My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 919

Vol 5 Chapter 919: Dragon Prince?

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Chapter 919

The two sides came to power, the other 5 people, Lin Chen's 13 people, Sister Su Lan did not play, the second woman does not have the genius list combat power.

"After a fight, remember to act according to the original plan. You can just hold on to one, and leave the remaining three to my avatar."

Lin Chen gave everyone a voice of war, and all the class 66 nodded seriously.

The referee ordered.

"The finals start!"

Tear ~!

The four people of the other party leaned slightly, and turned into the golden light of magic, and the speed was extremely fast, only Lin Chen could react!

"Seven changes, the ultimate moment, the ultimate return!"

Lin Chen started his talent and covered everyone back.

The avatars rushed forward, and their elbows covered the indestructible Golden Tribulation Xuan Gang.

The four avatars raised their hands and elbows to hit the anger, and the "seven strengths in one" hit the golden light coming from the face!

boom! boom! boom!

The elbow fist collided, the golden light stirred, overflowing into the sky, the fighting skills cracked, and the space rippled.

Nine steps back, only two steps from the other four!

Jin Jie Xuan Gang shattered, "Zhen De Ying" and other people's arms bleed.

The genius list outside the court suddenly stood up and looked horrified!

This power is comparable to the four robbery warlord!

Lin Chen's expression is dignified-"The destructive power of good metamorphosis is all above 65 million dragon power!"

In the field of body refining, 10 million to 1999 million dragons are the first emperor, and 20 million to 39.99 million are divided into the second emperor.

40 million to 59.99 million for three robbery repairs, 60 million to 79.99 million for four robbery repairs, 80 million to 99.99 million Longli five robbery training realm!

To put it bluntly, each of these four men has the level of Qin Shaotians true combat power, which is the same as the 75,000 geniuses on the Genius List!

"Thanks to the squad leader for reminding us, otherwise we would have been killed in seconds..."

Bai Junhao's eyes narrowed, his whole body appeared more and more violent, the blue light extinguished his pupils!

"According to the original plan, we besieged one!"

Yue Linlin's hand patted a handprint of the Holy Light horizontally, Liu Lin'er flicked her fingertips, and the poison was flashed.

Leng Yueqi moved her bow, her body was graceful, and the three Bai Junhao rushed forward, attracting one of them in front of the fire, and the two sides were triggered!

Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor stood still with the avatars, but the four of them confronted each other and never acted easily.

Dragon Emperor 59.99 million dragon power, Lin Chen and all the avatars can temporarily enter 58.5 million dragon power at the ultimate moment. It seems that the gap is not big, but it is separated by a big realm!

"The odds of a positive hard fight are unknown, so take the safest way!"

Seeing that the other party is not moving, the avatar takes the lead!

Boom~! With the red gun in hand, Lin Chen reversed the dark vortex under his feet, stepped on the'infinite dark step', and rushed straight towards the standing young man in black robe.

At the same time, Zhende Shuai pulled out his sheath and drew his sword. The sword light flickered like a star, aiming at one of them.

If Daogang bends and bends the bright moon, cross and flip across!

The opponent's three people twisted, and a Jingang dragon gas burst out, and the dragon gas exploded the golden mansions, stirring the blades of the two men's blades, and fighting back Zhende Ying and Zhende Shuai!

The three of them fought out with a pair of fists, and a touch of azure blue dragon light turned into a sword anger!

Arrow light spiraled, exuding the murderous murder of the dark mans, and the five avatars plus the dragon emperor and the other party were fighting hard in front!

On the other side; Lin Chen was hit with a furious blow, and the young man in black robe smiled yawningly, his hands flashed with gold, and turned into golden dragon claws.

The dragon's claws shoved across and slammed into the lance.

Dang ~!!

The sparks were blazing, and the golden glow flashed. Lin Chen's body was spinning at a rapid speed, the gun was swept obliquely, and the four types of'broken sky' were picked up!

Brush ~! The dragon's tail exploded and swept through a thousand troops. The brutal and powerful dragon force shattered Lin Chen's long river spear.

Lin Chen's arm numb, this person's pure power is even more perverted than the four people just now!

The golden dragon tail looks thick and stout, but in fact it is very fast. The next moment of smashing the lance is like a venomous raid, which instantly twists and smashes Lin Chen's residual image.

Dark mans flashed longitudinally, Lin Chen's figure just emerged from behind the opponent, and the gunpoint stabbed the opponent's back.

"Do you think you are fast?"

A voice full of sneer and disdain came, and a dragon claw angered Lin Chen, trying to crush him!

"Blood Shura! Charge penetration!"

Under the crisis, when Lin Chen made a one-step turn, a 6th-level charge rune and a penetrating rune erupted. As a roaming dragon, a gun was smashed and hit, and the red gun broke out. !

boom! The gunpoint collided with the dragon claw gold scales, Lin Chen's arm burst into a squeak sound, the sound of bones being squeezed! His three-inch robbery defense was easily shattered.

The golden dragon breath rolled up a hurricane wave, Lin Chen and the man suddenly retreated.

Lin Chen's mouth was bleeding, and the audience was shocked!

Lin Chen, who singled out all the geniuses in Tiange, was actually injured?

You know, even the siege of Jue Tiange failed to cause him injury!

Tear ~! Jin Hui's sword flashed, and the moment Lin Chen was flying, Jue Ying Fei Dao had already shot!

Daoman spins at a rapid speed, straight at the opponent's back.

[Completely trigger passive talent: strong attack, power bonus: 300%.


Jinlong Qigang emerged from the top of the man's head, and turned into a giant dragon to bite, actually torn off Lin Chen's backhand flying knife!

However, the penetration of 25% of the power still made Daoman Yuyun pass like a snow flake, cutting to his face, and the blood marks were scratched.

Lin Chen's expression is dignified. Although the alien shadow flying sword just now is not the fourth type, he launched a recharge and penetrate the runes, superimposing the ultimate moment and the "strike" talent!

Even so, can only cut the opponent's defense a little bit?

His cloak cracked, and his handsome face was marked with a knife mark.

His true appearance is handsome and cold, and he is not angry, and there is an inherent dignity among the eyebrows!

"Interestingly, the Prince's dragon scale defense can be broken. This flying knife is a great skill."

"Prince" nodded and applauded, with more cold-hearted killing in his eyes!

"The strength of 79.99 million dragons is equivalent to the strength of the Four Tribulation Peak Cultivation, plus the unknown mysterious dragon body, so strong! This guy's strength, as Qing Sheng said, is basically entering the level of more than 60,000 geniuses. !"

Lin Chen launched Limit Guiyuan to heal the injury, and the repair of this dragon ancestor completely suppressed him!

Even if Lin Chen had the behavior of robbing the emperor, he wouldn't take the flying knife just as easily.

"Are you going to break through the warlord here? No, this is an important way to deal with the Holy Realm. You must defeat him by other methods. His defense is so difficult to break, so it is not a way to fight with him alone!"

When Lin Chen was thinking about it, a few dragons came!

Roar roar!

The dazzling golden qi burst out of the previous four people. The overbearing dragon qi tears the camouflage and robe, and they show their identity!

They are wearing gold armor dragon scale clothes, majestic winds, dragon tails shaking, dragon horns red gold, human dragon heads, the brutal and brutal atmosphere is released!

"Dragon Race? How many of them turned out to be Dragon Race!"

"Gold armor dragon guard, my God, it turned out to be the gold armor dragon guard. This is one of the most powerful teams in the young dragon race!"

When the four showed their true colors, the audience was shocked!

"Hahaha, the dark horse club, Lin Chen, you can't win this prince, die!"

Leng Jun's young man laughed loudly and rushed to Lin Chen!

Many viewers and geniuses twitched their lips!

Prince Edward?

Could it be that the Dragon Prince is close?