around Lin Chen, they are all condensing their strongest blow!

Seeing this moment, many genius list geniuses suddenly stood up!

No one expected that the situation would evolve into such a situation!

Lin Chen is the only one left, playing dozens of fifteen personally, singled out the entire Peugeot Pavilion?

The fifteen people surrounded Lin Chen, united with might, joined together, and stayed still.

Lin Chen was helpless, and the "Black Horse Club" was trapped in the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower. It seemed that the situation in front of him could only be reversed by watching him alone!

Despair, deeply despair!

Most genius list geniuses seem to feel the despair on stage!

One person singled out the entire Peugeot Pavilion!

This is totally impossible!

Even if the genius in the top 70,000 talent list comes, there is a great possibility of defeat!

Among the 15 people currently participating in the war, 6 are on the genius list, about 92,000, 3 are on the 86,000 list, and 4 are on the 82,000 list.

Deputy Patriarch Mo Jingchen ranked 80001 in the genius list!

Qin Shaotian, the leader of the cabinet, ranked 75565 in the genius list!

Even many geniuses of the four ranks are not as good as some of them. It is really desperate to compete against this lineup alone!

"It's a pity! If the Dark Horse Club could have a decent confrontation with Jue Tian Ge, there would definitely be a chance to win!"

"It's not reconciling. I can't see Zhen Deshuai's extraordinary orange-level sword skill and Jue Tian Pavilion once again!"

"There are only winners and losers in history, and there are not so many regrets. It was precisely because Qin Shaotian anticipated this unexpected situation that he would borrow the blood of the family's ancestors to use the holy tools to suppress Zhende and their party."

At this time, almost all the audience revolved around the problems and regrets of Lin Chen and the Black Horse Club. In their view, Lin Chen's defeat has become a fact!


What everyone did not expect was that Lin Chen even laughed in the sky!

Thousands of geniuses sitting in the audience genius list scalp numbness!

In this case, he could still laugh?

What kind of wind does this mother fuck?

Qin Shaotian was the only one in the audience, and his brows were tightly locked. With this absolute advantage, he was agitated because of Lin Chen's laughter...

He sees people rarely make mistakes, Lin Chen is not that kind of arrogant person, he even smiled so happy, is it...


Things returned to a dozen breaths before.

Inside the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower;

"Squad leader, as expected, all of them are out!"

Yue Linlin smiled slyly, Lin Chen's avatars suddenly looked up, staring at the space barrier just above the head!

"Everyone will follow me and try my best! Just hit the space above the tower!"

Zhende Shuai burst into tears, and the sword in his hand flickered, replacing the Meridian Sword with the Holy Sword Qingtian!

Zhende should roll over in a black coat, and the Long Yao sword in his hand was replaced by "Azure Blue Moon"!

[The host avatar launches the ultimate moment talent, consuming 60 million primary talent points.

Qingyou Guanghua burst into flash, the momentum of the five rose, and Leng Yueqi and other women immediately brewed their strongest blow!

"Sword Fury!"

"Jingyue and God!"

"Three Shadows!"

"Azure Dragon Sword!"

The sword rainbow spans, the flash of the sword, the shadow of the streamer, the shadow of the arrow soars into the sky, the dragon tail turns the sword, the ice shadow arrow light shuttles, the gas is full of sky, and the palm of the Holy Light rises from the sky!

At this moment, the avatars and everyone condensed the strongest blow, and all the forces that were ready to go were poured into this blow at this moment!

The most powerful are Sword Fury Sky and Mirror Moon, the eighth-order knife and sword are cut out, and even the charge and penetration runes are blessed in the attack. The grade is like an orange stunt!


Jianhong exploded, and the sword flashed. Innumerable attacks, led by "Sword Fury" and "Mirror Moon God", exploded the space barriers in the tower and shattered a ten-foot space gap 1

The last avatar, "Zheng De Chang", was ready to go and rushed up instantly, pushing the speed to the extreme, turning it into a dark mansion that reversed space!

The space barrier was just torn apart, and almost half of the breath healed. This kind of offensive did not attract Qin Shaotian's attention at all.

First, Qin Shaotian was not the master of the holy vessel at all. He only used the power of the bloodline and borrowed the help of the family holy realm to barely use the eight treasures.

Second, Qin Shaotian is not a holy land. Unless a large-scale internal attack at the saint level occurs, the space in this small tower will be torn apart, and only by staring at it every time can it be discovered.

But unfortunately, at that moment, his attention was all on Lin Chen!

The moment Zhende broke through the space barrier, he left the abandoned city created by the illusion and arrived at a colorful space.

This space can't be seen by anyone except the owner of the sacristy. On weekdays, if the owner of the pagoda uses this tower, it will also hide this space strictly!

But Qin Shaotian tried his best to control it. His family's ancestors even thought that he just took it just in case, and dealt with only juniors. He didn't expect that such a secret space would be discovered by tearing the space barrier!

In the gleaming space of the gorgeous rainbow, an eight-color crystal is suspended in the center. This crystal is the control center of the entire eight-treasure Linglong Tower!

However, at this moment, Zhende's long eyes did not pay attention to the eight-color spar, but a large number of attribute light **** floating in this gorgeous space!