My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 918

Vol 5 Chapter 918: The Birth Of The Shadow

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Chapter 918

Saint-level pharmacists can benefit not only the entire sect, but also the holy realm within the sect!

Holy Realm cultivation, every small realm can stagnate for 100,000 years, hundreds of thousands of years, or millions of years. With the support of a Holy Grade Alchemist, it is very different for the development of a sect!

And this seems to be just the beginning. The following night, the Dark Horse Club conducted a night of refining medicine. Until dawn, more than 600 Seventh-order Elixir had been born!

This efficiency can definitely be comparable to that of several Saint-level pharmacists for refining the seventh-order elixir!

"Brother is always so unexpected, so terrible!"

Bai Junhao looked up at his back with a bit of bitterness in his heart.

"Yeah, we worked hard to practice, and joined the sectarian diligence for so many years, I didn't expect to just touch his back."

Yue Linlin's wonderful eyes sparkled, and she smiled.

"If you don't try harder, you will get rid of him again."

Yan Qianyun and Shangguan Bihan looked at each other, Leng Yueqi just stared at him quietly.


"It's so perverted, the old man is curious what the sect of the dark horse club is!"

"Young people who can teach five quasi-sacred level pharmacists are probably at least Fifth Grade, No, perhaps the legendary, Highest Sixth Grade Sect!!"

Several holy-level apothecary masters leading the refining conference are full of enthusiasm and excitement!

The fortune saint shook his head and marveled-"It's a figure that even the old man can't see through fate..."

The newly refined seventh-order elixirs are all fed with shadow eggs, plus the elixirs seized from the genius pay ring, and the seventh-order elixirs are fed 1,200, and 4 million silver holy coins!

Lin Chen still has two hundred seventh-order elixirs on hand, which will be left as food for the little guy after his birth.

Click~ Click~

The sound of a crisp eggshell cracking sounded, and Lin Chen's spiritual will stared at it.

Click! Egg cracked shell broken, a shadow derived from!

Its appearance is like a black cloud of purple electricity.

Black Cloud opened his eyes and grunted his purple pupil, looking at this new and unfamiliar world.

A cloud of purple thunder exploded on the top of the black cloud. If you compare the small black cloud to a human head, the purple arc thunder is like its hair.

The emergence of a young figure is Lin Chen's spiritual will.

"Little guy, can you recognize me?"

Lin Chen issued a voice inquiry.

Xiao Heiyun nodded his head, and the purple electricity wrapped around his head condensed into a 6.

"Very good, you are willing to follow, if you mix with me in the future, the elixir and Yinshengyuan coin will be full."

Lin Chen has an immortality in his left hand and a silver holy yuan coin in his right.


The purple electricity flashed over the head of the little black cloud, condensing into two words-know.

This little guy is born with a very high level of intelligence, and he has already been conscious in the egg, so he can communicate with Lin Chen perfectly!

It's just that all aspects of it haven't fully grown up yet, and they can't speak.

"Very good." Lin Chen gave the elixir and silver coins to the little black cloud, and it swallowed with a wide mouth, and the purple electricity crackled.

"If I eat Lin Chen in one bite, I won't make you hungry. But without my permission, you can't automate my things, you understand."

The purple electric condensed word on the top of Xiao Heiyun's head-"I'm still able to get a full meal and a full meal."

"What will you do, can you show me?"

Lin Chen's voice just fell, and with a bang, Xiao Heiyun disappeared from the Taoyuan capsules!


Heiyun left Taoyuan to plant capsules, flashed to Lin Chen's feet, and gently lifted him up.

Lin Chen's figure tilted and the space split, flashing instantly!

At the next moment, Lin Chen stepped into the air to appear dozens of miles away!

"It's fast! This is the talent for the shadow to travel through the void. If you do it, you have a chance to escape in the hands of the Holy Land!"

Lin Chen looked at the black cloud of purple electricity under his feet and was pleasantly surprised!

"Huh, this is..."

Many holy realms were shocked.

Shadow Clan! There is a shadow creature on this child!

"Damn, how many cards do he have..."

The ancestor of the Ji family gritted his teeth, but the ancestor of the dark pavilion was calm.

"The little guy has just been born, there are still many talents to discover, and now there are many people with mixed eyes and they are not moving for the time being."

Lin Chen threw a dozen silver holy Yuan coins to the small shadow and put it back into the Taoyuan capsule.

Lin Chen told him not to run out easily, the little guy seemed very smart, knowing the breath of the Holy Land outside, and nodded continuously.

Lin Chen returned to the Chamber of Secrets and continued to retreat.

Everyone in Class 66 is guarding Lin Chen's secret room, staying close.

After Lin Chen left, the master of Bingxin Palace turned and smiled at the saints around him.

"You, who is hesitant to support Lin Chen now?"

The silence of the saints...

Back room.

Lin Chen then refined the remaining two pieces of abnormal crystal, one light and one thunder system.

Then, he merged the avatars with practice memory.

"System, learn the second half of Dan Shengzhao."

[Consumes 122 points of advanced exercises and spirits, and merges with the memory of "The Pyramid of the Holy Alchemy of Cloud Dome"......

Lin Chen continued to learn the alchemy experience of the Holy Class Alchemist. Now that the Little Shadow is born, his demand for the Elixir will surely increase!


Rest area A main house.

Five people sat on the table with a dignified atmosphere. These people are from the Dragon Clan!

One respectfully clasped his fists"Prince, our victory has become an absolute fact. The human race is not enough to fear, but the problem is that if the saints see through my disguise, I am afraid that they will not exchange us for the Dragon Blood Jade. Chance..."

"The father and the emperor have foreseen this. When they break the pot, we will force the saints to use it for me."

The young man wearing the cloak for the first time laughed.

The four were puzzled.

"The father emperor has mastered the secret of the identity of the forged saint. This person has offended many forces of the humanoid demon list for a long time. We can coerce him for our use. Of course, the premise must be built on the team we take down. The champion of the competition. If not, those old guys will have legitimate reasons to refuse. Although the saints are not small, they are not enough to shake all of them."

The youth stared at the four and said, "If the team's martial arts match is lost, you know what will end."

The four shuddered! Hold your fists solemnly!

"The subordinate guarantees that he will die without breaking his bones!"


Three days later, all the audience was excited and expected to occupy all the seats in the venue early.

In the final team martial arts match, two black horses turned out, and the initial champion was already eliminated by them.

"Which of these five people are sacred, all from the second grade sect?"

"It is already the limit for the second-gen sect to produce a list of geniuses. It is impossible to cultivate such monsters. Perhaps they hide their identities."

"In any case, the Quartet Congress is not expressly forbidden, and I don't know how to fight the Dark Horse Club."

The audience is looking forward to it, and the genius list is even more solemn...

They can vaguely detect that the five people who hide their identities are extremely terrifying...

It might be better than the people in the dark horse club!