My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 917

Vol 5 Chapter 917: The Dark Horse Club Is So Outrageous

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Chapter 917 The dark horse club is so outrageous!

Regarding the content of the "experiment", Lin Chen discovered it all in essays after more than 900 volumes of race records.

The content of the experiment actually occupies about one hundred millionth of the content of the Holy Book of Thousands!

Even if the sage wants to find these contents in this scripture, it is equivalent to a needle in a haystack!

You have to know that the saints have practiced half-orange-level combat skills to the level of proficiency.

The Holy Book of Thousand Tribes has a considerable amount of information superimposed by nearly 300 half-orange exercises.

No saint would spend so much time and energy to consult this scripture, let alone the contents after more than 900 volumes!

In other words, Lin Chen may be the only one who knows the last secret of Tuo Sheng! The most terrible thing is that the shadow egg around him is most likely the one that Tuo Sheng finally tested!

Lin Chen threw a shadow egg of 3 million silver holy yuan coins, piled up like a mountain, and quickly unlocked its seal, so that the egg was flattered!

Then the egg egg whale swallowed all the silver sage yuan coins, and the massive silver sage yuan coins were turned into Dao Yinhui airflow, which was gorgeous and transparent, and refined into the eggshell.

There are more and more cracks on the eggshell surface!

However, Lin Chen has not stopped!

He flashed vertically and left the secret room, reaching the open ground in the rest area.

Next, Lin Chen released five avatars, mobilized his existing 255 Dan Dan furnace, urged Alchemy Handprint, quickly transferred all the herbs of Taoyuan capsules!

Bang ~!

The terrible spiritual power attracted Jiu Xiao, like the sea!

"What's going on, someone in the rest area is using mental energy?"

"That direction seems to be the rest area of the dark horse club..."

"What's going on? What are the boys doing well to prepare for the finals?"

Many veteran powerhouses were shocked and looked surprised when they walked out of the air.

During the break of the team martial arts, most of the audience will stop at Wanri Square to rest or participate in the auction of the Chamber of Commerce, Taobao, the opening of antiquities, refining medicine, and places where there will be communication.

Now how can the rest area arouse such momentum, without paying attention.

Even the saints who closely followed the dark horse club cast their eyes in doubt.

At the next moment, countless strong onlookers took a breath!

I saw that on the open ground of the rest area, Zhende Chang, Ying, Jiu, Shuai, Xiu, and the five handsome men gathered together. In front of everyone, there were dozens of red furnaces!

The five avatars started to make alchemy handprints. The speed of their hands was like the afterimage of lightning. The speed of the imprints changed rapidly. The infinite medicinal materials were absorbed into more than two hundred furnaces!

Lin Chen not only has to invest a lot of silver holy yuan coins, but also refining massive seventh-order elixirs to the shadow eggs!

Then, he dumped all the treasures in the Nahua that he had previously robbed!

As long as it is a medicinal material, pour it all into the Dan Furnace, and evacuate the mental energy of the clone.

As for the healing elixirs in Najie, as long as Lin Chen does not need the elixirs, all of them are put into Taoyuan capsules for the hatching of shadow eggs!

call out! call out! call out!

Danxia, which is as gorgeous as a rainbow, is rushing to the sky, and all the furnaces of the Dan furnace are all shining, and the aromatic fragrance and energy fluctuations are overflowing!

Five avatars who practiced +13 "The Beginning Bible" shot with hundreds of pottery stoves to extract herbs, the scene is extremely magnificent!

A large number of medicinal essences have been rapidly refined, fused, purified, and condensed!

More than two hundred Dan furnaces began to condense the seventh-order young dan at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The big guy's eyes almost fell to the ground!

The dark horse club controls an average of 51 red furnace refining medicines per person?

"I'm not wrong! What the hell's kidding me!"

"A true virtue should be enough to defy the sky... all the dark horse clubs of feelings are the seventh-order peak pharmacists?"

"I'm afraid that there are more than seven peaks. Their techniques, spiritual realm, and spiritual control are all exactly the same as true virtue!"

"I'm dang you! This special thing is ridiculous! Too ridiculous!"

All the powerful people who witnessed this moment were crazy, and some even exploded their brains!

Subvert cognition! Absolutely subversive cognition!

too crazy!

A true virtue should be able to work with an apothecary like Han Ziyun to refine the eighth-order Shengdan. What are the five concepts?

All members of the Black Horse Club have the growth potential of the eighth-level pharmacist?


This is worse than Mao! Didnt they bully people when they came to the Quartet?

Throughout the ages, how many forces could have five holy level alchemists?

The top four ranks can cultivate nearly 50,000 geniuses in the genius list, and there is a holy class alchemist in the door that can be called the top four ranks.

More than two eighth-order pharmacists, unless it is a sect that focuses on refining medicine, otherwise only the fifth-class sect can hold the details!

And five, just one sentence: just ridiculous...

Among the crowd, there was a handsome young man and a beautiful lady who were particularly shocked!

It is Mo Qingsuan and Lan Ruoxue!

The two of them thought about fear, almost scalp numbness, cold feet!

Because they recalled one thing!

In the ancient temple that day, after killing Ji Wutian, within one day, someone in the Black Horse Club used a shadow flying sword!

What is even more terrifying is that until the massacre of more than 100 days of pride, more than 30 geniuses, the Black Horse Club, all the members will learn the flying sword, and all will practice until they are fascinated!

Then, Mo Qingwan thought of the body method used by everyone in the'Black Horse Club', which is the same body method!

Mo Qing is a mathematician, and under the quick scrutiny of wisdom and aura, a mind-shattering idea emerged in his mind!

"Did you say that in the dark horse club, as long as there is a person to learn the skills of the club, everyone else will?"

This idea is by no means groundless!

Quite simply, using the same combat skills and body styles does not explain what the problem is. There are many examples of large-scale schools practicing the same exercises.

However, it is not necessary to use the same refining technique!

Even the apprentices taught by the same Holy Grade Alchemist will be very different.

The strength of refining medicine is related to comprehensive factors. It is almost impossible to cultivate five refining pharmacists with the same quality, technique and strength in the same generation!

Lan Ruoxue swallowed her throat hard-"What the **** is the club... what's the point!"

"Historical Peerless Demon! All the members of the Black Horse Club must have the potential to be on the demon list! The people who survived that day except the people around Lin Chen, only me and Lan Ruoxue and sister Qin Jueyan must report to the suzerain as soon as possible!"

In Mo Qingsuan's eyes, the brightest light ever appeared in his life!

"In the thirty-six domain, perhaps a super sect is about to rise! We must do everything we can to make a good black club!"

Brush ~!

In less than one hour in the past, Danxia soared into the sky, and 120 of the seventh-order elixir rose into the sky, colorful and dazzling!

Five young people with different expressions bathed in Danxia, making everyone blinded...

And the silver robe boy who stepped into the void and constantly brought out a lot of medicinal materials was the leader of these five evil young men!

A task as strong as the ancestor of the Dark Pavilion can't help but sigh-"It's a pity to kill so many geniuses, if you can recruit me into the Dark Pavilion, it will be just around the corner!"