My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 913

Vol 5 Chapter 913: Laugh Like A Child

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Chapter 913

Lin Chen and Zhen Deying and Zhen De Shuai looked at Qin Shaotian's sullen eyes, and politely resigned each other.

Lin Chen: "Handsome Yingge, please!"

Zhende Shuai: "No, no, no, the deputy director please first!"

Zhende Ying: "Strike the trigger, the director fell in love with me."

The three looked at each other and smiled like a child.

Next, the three of them carried out inhumane destruction of Qin Shaotian...

The system's light screen flew crazy.

[Trigger passive talent, strong attack, power bonus: 50%. 999 times...

On this day, destined to be included in the history of the Quartet.

Millions of viewers witnessed the chrysanthemum blooming of Qin Shaotian by Lin Chen and his party, and countless young audiences remembered the almost dark shadows of the Black Horse Club.

In this scene, the woman could not bear to look straight at it, and the man wept on the spot.

Three holy objects, facing the back of a young man, frantically output half an hour, even the Heavenly Soul Saint Crystal was shattered.

Is that human being?

Are you still human? grass!

[Obtain 20 points of the essence of advanced fighting spirit, 10 points of the essence of advanced fighting spirit, 1 point of advanced mental strength...]

Lin Chen's crazy output will explode Qin Shaotian's heavenly soul Shengjing on the spot!

Lin sternly took 6 pieces of alien crystals dropped by Qin Shaotian. This outrageous team marathon that can no longer be outrageous finally ended. The dark horse club, advanced to the final!

And Qin Shaotian and others fell into a coma and were seriously injured, all of them were lifted away, leaving only one Mo Jingchen to abstain in the end to maintain consciousness.

After this battle, countless genius list geniuses are afraid of the dark horse club...

It's so perverted! These guys are **** monsters!

Qing Sheng's face was slightly happy, he never thought that the Black Horse Club had such a skill, even the Eight Treasure Linglong Tower could escape, and now they may have the opportunity to compete with the hidden dragon geniuses!

"The dark horse club is too strong. There are eighth-order sacred gun embryos in the front, followed by the sacred sword and the sacred sword. No one can stop this time..."

"Yes, the champion is basically the dark horse club."

"Well, if I were alive, I would never fight with these guys, it's so perverted..."

At the time when the audience was hotly discussing, a team was flying in the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

Ten genius list geniuses were thrown out of the space barrier, attracting the attention of many people. Everyone's original attention was on the match between Jue Tian Pavilion and the Dark Horse Club. I didn't expect another semi-final to start!

However, this semifinal is still extremely miserable! The geniuses of the three Sipin sects were beaten and thrown out of the field!

Everyone looked at it, and that team had only five people!

"What are these guys doing?"

"The geniuses of Huangquan Jiange and Yingzong were defeated. They sent all the top geniuses this time!"

"There are only five geniuses in the 81,000 ranking genius list alone, and it is said that their goal is to compete with Jue Tiange!"

All the geniuses in the genius list can't help but be amazed. The originally scheduled champion team was eliminated in the semifinals?

Lin Chen, who had just stepped down, narrowed his eyes"Is that what Qing Sheng said was mixed with the Dragon Clan team in the venue? It's so disguised. My Zijin pupil didn't see the clue at all, just like a real human race."

"After the semifinals, the team martial arts competition will be officially held in three days!"

Qing Sheng announced the next time that when Lin Chen and everyone gathered, a strange eye was fixed behind Lin Chen, that was from the disguised Dragon clan...

"Prince? Are you?"

"Hey, I found something interesting. There should be a good toy in this final..."


The team martial arts competition is the final climax of the Quartet Conference, and the dark horse club tops the list.

In addition to losing the final tone to Qianyin Pavilion and finishing third, the Black Horse Club won the single martial arts championship, the refining championship, the casting tool, the treasure, the arithmetic project, and the six consecutive championships!

In the past, any force could not reach the height. It is too difficult to cultivate geniuses that reach the peak in every field. This is not possible with sufficient training resources, but also has the guidance of the Holy Giant in related fields.

Unless the forces above the fifth rank are shot, this six consecutive championship will maintain the highest score in the history of the Quartet!

The higher the sectarian rank, the more terrifying it is. Some of the top five sectarian sects can basically crush the four sectarian sects, which is not on a single level!

If the team martial arts can also win the championship, it is an unprecedented seven consecutive championships!


Lin Chen and his party gathered in a close room.

"These people are your avatars?"

Yan Qianyun opened her mouth slightly, and thought that Lin Chen had such a huge achievement soon after he arrived in the Holy Realm!

All members of the Black Horse Club are his avatars. Isn't this equivalent to winning six consecutive championships by himself?

"There is a reason for this, and I have no choice. You have seen how many saints out there want to kill me..."

Lin Chen shrugged, Yan Qianyun stunned-"You are really a lunatic, how many saints are provoked in the end, no wonder that the forged saints will be scared like that, it turned out to be your avatar, of course, it can't count any destiny... "


Lin Chen seemed to remember something, and took out the'shadow egg' sealed in Taoyuan's capsule.

Everyone was curious and looked closely. The egg was purple-black and covered with cracks.

"Can you help me calculate the origin and destiny of this thing, this thing makes me a headache, can't throw it away, and throwing it away will also run back into my luck capsule."

Lin Chen's arithmetic level is far inferior to that of Yan Qianyun. He only got to see the attribute light sphere and the'nine robbery eyes' to confuse the finalist of the mathematician.

"This is... the eggs of the Shadow Clan? However, it seems wrong, not just that simple!"

Yan Qianyun's eyes were fixed on the egg pattern, purple light restrained, hidden mystery.

"It's strange, in this egg, you can feel different life fluctuations..."

Shangguan Bihan used treasure appraisal to gain insight into the egg's secrets, surprised and stunned.

Yan Qianyun Feiwu flicked her fingers, using arithmetic to deduce the origin of the egg.


"I can't figure it out. According to the general destiny of this egg, I found several spatial coordinates, which are located on the edge of the Holy Space. It seems to be the place where the shadows have appeared."

Yan Qianyun glanced at Lin Chen and shook his head.

"But those are not its birthplaces, this egg's origin is covered up, maybe there is a powerful shot to cover part of its destiny..."

Lin Chen raised his forehead and had a headache. This little thing had refined his millions of silver holy yuan coins. It could not be thrown away. After throwing it, he could shuttle back to his own Taoyuan sac with his instinct talent.

But inside the Taoyuan capsule, its power will be blocked by Lin Chen again, but Lin Chen doesn't want to bring such a time bomb!