My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 921

Vol 5 Chapter 921: Outrageous Too Ridiculous

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Chapter 921: Outrageous! Too ridiculous!

The moonlight cuts through the space, and the light of the moonlight falls, and it splashes on the slightly pale boy in black. It is amazing: the beautiful moonlight.

In the beautiful lunar lumen, a ray of absolute murder is blooming, and this scene engraves everyone's heart!

In the soft moonlight, the young man stood with a knife, and the golden dragon hundreds of feet away fell in the pool of blood. The place illuminated by the moonlight was like his absolute realm.


The golden light was gorgeous, and a series of characters exploded above Jindejiu's head.

"94171 genius list Zhendejiu, title: the monarch of the moon. Belonging power: dark horse club (power level is not determined)."

The original joint attack of Zhendejiu and Zhendeshuai, with the foundation of the gold armor and dragon guard, if they can successfully launch the defense hard connection, at least they can save their lives.

The dragon's body and the tenacity of life already surpass most of the souls, not to mention the dragon race comparable to the four robbery and emperor.

But Lin Chen has the ace of runaways!

From a certain point of view, it can force Lin Chen to use two holy weapons, slow runes, and two moves of half orange rank combat skills.

Because of the above means, it is almost the single limit combat power of Lin Chen's present avatar!

Prince Long shouted angrily!

"People who dare to kill this prince, you are looking for death!"

Its golden dragon claws swung horizontally, flicking the red gun in Lin Chen's hand, Lin Chen's right arm burst with blood and flying across, violently broke through Lin Chen's struggle, and swept towards the position of Zhende Shuai and Zhendejiu.

Zhendejiu and Zhendeshuai ignored the attack of Prince Long. One took away the attribute light ball, and the other swooped in the direction of class 66 to support everyone in class 66.

[The host gains 1 advanced gold energy, 1 advanced gold energy, 1 intermediate talent point, 3955 advanced energy blood, 2223 advanced energy blood...]

Seeing the other party disregarding himself, Prince Long was so furious that he seemed to be humiliated.

He hadn't met anyone who dared to ignore him, but instead he saw him as a little white rabbit and saw a big bad wolf, leaving only the trembling part.

The angrily angry Crown Prince suddenly turned into a body, Long Wei Xun Tiandi, a huge nine-claw golden dragon was born!

Hundreds and thousands of golden radiances flowing like a heavenly river shone like the refuge of the Holy Light, shining on the mighty golden dragon with a hundred feet long, dragon scales shimmering gold, dragon pupils crimson, magnificent, majestic!

"It's the dragon prince of the nine-claw sky dragon golden dragon!"

"Prince Dragon of the Second Grade Bloodline is so powerful that a piece of dragon claw can easily damage the Three Robbers!"

Nine-claw Tiangang Golden Dragon breathes golden dragon breath like an ancient relic, exuding an extremely fierce breath!

Some genius list geniuses felt the deadly killing opportunity from Prince Long's body and could not help but take a few steps back subconsciously.

The golden dragon scales glowed with gold, and the dragon pupil burst into the light like the stars and the moon.

[Activate 6 levels of slow runes, consuming 1 high-level rune energy.

The off-white rune bursts from the top of the golden dragon head, the dragon prince's dragon body moves, and the golden light of the dragon bursts and bursts, breaking the shackles of the slow rune!

However, Lin Chen only needs this momentary stagnation! He quickly drove the "dark step" and swept to the top of Prince Long's head!

The left hand clenched into a fist, and 58.5 million dragon force blessed nine kinds of sky-tribulation fighting air flow to condense the fist heart!

The pure power of the whole body condenses into two dragon spirits, swaying on the fist wind, with the domineering doom to death!

Rune blessings, Lin Chen swallowed the world through Changhong, punched the punch at the top of Prince Long's head!

Prince Long's expression suddenly changed!

"Seven Powers, Life and Death!"

This fist, like a wave of thousands of waves coming from the rage!

This fist, like a volcanic group, is poised to explode for thousands of years!

This punch, burst out of the domineering who surrender me! Two spiral twists of dragon air penetrate into the body, and 25% of the power goes into the body!

[Trigger complete passive talent: strong attack, power bonus: 300%.


The fist wind shook the top of the gold dragon head, and the dragon was turned on. The dragon dragon turned on a shield of dragon spirit, which was still beaten by Lin Chen's fist into a sky of sand!

The fist is fierce and fierce, hitting the dragon head!

Bang ~! The violent wind raged, Lin Chen's golden light fist with nine colors of fighting exploded in a wave of air!

He smashed the invincible Jingang dragon that soared above the sky!

Boom! The golden dragon fell to the ground, the fighting skill platform easily collapsed like a tofu block, the dragon scale burst and bleed, the dragon prince rolled the dragon body, and screamed!

[Successful in launching fatal bloodthirst, consuming 3.9 million primary talent points and obtaining 45% of the actual healing effect.

Lin Chen was about to break his arm, and he received a new vitality treatment, so Rao was still breaking his bones.

"Damn mortal, dare to attack Prince Ben!"

Lin Chen sneered with his left arm in his arms-"The guy who looks down on me, mortal guy, is usually hammered into meat sauce by me, you just get a punch and call your sister."

The geniuses in the genius list are unbelievable!

Prince Long's body defense is so strong that no one in the genius can break it. Lin Chen, who was seriously injured, knocked it down with a punch?

"Orange Tier! It turns out to be Orange Tier again, and it is still a relatively rare Orange Tier refining skill!"

"It's too fierce. This dark horse club is hiding too deep. If it's not an opponent like Prince Long, it wouldn't be able to force him to hold such a card!"

The saints were shocked and sighed, the veteran war emperors were breathless, shocking!

Three orange-level combat skills?

Since the start of the finals, the Dark Horse Club has actually played three orange-level combat skills?

It's ridiculous!

The orange rank combat skills are placed in the family of four ranks, also belong to the Zhenzong practice, few people can practice.

Of the three ranks, only a few have Orange rank combat skills, and most of them have only half orange rank.

What is the concept of the three orange-level combat skills? There is no doubt that only the supreme Wupin sect has the inside!

Lin Chen's seven strengths have seven strengths that use dragon power. Later, because Lin Chen took Ziqing Wudao fruit, he realized the eighth strength, life and death strength, and the power is comparable to half-orange rank combat skills!

However, because it is a body-building exercise, the ultimate bonus to "life and death" is only doubled.

In addition, the +13 strengthening and charging runes are only calculated to be nine and a half times, but this time it is a sneak attack, which perfectly triggers the "Strike" talent, which is twelve and a half times superimposed, so it is comparable to the orange level refining. The power of physical combat skills!

"Several broken elbows and bones. If it was not a fatal bloodthirsty success, I am afraid that the situation will be more serious. It seems that at least it will take me to 60 million dragons or more to use life and death stably."

Lin Chen's thoughts were like electricity. He grabbed the two attributed light **** dropped by Prince Long and quickly retreated!

Lin Chen launched the Limited Return to the End talent, and his injuries and losses were quickly remedied.

Prince Long was injured, but his vitality was extremely tenacious.

"Instant burst of dragon breath!"

Breathing a dragon's breath towards Lin Chen, sweeping dozens of pillars of light!

Lin Chen's pupils were trembling, and this trick was hit by immortality and still disabled!

"The range is too large, the speed is too fast, the body can't avoid it! System, super-dimensional transmission!"

After the column of dragon's breath light swept away, Lin Chen disappeared!

"Don't hit him? Impossible, his body is not fast enough to avoid the Prince's instant burst of breath!"

Prince Long froze.

The saints' eyes were fixed. This kid is not a saint, but can he use the secret technique of space jumping?

At the next moment, Lin Chen's figure appeared next to Doppelganger.

"Sword Fury!"

"Jingyue and God!"

[The host passively triggers talent: tear, tearing the full defense of hostile targets.

With a bang, the dragon fell, blood was like a pillar, and another golden armor dragon guard fell!