My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 916

Vol 5 Chapter 916: Tuo Sheng Walking Against The Sky

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Chapter 916: The Tuosheng Walking Against the Sky!

What is the test? Does this Tuosheng experiment with the souls of the Shadow family?

Lin Chen continued to start the system and searched through it. The system found the next volume in the massive amount of information.

When Lin Chen continued to read the follow-up content of the "Experiment" in the "Thousand Tribes Holy Book", his heart ushered in an unprecedented impact!

An earth-shattering secret of Swire is gradually revealed!

[The fourth phase of the test still failed quickly. This shadow was too much for the weakness of restraining the divine light. It lacked a strong body. The body's qi and blood were too weak, and it was instantly destroyed. It was necessary to find a strong orc bloodline to intersect...

[... I didnt expect the fifth phase of the experiment to fail, too much pursuit of physical refinement, and even the spirituality of the shadow was wiped out...]

[Seventh issue: Sure enough, the bloodline of the acquired shadow is not enough to withstand so many bloodline mixtures, and it cannot be optimally integrated. You must look for the innate shadow of the holy level...]

[Nine-seventh and eighteenth volume tenth period: After combining Prince Yunlong and the innate shadow, the innate shadow is matched with the blood of the seventh-grade saint dragon, and finally born! It is a shadow that is not afraid of divine light, and has a very strong body, but it is still not enough, it is not perfect yet, it can be stronger...]

[Nine-eighty-eighth volume twelfth issue: layout for 400,000 years, finally let the descendants of the extremely ice **** dragon bearing the blood of the Nine-grade Saint Dragon merge with the innate shadow, and it finally began to approach perfection! It has the talent of the dragon, the talent of the shadow, the spiritual, and the domineering dragon...

[If you continue to make up for its last disadvantage on top of this, so that it can resist the evil spirits of the Devil, it will be unmatched! It will become the strongest in the Holy World! This seat will come to the Holy Realm!

[Volume 99014th issue: This saint mixed with the demon lurking for 500,000 years, and rebelled against the two saint devil emperors. They joined forces with the shadows of the 13th issue. This saint is looking forward to, The birth of the strongest shadow. But the innate shadow on this end is quieter than ever. Its eyes when it was born with its eyes open were so peaceful that Ben Sheng was a little afraid...]

so perfect! The ultimate shadow of the 14th issue seems to be comparable to King Ashura in history! Its natural talents are seamless, perfectly inheriting the spirituality and ever-changing power of innate shadows, and even the Heaven and Earth Avenue cant perceive its existence, but also has the destructive power of the Demon Race and the talent of the Dragon Race...]

[But it is too clever, and even the holy saint feels terrified. It is actually laying out the holy saint, using the holy saint as its growth cornerstone.

[The ultimate shadow of the fourteenth period has still escaped. It has grown to the point where this saint cant do anything. The seat is wrong. Perseverance in perfection will not be able to control it. This ultimate shadow may become the Holy Realm. The bane...]

[I realized that defects are also an important part of perfection. I want to create another ultimate shadow with defects but perfect...]

[Volume 99th Issue No. fifteenth: This shadow is very clever, only the form of egg-born has advanced spiritual wisdom, it has the ability and potential of the last ultimate shadow, but it is better than the ultimate shadow. Has a stronger talent and possibility!

[But this also makes it flawed. The baby egg state already likes to eat panacea, silver holy yuan coin, it has permanent energy hunger, if it can't replenish energy in time, it will fall into an incompetent state...]

[The Thousandth Coil Tail-Unexpectedly, the ultimate shadow actually lurked among the various clan of all sides, and launched a strange change, exposed my experiment, and caused the anger of the powerful of all clan , The Shadow Clan, and many strong men took turns to siege, and finally the Holy Body was taken away by the ultimate Shadow...]

[This saint has failed, it is too late to realize the perfect opportunity, I hope this shadow egg will not fall after leaving the hand of this is the highest masterpiece of this saint...]

After reading these test notes, Lin Chen couldn't calm down for a long time!

His heart was shocked, and he flew 10,000 grass and mud horses!

"Tuosheng is so crazy that he used his inspiration of many races to try to create the strongest creature!"

"Based on the shadow, to lay out, set up, lie to the powerful top creatures, and let them produce offspring after merging, continue to conduct experiments! Play with many powerful players in his experiments! Try to create the most Strong creatures dominate the Holy Realm!"

Lin Chen sighed for a while, and Cheng He Xiao He defeated Xiao He. He eventually died of the 14th issue of "The Ultimate Shadow", and even angered the powerful people of all races.

After visiting the heavens, Tuosheng comprehends the shortcomings of life, and is bound to create the most perfect and weakest creature in heaven and earth!

This is definitely the overlord of a generation of owls! It's not too much to call it against the sky!

In the eyes of outsiders, Tuosheng is just a sage of Xianyunyehe, but there is a certain hegemony in his heart!

Throughout the ages, who has the courage to spend millions of years to walk the layout of the major races, get the blood of the top strong and let them intersect and progeny for experimentation!

But what made Lin Chen even more troublesome was that the piece of "shadow egg" recorded in the handwriting was very consistent with the one in his hand!

Is there such a coincidence in the world?

The ancient **** once said that even after Xiuwei fell, he could not see the origin of this egg, only knowing that it possessed the life fluctuations of dragon, demon, and shadow clan...

"Yes, if this is really the shadow egg of the fifteenth phase of that trial, should I throw it away or hatch it!"

Lin Chen was cold and sweating, he didn't expect the horror of this egg's origin.

It was so horrible that Lin Chen felt some hot potato flavor.

The content in the handbook is very clear. The perfect "ultimate shadow" of the 14th period has taken away the body of Tuo Sheng and is still alive. If it is discovered by it, the shadow of the 15th period, he is absolutely the first to die. One!

If you throw it, you must throw away the Taoyuan capsules!

If it hatches, it is both helpful and threatening!

"I Lin Chen killed all the way from Kyushu to the Holy Realm, never looked into the distant future, just look at the present!"

"I'm surrounded by all Saints right now. It's a dead word if I can't pass it. It's better to gamble! Anyway, this guy is not invincible. It is clearly mentioned in the handbook that it has shortcomings. It is a foodie! The kind of fight!"

The moment Lin Chen made up his mind, he immediately opened the Taoyuan planting capsules. At this time, more than 6.7 million silver holy yuan coins and hundreds of thousands of seventh-order natural materials and treasures have been born!

"Little guy, don't you want to eat? I'll let you eat enough today, how?"

Lin Chen conveyed a ray of spiritual thoughts to the shadow egg, and the other party seemed to understand, flashing a cheerful light!

Lin Chen smirked-"But I have a request."

Eggy doubt: "?"

Lin Chen's mouth raised a crazy smile.

"I hatched you, but I want to turn the whole Holy World upside down!"

The egg gleamed brightly, and the purple and black brilliance condensed from the top of the eggshell into one word: 6