My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 920

Vol 5 Chapter 920: Orange Or Orange ?

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Chapter 920, Orange Rank, Still Orange Rank! ?

The golden armor dragon guard, only the top young days of the dragon family can enter, with a famous reputation, known for its fearless death and powerful overbearing!

After revealing his true identity, the situation was started to be counter-pressured by the Dragon Clan. Leng Yueqi and his party became even more reluctant to delay the time!

When the Golden Armor Dragon Guard revealed his identity, Longli climbed to 69 million!

"Unexpectedly, it was Prince Long who personally participated in the Quartet..."

"The one who can carry the four golden armor dragon guards with him is indeed only the identity of Crown Prince Long..."

"It is rumored that when the dragon clan reaches adulthood, if it fails to pass the assessment, even the daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law must be executed, which is extremely cruel!"

"Yeah, so many of the dragon princes and dragon princesses born are all super powerful, even the youngest prince, the strength is almost not weaker than the level of the genius list of 70,000!"

When the geniuses were surprised, the weird thing was that the dark horse club changed their opponents at this time. Zhendexiu and Zhendepi stopped a golden armor dragon guard and tried to fight.

Zhen De Chang and Zhen De should face the Golden Armor Dragon Guard, and even have a melee fight with each other!

Or the whip leg swept, the elbow hit, the fist blows, the dragon force twisted the air flow, and the "seven strengths" were exerted to the fullest!

He actually used the best pure power of the Golden Armor Dragon Guard and the opponent's hard bridge and hard horse to fight, and it took countless days to take a breath!

Every time when the collision confronts the pure power of the other party, Zhende Chang and Zhende should be bloody, these two guys are playing life!

"Does this dragon clan participate in the foul?"

"Dragons have also participated in the conference in the past, and they have not violated the regulations."

The geniuses looked dignified.

Only Lin Chen's expression gradually calmed down, and the red gun reappeared, and a shot of violent raiding fell down!

Crown Prince Longkou condensed into dozens of Jin Gang's dragon rushes straight, twitched Lin Chen's gunpoint fluttered, and the edge was broken!


Lin Chen was shot hundreds of meters by Prince Long, and his arms were split with shocking blood marks.

Lin Chen stepped on the dark step, the dark robbery swirled violently, and the afterimages lingered!

"Carving insects skills, not enough to hang teeth. Long Ying is ridden!"

Prince Long disdainful sneer, wandering behind the golden light dragon shadow, flashed away.

A golden light and dark awn flashed through the fighting space at a high speed, and every collision would excite a terrible energy explosion.

Every time the shadow of the dark mansions is thrown away,

"No, the gap is too great, and Lin Chen's strength is only the late Emperor Jiuzhong, and he has four big realms with the other side, not to mention the background of the Dragon Prince!"

"There are eighth-order embryos that can't stop it, the other party's dragon spirit is too hard!"

The vicious old warlords shook their heads, and the dark horse club was about to lose!

"No, look!"

"Hiss! Coming, the joint operation of Zhende Shuai and Zhendejiu, the eighth order sword and eighth order sword attack!"

Some geniuses found the clue instantly and exclaimed!

On the court, all the gold armor dragon guards were delayed, and the strongest Zhende and Zhende surrounded a gold armor dragon guard!

And their weapons have been changed from seventh-order weapons to eighth-order swords, Holy SwordDynasty!

"Even though the eighth-order holy weapon is strong, then the saints can exert their power!"

The gold armor dragon guard sneered, a dragon tail hit the sky!

The airflow of Jinlong's tail was torn and exploded, pulling out the mountains and rivers!

"Scene mirror!"

Zhen Dejiu had a knife in his hand, and the blue moonlight danced, turning the three knife bright mirrors.

The mirror of the knife shines brightly in the moonlight, the rune of the charged rune is fully opened, the body of the water robbery is urged to the extreme, the arm wields the blade, and the mirror becomes brighter!

Sigh~! Boom! The mirror of Shuiyue was agitated, blocked the sweep of Dragon Tail, and even rebounded it!


Jinjia Longwei was shocked, and Zhende Shuai held the "Qingtian Sword" with both hands. The flowing king's breath overflowed from the sword body, and a anger enough to burn the sky rose from heaven and earth!

Zhende Shuai holds up Optimus Sword, orange light sword rainbow condenses above the sword front!

The whole swordsman was shocked!

Lei Yin Jian Sheng's eyes appeared a fiery!

coming! That Peerless Sword of Orange Order Sword Art!

"Nine-layer war emperor Xiu Wei still wants to turn the world upside down, see my golden armor Tianxuan bodyguard!"

The Golden Armor Dragon Guard is not afraid of sneers, and the golden dragon air like the ocean and the sea emerges free, when the desire is condensed into a dragon gas barrier.

Sigh~! The blast of thunder and lightning, the grey and white runes descend from the sky!

[Activate 6 levels of slowness, recharge, 5 levels of rune penetration, consume 2 points of advanced rune energy.

"Wh... what? What the **** is this?"

The Golden Armor Dragon Guard was horrified that this time even the Crown Prince Long appeared a dignified look!

This slow rune can only block the opponent for a moment, but it is enough!

"Sword Fury!"

The orange light sword gas Changhong carried through the sky, as long as dozens of feet like a flash of a rainbow, suddenly slashed down!

Bang ~! This time "Sword Fury" is several times stronger than the last time he slapped Lian Daihua, which surprised all the swordsmen in the audience!

Sigh~! Tear ~! Jianhong tears the dragon scales of the Golden Armor Dragon Guard, and blood bursts out!

The earth-shaking orange light sword rainbow cut off his right arm and half of his body. His whole body ignited an orange flame, which made him roar and scream!

When the audience has the time to marvel at this extremely stunning sword, Zhen Dejiu holds the knife with one hand, flips the blade, and the bright blue moon flows through the bone marrow-like moonlight!

The pupils of the saints tremble!

Could it be that?

[Activate level 6 charge, level 5 penetration rune, consume 65 million intermediate rune energy.

"Jingyue and God!"

Zhen Dejiu held his knife and slashed across the sky.

The heavens and earth seem to be illuminated by the moonlight for a moment, and the moon shines on Kyushu, reflecting all beings.

The moonlight flashes fast and disappears quickly. Most of the audience has not responded yet.


Golden Armor Dragon Guard cracked a bloodshot streak at the neck, cracked a large amount of dragon blood, and rolled off the attribute light sphere.

When the dragon light flashed, the golden armor dragon guard showed its body and turned into a huge golden dragon.


The audience was silent for a moment!


what happened? How did the Golden Armor Dragon Guard die?

Zhende Shuai's sword is strong, but it only seriously injured the Golden Armor Dragon Guard!

The faces of the Holy Land are extremely dignified!

The genius list genius and some of the five robbery warlords dumbfounded, trembling in the corners of their mouths, like a ghost!

"Orange, orange-order knife?"

"The sword just now is no less than the sword of Zhen De Shuai, it is the Xeon orange-level sword skill!"

Some geniuses shuddered.

If they face that knife, they may not even know how they died!

Orange level, orange level again! The Black Horse Club has two tricks for the Orange Order!

Countless old powerhouses can't help shouting: Monsters!

The dark horse club is a group of monsters of Nima!

It's enough to be a true virtue handsome, and now there is a real virtue for a long time, also Jiu Zhongxiu practiced the orange rank stern school?