My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 914

Vol 5 Chapter 914: Not To Grab?

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Chapter 914

Lin Chen also intends to use Yan Qianyun's arithmetic to deduce the birthplace of this egg and find an opportunity to throw it back.

Maybe it will not depend on itself when it returns to its hometown? But Yan Qianyun can't figure it out.

In the future, he will need three physiology plants to cultivate alien crystals, and now there are two. The Taoyuan capsules will be his experimental site for alien crystal cultivation in the future.

If such a time bomb is placed, in case it can run out of that day, Taoyuan sacs must not give this ghost thing a blast!

"Should I ruin it?"

Lin Chens eyes were full of fierce light, and Shangguan Bihan quickly waved his hand and said-"No, it already has consciousness and spiritual wisdom, and the life energy in the body is not trivial. If you fight back and die, let alone you, not even the Holy Land. Can guarantee safety."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, his mother, the ancient god, why did the old man put such a thing on him for someone in Lin!

"You can try to incubate it, maybe you can talk to it about conditions. It is a high-level creature and should be able to communicate. Moreover, this time there was an ancient book that recorded all kinds of strange strange spirits between heaven and earth. Maybe To find its weaknesses."

Yan Qianyun said earnestly that Shangguan Bihan's eyes brightened up-"Qian Yun girl said, that "Thousand Tribes Holy Book"?"

"Yes, "The Holy Book of Thousand Tribes" originated from a "Tao Sheng" who was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the Holy World four million years ago. It is said that he does not ask the world, he likes refining medicine, and he likes to travel all over the world. The plane, many races encountered and seen are all recorded."

The eyes of Shangguan Bihanli flickered and said to Lin Chen seriously-"I originally came to the Quartet Conference for this holy scripture. This holy scripture covers a wide range of fields and is extremely rich. It is said that many creatures are born. The pros and cons of the race have reached a very high level of understanding of life."

"It's just that I don't know why millions of years ago, Tuo Sheng suddenly disappeared and disappeared, leaving only this holy book. It is said that he is also involved in a war..."

Yan Qianyun smiled and said-"It's a pity that most people, including saints, only focus on cultivation and martial arts. This thousand-clan scripture hasn't attracted much attention until it's placed in the Sifang Conference. Sale for prizes."

Lin Chen's eyes lit up. This "Tao Sheng" is really a strange person. If he can find a way to restrain this little guy, he can still talk to him about the conditions after hatching.

If you can use the power of the creatures in this egg for your own use, it will definitely be a great help!

It is nothing but a trivial gift of its ability to travel through the void alone. In the Holy Realm, only saints can tear the void forward.

"I'm surrounded by the saints now. When the meeting is over when the saints of all parties show their minions to me. If you can incubate this little guy for my use, there will be unexpected effects if you do it. It is worth fighting!"

Having made up his mind, Lin Chen immediately went to the venue to exchange points for the treasure hall. His "Black Horse Club" holds more points than any other person in the past!


"This battle today is due to the people I invited to gather here."

In the hall of the secret hall, the master of Bingxin Palace actually invited a group of holy places to gather!

"Do you have any cooperation in Bingxin Palace to take care of us?"

The fourth floor owner of Yunhuangs 12th floor took a bite of berries and smiled meaningfully.

"As far as I know, the two disciples of Qianmei Palace, Yingliang of Yunhuang Building, and Bai Junhao of Bailongmen have a good relationship with Linchen Xiaoyou. I believe that everyone sent emissaries to the world for the purpose of Its a good opportunity now to make this good, isnt it?"

Gongzhu Yan Ran smiled, Bailongmen door chin touched his chin, mouth corners raised-"Palace Lord means, I hope we stand in the team, unite to help the dark horse club?"

With this remark, the atmosphere in the hall seemed to be particularly quiet.

Which can be cultivated into a saint, which is not a human essence, the intention of Bingxin Palace is basically guessed in the group's heart.

The palace nodded-"Yes, the icing on the cake is not as good as sending it off in the snow. Right now, Little Lin Chen is threatened by many holy realms. If we stand firm with him, if he grows up in the future, we will definitely be the first group to benefit the most!"

"But if we fail, we will be madly hit by the Dark Cabinet, and will be targeted by the Sanpin sect that united with the Dark Cabinet."

A beautiful woman in the sanctuary of Qianmei Palace chuckled, but her eyes were full of dignity.

The master of the White Dragon Gate added one more word-"If it is more serious, if this kid doesn't survive, the side of the dark pavilion will get the ancient heritage. Waiting for our future, it will be a devastating blow affecting the entire sect. !"

"Don't forget that this kid has just slaughtered the son of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce, and has turned many geniuses into serious injuries or idiots. How much trouble may be in the future."

Thats right, whether the standing team is assisting Lin Chen is a critical issue. The matter concerns the life and death of the entire sect in the future and is targeted by a sect of the fourth-grade killer. That kind of taste, if you want to cultivate young blood, you will be strangled in minutes.

"Indeed, as everyone said, this is a big gamble, and the risk is very great."

The master of the palace did not evade these problems and continued"But if he survives, we will benefit immensely. Everyone has also seen the young mans wicked means. Ask any of the holy realms in your clan, who can Help the disciples in the door to comprehend their mentality to perfection within a few days."

"Are there any holy realms that can practice half-orange-level combat skills within a few days. Not to mention, have you seen such a young eight-level refining pharmacist? In a sense, the Dark Horse Club now has eight Potential caster, refining pharmacist, and the potential to grow into a holy grade arithmetician!


Indeed, no one in the Holy Realm on the scene can achieve 1% of what Lin Chen has achieved!

Based on the performance of the Quartet Conference where the Black Horse Club is located, even the top Sipin denominations that have cultivated 50,000 rankings in the genius list have no heritage!

"Everyone should have heard of some legends from the Archaic period. There are rumors that some ancient denominations will put some descendants into the world of the Holy World for training and training of the top descendants. "

The palace master woke up the dreamer with an understatement!

Qianmei Palace's beautiful woman's body shook and excitedly said-"You mean, he may be a descendant of those hidden sects?"

The palace master laughed: "If not, I don't think the Sipin sect can cultivate the kind of evil level talent in the dark horse club..."


It was another trade-off, and the lord's lips slightly raised.

She knew that someone must join her camp next!


Integral Hall, the first floor hall.

Lin Chen: "How many points do I need to redeem "Thousands of Nations Collection"."

The young lady in the treasure hall smiled pretty-"90,000 points."

Lin Chen: "...Why don't you go grab it?"