My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 912

Vol 5 Chapter 912: Are You Still..

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Chapter 912

At this time, the geniuses of Jue Tiange fell down, fainted, and convulsed, not to mention a few.

Thousands of genius list genius scalp numbness, he really shaken the entire Peugeot Pavilion with one person!

No, to be precise, it should be said that one person defeated the entire Peerless Pavilion! !

In the end, Lin Chen's hand-to-hand attack was called amazing and the audience couldn't be too much!

Where does he have such a strong storage and resilience?

These killings are not Purple Order exercises, the amount of combat energy that needs to be consumed is extremely terrifying...

All this is mainly due to the growth of mentality brought by the growth of element attribute values, and the upgrade of the ultimate talent. Without either of these, you can't play such a fierce offensive!

Mo Jingchen and Qin Shaotian are the only ones who can remain rational under this round of offensive!

Geniuses who have been seriously injured in a coma have dropped three attribute light balls, which is very limited, but some amorphous fragments have fallen to the ground!

A wave after another wave!


The wounded Qin Shaotian's mind shook fiercely a few times, this is the momentum from the Eight Treasures Linglong Tower!

"This is, the Eight Treasure Linglong Tower has been destroyed!"

Qin Shaotian's face changed suddenly, and Lin Chen's avatar and everyone were sent out in one thought!

"Huh? We're out!"

"Good guy, we are so sleepy!"

As soon as everyone came out, they walked towards Mo Jingchen and they were all furious!

And the avatars were quick-sighted and quickly took away the abstinence of the comatose geniuses. The skillfulness of the tricks made many audiences have a slight mouth corner...

Bang Bang Bang!

Even so, the attack never stopped! Qin Shaotian finally panicked!

The Eight Treasure Linglong Pagoda is an important sacrificial tool of the Qin family. If it is damaged in his hand, even he has to deal with it according to the family rules! At that time, his "ambition" will be all gone!

Qin Shaotian's spiritual will looked around for a long time, and finally found "Zhen De Chang" in the space at the top of the control center, and sent him out!

However, it was too late. The eight-color spar that controlled the center was covered with cracks. The eighty-eight formations at the core of the Eight Treasures were at least half destroyed!

Qin Shaotian's face was pale, even if the power of this holy weapon was repaired, it had to be greatly reduced!

"Is this your purpose at first?"

Qin Shaotian angered Lin Chen with anger, he shrugged and laughed jokingly-"You still have time to ask me, first look at your own situation."

When Lin Chen's avatar finished receiving the attribute light ball, and found that he could not take the Eight Treasure Linglong Tower, he was determined to destroy this holy weapon.

However, after he destroyed the eight-color spar, the system told him that as long as he consumed the power of the practice method, he could obtain the formation record in the spar.

Lin Chen therefore consumed 40 points of advanced exercises and spirits, allowing the system to include eighty-eight arrays of the Eight Treasure Linglong Tower!

He has already taken away the most important treasure, Lin Chen is confident, as long as there are materials, he can build a holy artifact pagoda stronger than the eight treasure Linglong Pagoda!

"Do you think you can win me this way? Heavenly soul Shengjing!"

At this time, Qin Shaotian's hair was messy, and when he smiled, he shattered the white crystal in his hand. His whole body was covered with a two-finger thick energy crystal layer.

Qin Shaotian became a'crystal man' covered with crystals all over his body!


Qin Shaotian vomited blood, Mo Jingchen was full of surprises!

"Unexpectedly, the Lord of the Pavilion should fight to this point. He had never been so reckless before. Why is he fighting with the Black Horse Club..."

Tianbao Shengjing is a life-saving card left by Qin Shaotian's father. The energy can explode his meridians. The use of this thing will at least cause serious injuries and even affect the future cultivation.

However, by virtue of this thing, his whole body will be invulnerable and stand invincible!

Lin Chen almost destroyed everything he formed!

The woman he pursued, the forces he formed, the details of his painstaking preparation, Qin Shaotian wanted to do everything with Lin Chen!

Dang ~!

With a flicker of sword light, Zhende Shuai held the sword horizontally, and the "Qingtian Sword" was cut on top of Qin Shaotian's head, but only a shallow white mark was cut!

"Hahaha, die!"

Qin Shaotian had bleeding at the corner of his mouth, punching Zhende Shuai with a punch in his laughter,

"What a tough turtle shell, is there such a rogue play..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

It is not that Optimus Sword is inferior to his Celestial Spirit Saint Crystal, even if Optimus Sword only restores 40% of its power, if the saint holds the sword, he can split Qin Shaotian's defense with a single sword at will.

Optimus Sword needs to be injected with divine power in order to exert its true edge. Secondly, in order to suppress the holy weapon not to hurt itself, it is already the limit.

Seeing Qin Shaotian clenching the Sky Hammer again, Lin Chen quickly moved his body!

"Be careful!"

Lin Chen grabbed Leng Yueqi, the crowd retreated, Zhendexiu bow shot, the arrow flashed, and the action of Qin Shaotian, everyone retreated!

Qin Shaotian was like a mad beast, he beat the hammer all the way, and actually suppressed two avatars. His defense was indestructible and could not be broken at all. Only he beat others, and others could not touch him!

Bai Junhao and others were quickly responsible for the severely injured Mo Jingchen, teamed up with the siege and left Qin Shaotian to his squad leader.

"If you have been madly attacking him with Optimus Sword, Azure Blue Moon, and Saint Gun Embryo, you have a chance. The question is how to delay his action. You can't use slow runes on this guy..."

Lin Chen Lingguang moved, holding Leng Yueqi's slender hand and smiled-"Sister Yueqi, if you cooperate with my water system fighting spirit, can you freeze that guy?"

Jiu Jue Han Vein, born with extreme coldness, even if you have not entered the peak period of the blood vein, you should try it once against a Qin Shaotian!

Leng Yueqi nodded-"It should be possible, I try!"

Brush ~!

The two of them have a spirit, and when they are standing together, all the avatars and Lin Chen are standing together, running their mind, and urging the water robbery battle body!

Lin Chen and the avatars pushed out Qin Shaotian's hands horizontally, and thousands of sea waves burst into the water, flooding the audience!

"Tianyu Yinghai!"

The five fingers of the Dragon Emperor Zhendepi clenched tightly, and the waves formed by the fighting of the water robbery twisted into a bundle of tornadoes, and Qin Shaotian was imprisoned!

"Damn it, get away!"

Qin Shaotian danced with the Hammer of Heaven's Hammer, hitting a giant cave with splashes of water!

Leng Yueqi is suspended in the void, the jade belt is fluttering, the slim and delicate figure is shining with ice, and the cold is awe-inspiring, like a winter coming to the audience, cold and bone marrow!

"It turned out to be the nine extreme cold veins, no wonder this nizi can provoke such a terrible cold..."

Some saints were surprised and sighed, and cast an envious look at Bingxin Palace.


Brush ~! The ice storm beam descends from the sky, and freezes all the water-robbing combat qi into ice, even Qin Shaotian is no exception! Frozen into a complete ice sculpture!

"It's done, continue to export water-robbering warfare and continue to increase efforts to freeze, he will definitely not be able to move in a short time!"

Lin Chen held a red gun, and Zhende Shuai and Zhende should step out of the air and came behind Qin Shaotian.

"You, what do you want to do!"

Qin Shaotian's fighting spirit spreads his voice, sincerely afraid!

The three brothers stood behind Qin Shaotian.

At that moment, when someone Lin and his avatars pulled out the azure blue moon, Qingtianjian, and the red gun and pointed at Qin Shaotian's eyes...

Aimed at the Kikubu area by two eighth-order sacred soldiers and one eighth-order weapon embryo, it was seen that all the audience and even the saints were thrilled and the scalp was numb...

Are these guys in the Dark Horse Club still human...