My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 911

Vol 5 Chapter 911: Heads Up

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Chapter 911

This matter, in this gorgeous space, there are at least thousands of attribute light **** suspended!

There are dozens of attribute treasure chests, even three orange crystal treasure chests!

[The host gains 1 advanced fire energy, 1 intermediate talent point, 2 advanced rune energy, 2000 advanced blood, 1 advanced light energy, 10,000 enhancement points, 20,000 enhancement points, 10,000 enhancements point

This is so cool! Lin Chen's strengthening point is soaring at an unprecedented speed!

In the past, a blue metallic light ball had dozens of points each, and a few had a few hundred points.

But here, a blue metallic light ball has tens of thousands of strengthening points to start!

Other attribute light ball, the attribute value is still terrible high! In addition to strengthening points, each attribute light ball is worth more than 100 million!

When Zhendechang grabbed the three orange crystal chests, the system light screen that popped up made him almost refreshed!

[The host opens 3 orange crystal treasure chests and obtains: upgrade key, orange-level talent fragment (one-time), God-killer fragment (3/3), orange-level intermediate talent fragment (one-time), and natural reverser (1/2) ),

[Natural Talents: Break the defense and kill instantly. Heaven is ruthless, and it is against heaven. Extreme instant kill talent.

[When the talent of the Sky Reverse is turned on, the host will enter the state of Sky Reverse for a limited time; when the hosts attack can completely break the defense of the hostile target and hit the hostile body of the hostile target, it will cause a spike effect. The scope of this talent: temporarily applicable to the Holy Land below the nineth level is valid, temporarily invalid from one to the nine-turn Holy Land.


Lin Chen's consciousness almost exploded in place!

When entering the talent state, breaking the defense to kill instantly?

If you can break through the defense of a holy realm, wouldn't it be possible to kill the saint in seconds?


Outside the Babao Linglong Tower;

Because of the emergence of the talent of Nature, Lin Chen couldnt stop laughing from the sky!

"It's cool, cool! It's so cool, I like this!"

All the audience: "?"

Let you beat you for 15 dozen? Do you still like it?


This Lin Chen must be crazy!

This day the talent of the inverse is **** ridiculous!

Orange rank talents, one by one perverted! That's right!

However, there is a set shortcoming of the "Sky Rebel", that is, it is necessary to completely break through the enemy's defense.

With Lin Chens current strength, even the most common saints cant break through each others defenses, unless they try to bet on their luck and try the tearing talent.

But in reality, it is impossible for any holy realm to stand stupidly to fight Lin Chen. If the sage tears the space forward, Lin Chen cant even touch their hair!

But now holding the God Killer talent is completely different!

If Sky Rebel is paired with God Killer, it will cause a qualitative change!

Satisfying the condition of the God-killer's talent to obtain the cultivation of the Holy Realm briefly, and the temporary Holy Realm cultivation is a defense against the Holy Realm, then the result is...

Instant kill saint!

"Well, Brother Chen, I can't easily use the talent of killing God this time. Before collecting another fragment of the Sky Reverse, the God Killer can't use it! This represents whether I can own the superpower of the second killing realm Ace!"

"Energy and Holy Realm" and "Second Realm" are completely two concepts!

"There seems to be something wrong in the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower... but they are still persevering in the Purple Flame Formation, there is one less person, is it burned to death by refining?"

Qin Shaotian glanced at the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower and found nothing unusual.

"Quick battle and quick decision, one shot, blasted him!"

Qin Shaotian decided to cut the mess quickly and burst into tears!

His Sky Hammer shocked thousands of silver awns, like a dancing silver snake, and scraped the vagrant wind blade, and smashed it with a hammer!

The hammer light rotates, bursting out a silver acre hammer printed a few acres in size, like a giant monster destroying it, the half-orange-level combat skill "Yinsha Shocking Hammer"!

Coupled with the power of Qin Shaotian's many pieces of alien crystals and his own cultivation and the foundation of the mind, this hammer, even many old four robbery war emperors smelled a fatal crisis!

He didn't take the risk to fight this with Lin Chen before, just for this moment! What he wants is not a battle full of risks, but a real victory!

Bang ~! Thunder thundered on the ground, exploding into the sky!

Endless thunder, Jianhong, Daogang vertical flash, the overwhelming offensive is ready to attack, aiming at Lin Chen bombarded!

Heaven went into the ground, all of which were attacked by fighting spirit. Changhong carried out the whole space of the fighting arena, like a converging tornado whirling away!

Such a terrible offensive is enough to crush a four-robber warlord, and only the five-robber warlord will have a chance to retreat!

"Fighting Emperor's Ten Forms Saint Fall! Break me!"

Bang ~!

At this moment, Lin Chen was in full swing, holding a red gun in his hand, and the pure power suddenly exploded from his arms and swept violently!

[The host activates level 6 recharge, level 5 penetration, and consumes 58.5 million intermediate rune energy.

The strongest dark robbery warrior in the nine robbery warriors explodes the endless shadows, devouring the world, and the spear flashes a dark twist that twists the world!

This shot of dark surging is like breaking the galaxy!

A stunning shot with an eighth-order embryonic war gun, blessed with pure power and half-orange-level gun skills, shocked countless audiences and geniuses!

However, it is not enough! Lin Chen's opponent is a full 15 genius list geniuses, there are only 8 geniuses with more than 80,000, and there is a Qin Shaotian with more than 70,000!

[The host launches a 5th-level hidden rune, cooldown: 40 seconds, duration: 3 seconds.

At the moment when the "Holy Meteor" shot was shot, Lin Chen's eyebrows flashed a faint blue light, but no one found his mental fluctuations.

[Activate the ultimate return talent, consume 20 million primary talent points, activate level 6 recharge, level 5 penetration...]

It can be described as a moment of a thousand blows, the moment Lin Chen's gun waved like a dragon's tail, the back hand had already been ready to go, and the Jinhui knife flashed three times in the waist!

call out! call out! call out!

The three shining swords of Jinhui turned into tangent streamers in the horizontal plane, and the speed was so extreme that they shattered countless attacks!

Umbra Flying SwordThree Attacks!

One shot of Dark Mount sucked and wiped out all vitality, rushed into countless combat attacks, and shocked the big explosion covering the whole field!

boom! boom! boom! Boom! Bang ~!

The colorful and colorful Changhong rolled up several huge mushroom clouds, and when everyone thought that there were some attacks to avoid Lin Chen's attacking edge, it was strangely gray!

Buzz! Buzz! laugh!

Explosions are not only combat and pure power attacks, but also severe mental storms!

The azure spiritual beam penetrated most of the geniuses in Jue Tian Pavilion. Their faces were pale, they vomited blood, twitched and rolled their eyes, and their spirits were hit unprecedentedly!

This scene blinded many hidden monsters! Except for the saints, almost no one can notice that Lin Chen has retained so many backers?

The gusty wind swept through, the silver robe swayed, the young man stood up with a gun, like the undefeated God of War between the earth and the earth, proudly standing under the earth-shattering energy explosion, the confidence between the eyebrows and the arrogant domineering!

Everyone stared blankly at the tall, slender back. He actually did it!

With one person's strength, singled out the entire Peugeot Pavilion!